Piper PA31P

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Fuel Cost ($):
General Stats:
Seat Capacity: 8
Empty Weight: 5004 lbs
Max Weight 7800 lbs
Useful Load: 2796 lbs
Engine Name LYC TIGO-541-E1A
Engine Number 2
Horsepower 425 HP
Never Exceed Speed: 0 kts
Stall speed: 0 kts
Service Ceiling: 29000 ft
Max Fuel 186 Gal
Performance/Efficiency Metrics:
Cruise Speed(75%BHP): 220 kts
GPH (75% BHP): 51
MPG (75% BHP) 4.3
Range (75% BHP): 684 nm
Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile 0.17 $
Fuel Cost Per Hour 306 $
MPG per 1000 lbs of Payload 12.06
F-T (Speed^2/FuelBurn) 9.5 HP
F-T Payload 26.6 kts
MPH To HP: 5.2 kts
T/O Roll - T/O over 50 FT OBST 1440 ft / 2200 ft

SA00046SE Installation of American Aviation Inc. redesigned engine exhaust stacks. Amended 11/1/1998
SA00061LA Installation of JPI digital tachometer. Amended 1/12/1996
SA00068SE (PAGE 2) Installation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1) Amended 10/20/2010 0:00
SA00161BO (3 OF 3 Installation of Avidyne Corporation FlightMax 700-00007-( ) EX500 Multi-Function Display.  Amended 2/8/2005 0:00
SA00165BO Installation of Avidyne Corporation Datalink Coupler part number 700-00015-000 per Avidyne Corporation Master Document List Document No. AVACP-006 dtd 1/2/93 or later FAA-approved revisions. Issued 2/20/2003
SA00229NY Installation of Sky Harbour Aircraft Refinishing Ltd Ice Damage Prevention Plates. (PA-23-250 6 place) Amended 1/24/1997
SA00243BO (4 OF 5) Installation of Centurion Consulting Inc. GPS Steering Assist Module (SAM) with roll steering (p/n 0025-5100) or without roll steering (p/n 0025-5200). Amended 7/21/2011
SA00269BO (3 OF 3) Installation of Avidyne Corporation TWX 670 Tactical Weather Detection System P/N 850-00026-000-( ) consisting of Avidyne Processor P/N 700-00033-000-( ) Sensor Systems Inc. Antenna P/N S72-1715-1 with doubler plate P/N S72-171530-1 and Avidyne Mounting Tray P/N 700-00034-000. Reissued 4/9/2010
SA00281BO Installation of Avidyne Corporation MLX770 MultiLink Broadcast Transceiver P/N 700-00163-( ) Sensor Systems Inc. Antenna P/N S67-1575-109 or equivalent and optional Avidyne Mounting Tray P/N 700-00165-000 Amended 4/24/2012
SA00290BO ( PAGE3) Installation of Avidyne Corporation Part Number 700-00167-XXX Multi-Function Display and Mounting Tray Assembly Part Number 700-00168-XXX Reissued 7/1/2010 0:00
SA00336AT Installation of winglets. Reissued 2/10/2011
SA00432SE (PG 4) Installation of EGT 701 series fuel flow instrument. Amended 4/12/2013
SA00448DE Installation of Oilamatic preoiler system. Amended 4/14/2003
SA00459DE Installation of Aircraft Noise Control (ANC) System. Amended 11/19/2001
SA00473DE Installation of cabin entertainment system. Reissued 7/24/2003
SA00499AT Installation of nose gear link. Issued 5/26/1994
SA00505SE Installation of SMR technologies pneumatic de-icers. Amended 6/22/2009
SA00528SE Installation of emergency medical stretcher and base oxygen and electrical systems. Amended 7/27/2004
SA00555DE Replacement of inboard main landing gear door with an aerodynamic fairing. Reissued 2/21/2008
SA00560CH Install air ambulance conversion. Reissued 11/18/2008
SA00674WI-D Modification of Collins VHF-22A/VHF-22B VHF COMM Receiver Transmitter with CTL-22 Control Pro Line II System Installation to a Collins VHF-22C/VHF-22D VHF COMM Receiver Transmitter with CTL-22C Control 8.33 kHz Pro Line II system installation. Amended 7/23/2012
SA00681WI-D Modification of Collins VHF-20/VHF-20A/VHF-20B VHF COMM Receiver Transmitter with CTL-20 Control Pro Line I System Installation to a Collins VHF-22C/VHF-22D VHF COMM Receiver Transmitter with CTL-22C Control 8.33 kHz Pro Line II System Installation  Reissued 1/25/2011
