Optimum Cruise Altitude and Power Setting Calculator

By GlobalJet @ flickr

What if as you prepared for a cross country trip you could run the numbers for every single, climb profile, power setting, altitude combination in the your Aircraft Operating Handbook, for a given weight and winds aloft sounding? Then pick the very best one’s depending on Fuel Burn, and then Speed?

How long would something like that take, 10 hours, maybe longer? With our online program we can run all of these calculations in as little as half a second. Suddenly your provided a specific profile from which to build your flight plan, and you know exactly what it is going to cost you to go a thousand feet higher or 10-20 kts faster.

  • Climb burn and speeds
  • Cruise burns and speeds
  • Wind adjustment and interpolation

Calculated for you, for all possible combinations, all done in about the same time you can blink.

That is the Power of the Optimum Flight Planning Calculator.

How do we do It?

First we take the actual charts from the standard POH/AFM for the aircraft make and model and convert that chart or table data into a format that can be understood, by our program.

Even on aircraft that may not have the “time, distance, and burn to climb” charts that newer aircraft have, our advanced software can calculate those numbers from simple rate charts.

Airlines use this kind of software for fuel savings and performance enhancement, why aren’t we in the General Aviation world using it when fuel is over twice what they pay at the airlines?

For more specific information on how to use this Optimum Fuel Burn and Speed Calculator go to our quick reference and tutorial.

Why did we build it? For one we got tired of paying for and seeing others pay so much for Av-gas. At the same time it was discouraging to see people paying almost over a quarter of a million dollars for a brand new Cessna 172, whose performance or efficiency was no better than one built almost 50 years ago. Our purpose is to provide independent non-partial aviation analysis, for the betterment of the flying community.

Don’t see you Aircraft on our Optimum Calculator List? We would love to put it their! Email us at audriesaircraftanalysis@gmail.com. We can send you a worksheet and online google docs form, you can use to fill out your own performance information, and we will upload it to our Calculator’s database. You may see your aircraft in our Generic Database, which has very limited information on each aircraft in comparison to what is in our Optimum Calculator’s database.

We always invite you to look through our Generic Aircraft database to compare and search for General aviation aircraft, according to your specific needs.

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