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The website is building a survey bank of information about each airline. Pilots want to know what kind of trips pilots fly at an airline, what the culture is like, and what kind of management team an airline has among other things.

All these factors go into a pilots choice when determining what airlines to apply to. Please help by registering for free and submitting this survey. Your email address will not be sent to anyone. The goal here is to obtain survey profiles for each airline. The more profiles the website gets per airline the more accurate the picture.

For more information about why the website has moved this direction see the following announcement pages and posts.

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Premium Level (3$ per month)- For non-pilots. (Since most of our data comes from pilots the information is free for them)

For those who are not pilots. Please note that the website does not claim to be the “end all be all” for airline research, hence the 3$ per month. You can cancel next month or at any time, there is no term. It is a place where imperfect research comes together to produce a more clear picture of the future. It is hoped charging something will motivate more pilots to contribute information and get a free contributor status.

The same access as free users but without the survey.

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Analyst Level (8$ per month) – Airline and City Market Reports(Beta)

Provides access to all benefits provided by lower subscriptions. Also provides access to Airline and City Market Reports.

For more information please see Airline and City Market Reports (Beta mode).

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Contributor level Access (Free)

Not only does this Contributor level provide free access to the research on this website, but it provides research reports not provided to even the premium level users. It is the highest level offered by the website.

This includes

  • Airline Staffing by fleet type as uploaded by contributors.
  • Historical tracking of fleet staffing by aircraft as uploaded by contributors.
  • A page where contributors can view and share current pilot contracts.

Each contributor is assigned to a team where they work together to track a specific airlines metrics, and subsequently update the websites database. The data this site strives to track is constantly in flux and because of that, the tracking of it is naturally a work in progress. Due to the amount of work this takes for our teams to compile and update this data, our first priority is to provide first class aggregated research for those willing to contribute to this project.

If this sounds like something for you, please email us for approval to enter the contributor community.



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