SA00729SE Installation of twin temperature indicating system with fuel flow in accordance with J.P. Instruments (JPI) Installation manual Report No. 760 Revision - dated 7/20/99 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 11/30/2005
SA00749AT Modification of flush type fuel caps for installation of a locking cylinder and keeper. (1964 and subsequent) Amended 12/10/1997
SA00764SE Installation of vortex generators on wing and vertical stabilizer and strakes on inboard and outboard sides of nacelles. Reissued 11/23/2009
SA00765WI One only STC for operation with the forward window emergency exit removed (depressurized operation). (PA-31T2 8166042 only) Issued 4/28/1999
SA00780SE (PAGE 1) Installation of the True Lock Safety Retention Axle Lock Nut System in accordance with AML No. SA00780SE dated February 1 2001 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 5/11/2010
SA00787AT Installation of a flight test instrumentation system. Issued 6/16/1995
SA00797AT Installation of left hand and right hand auxiliary tanks fuel cell assemblies. Reissued 4/27/2008
SA00798AT Installation of left hand and right hand auxiliary tanks fuel cell assemblies. Reissued 4/29/2009
SA00804SE Installation of an engine failure indicator system also referred to as a low Thrust Detector system.  Amended 7/16/2000
SA00823CH Installation of various de-icer wire harnesses. Reissued 10/10/2002
SA00861SE Page 4 Installation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) fuel flow indicating system Amended 4/12/2013
SA00863SE Installation of two Pratt and Whitney PT6A-135 or -135A engines and two Hartzell HC-B3TN-3B/T10178B-8R propellers or as an option two Hartzell HC-E4N-3N/D8990SK propellers Reissued 6/7/2007
SA00874SE Install two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 engines in place of );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( PT6A-28 engines per Master Document List TFL-PA31T-D01 Revision IR dated November 29 2000 );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( or later FAA approved revision. Inspect and maintain this modification in accordance with Instructions );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( for Continued Airworthiness Document TFL-PA31T-R34 Revision IR dated November 29 2000 or );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( later FAA approved revision. Issued 1/31/2001
SA00944CH Replace Janitrol/JanAero Combustion Heater Model 81D94-X (XX) with C&D Associates Combustion Heater Model CD45K either P/N RA-81D94-3 or P/N CD81D94-3. (95-B55 S/N TC-1658 and up E55 S/N TE-959 TE-968 and up 58 S/N TH-437 and up) Amended 6/20/2000
SA00961WI Stretcher installation per Aviation Fabricators STC Drawing List AF-204 Rev A dtd 7/7/97 stamped FAA Approved with an approval date of 4/13/01 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 2/1/2010
SA01005AT Installation of left and right hand side fuel cell assemblies. Reissued 5/1/2009
SA01046CH Installation of SMR Technologies engine inlet anti-icer models. Amended 6/5/2006
SA01085LA (PAGE 2) Installation of the VNS 1000 Voice Navigation System. Reissued 4/26/2010
SA01114CH Installation of P2 Incorporated 6600 Audio Advisory system Reissued 11/4/2013
SA01140AT Installation of left hand side and right hand side main tank fuel cell assemblies. (PA-31P S/N 3 THRU 115) Reissued 5/5/2009
SA01141AT Installation of left hand side and right hand side main tank fuel cell assemblies. Reissued 5/5/2009
SA01141WI-D Modification of a single or dual Collins TDR-94 or TDR-94D Mode S Transponder System installation with CTL-92 control head to a Flight ID capable Collins TDR-94 or TDR-94 Mode S Transponder System installation with CTL-92E control head. Amended 5/24/2006
