Airline Survey Comparison

Comparison Results - Beta

It should be noted the following reflects survey participation/results from Audries Aircraft Analysis members. No effort has been made yet to verify these members employment at their particular airline. These numbers will likely improve as the website receives more participation.

Number of Survey Participants -

Quality of Career and Life - Survey Results

Overall- How Happy are you with your profession?

Mean - Median -

What are your career plans in the next 10 years?

On average how many nights are you at home every month?

How many days a month do you work on average?

What type of trips do you have at your airline? (Pilots could select multiple options)

If your trips are evenly balanced select evenly balanced, if they are not select the option that best describes the majority of your trips.

What is the Company Like - Survey Results

Overall- How happy are you with the company you work for?

Mean - Median -

How confident are you in your company's management team?

Mean - Median -

How much trust do you have in your management team?

Mean - Median -

How would you describe the culture at your company?

Do your management teams spend time in the jumpseat?

The company you work for cares about its employees?

Mean - Median -

Compensation - Survey Results

Do you feel you are currently fairly compensated?

Mean - Median -

In your current circumstances which of the following could you use more of the most?

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