SA01157LA Installation of Electronics International Model FP-5 or FP-5L fuel flow/fuel pressure instrument as a replacement instrument. Reissued 1/20/2005
SA01229SE Page 1 Installation of CNX80 GPS WAAS Navigator with integrated VHF Navigation and Communication radios. Amended 6/27/2007
SA01230NY Installation of dual Garmin GPS/NAV/COM Systems (GNS 430 and/or GNS 530). Issued 7/13/2000
SA01240SE (4 OF 5) Installation of secondary voltage indication system Reissued 4/3/2006 0:00
SA01248SE Installation of two Hartzell HC-E4N-3N/D8990SB propellers. Reissued 6/7/2007
SA01249AT Installation of left hand and right hand nacelle fuel cell assemblies. Reissued 4/29/2009
SA01269CH Install provisions for a camera installation in fuselage floor cut-out. Issued 7/5/2000
SA01280CH Installation of Challenger Spin-On Oil Filters.(For Cessna 182 model s/n 67042 and up) (For Cessna 421C model s/n 1017 thru 1404) Issued 8/29/2000
SA01306WI-D Modification of a Collins ALT-50A or ALT-55B Radio Altimeter system installation to a Collins ALT-1000 or ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter system installation. Amended 2/28/2007
SA01330LA (PAGE 2) Installation of alternate avionics support assembly. Reissued 10/6/2010 0:00
SA01384CH Installation of various de-icer harnesses. Issued 1/30/2001
SA01415CH Installation of camera provisions in fuselage floor cut-out. Responsible FAA office is Chicago ACO. Amended 4/26/2004
SA01435DE Installation of engines modified with a Firewall Forward Technologies LLC modified camshaft into aircraft listed on the AML per Firewall Forward Technologies LLC Installation Instructions FFT-INI-001-AFR Rev. - dated 02/06/03 or later FAA approved revision. This installation must be done concurrently with STC SE01436DE which installs the modified camshaft to the engine.  Reissued 5/25/2011
SA01452CH Installation of an air ambulance conversion kit. Amended 3/27/2013
SA01473SE (4 OF 5) Installation of a GTX 32 (mode C) GTX 33 (mode S) or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) Remote Transponde Amended 5/21/2008
SA01487SE-D (Page 2) Installation of a GDL 69 or GDL 69A XM Satellite Receiver Amended 5/4/2012
SA01510AT Installation of AirCell Radiotelephone System. Issued 11/14/1997
SA01692SE (Page 1 OF 2) Installation of a Garmin GMX 200 Multi-Function Display Reissued 10/3/2012
SA01695SE (4 OF 5) Installation of an antenna Amended 2/15/2007
SA01800SE (PG 3) Fabrication and installation of new or replacement of existing instrument panel lights dimmer control.  Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01828SE Installation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) EDM-960 Primary Engine Data Management System Reissued 5/12/2011
SA01860NY (3 OF 3) Installation of Graphic Engine Monitors (GEM) Models GEM-610 and GEMINI 1200.  Amended 5/31/2006
SA01861SE (PAGE 3)  Fabrication and installation of Landing Light Controller Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01917CH Install Air Ambulance Conversion. Amended 12/22/2009
SA01933LA-D Page 2 Installation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( System Amended 4/1/2013
SA01933LA (4 OF 5)  Installation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation System Amended 11/6/2006 0:00
SA01961CH Install OFEK Holding Corporation camera provisions installed pursuant to STC SA01415CH or STC SA01962CH. Issued 4/19/2004
SA01962CH Installation of camera provisions in fuselage floor cut-out. Approved for installation serial number 31T-7820042 ONLY. Issued 4/19/2004
SA01988SE (PAGE 6) Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In-Flight Data) MVP-50P.  Issued 4/17/2009 0:00
SA02002AK Installation of cowl latch kit No. NC-100. Issued 7/15/1993
SA02004NY Installation of SMR Technologies pneumatic deicer models. Issued 10/6/2004
SA02013CH Installation of a Royal International Model 9900BX Traffic Advisory System (TAS). Amended 5/2/2011
SA02019SE-D Page 2 Installation of Garmin GTN 6XX/7XX Navigation System Amended 12/19/2012
SA02068AT One-time installation to remove the pilot s mechanical ADI and HIS and install the Bendix-King two tube EFIS 40 system. Issued 2/2/2000
SA02075SE Installation of a Mid-Continent MD835( ) Lithium Ion Battery Amended 2/28/2013
SA02096AK Installation of hourmeter airspeed switch. (PA-23-250 Navy UO-1) Issued 12/17/1997
SA02110CH (PAGE 2) Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder  Reissued 1/11/2010
SA02119AK Installation of damage protection plates to inboard lower side of flaps. Issued 6/10/1999
SA02119SE Page 2 Installation of Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B UAT Transceiver System Issued 12/28/2012
SA02142AK-D Fabrication and Installation of Aero Twin Inc. Main Landing Gear Inboard Door Hinge Kit No. DH31-100-1. Issued 6/21/1999
SA02146AK-D Fabrication and installation of Aero Twin Inc. main landing gear outboard door hinge kit No. DH31-200-1. Issued 10/5/1999
SA02149AK Installation of GX50/60 GPS Navigator Capstone configured MX20 Multi-Function Display and UAT transceiver. Reissued 5/17/2013
SA02153LA-D (Page 2) Installation of Garmin G600 Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) System Amended 12/16/2013
SA02154AK (PAGE 2) Installation of the UPS Aviation Technologies Inc. Apollo MX20 multi-function display P/N 430-0270-500. Amended 1/12/2005 0:00
SA02203AK (PAGE 2)  Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV). Amended 12/21/2011
SA02205AK Removal of Piper PA-31 series main landing gear inboard doors Reissued 2/19/2013
SA02212AK (PG 3) Replacement of existing landing and/or taxi light reflector and bulbs with high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems. Amended 5/4/2011
SA02217AK (4 OF 5) Installation of Garmin AT Model GDL90 UAT Data Link System in accordance with Garmin AT Inc. GDL 90 UAT Master Data List P/N 560-0278-01 Revision A dated November 12 2004 or later FAA approved revision.  Amended 12/1/2004 0:00
SA02265SE Installation of a camera housing Amended 11/1/2013
SA02268CH (PAGE 4) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02368NY Installation of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-135A engine modified with dual fuel feed lines  Reissued 10/19/2012
SA02532AT Installation of subject Michelin tires on appropriate aircraft. For Michelin 5 6 8 and 10-inch rim diameter tires on General Aviation Aircraft. Issued 6/5/2002
SA02547AT (PG 2) Installation of a Voice Alert System. Amended 8/28/2007 0:00
SA02641CH Installation of C&D Associates Combustion Heater Kit 30 (P/N CD11003K30) Issued 10/22/2008
SA02738CH (PAGE 2) Installation of L-3 Communications Avionics Systems Amended 5/7/2010
SA02918AT-D Installation of fuel cell modifications Reissued 4/29/2009
SA02930NY Installation of Insight Instrument Corporation Graphic Engine Monitor (GEM 610C) models G3 G2 and G1 as primary Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT) Instruments. Reissued 6/12/2012
SA02959NY Installation of 4-blade propeller MTV-16-1-E-C-F/CFL225-37a in accordance with EASA approved MT Propeller Installation Instruction Doc. No. E-1953 Original Issue dated August 20 2010. The following MT Propeller documents are required with this installation: EASA approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement Doc. No. E-1952-2 Original Issue dated August 20 2010 and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Doc. No. E-1954 Revised August 20 2010.  Issued 5/3/2011
SA03148NY ( PAGE 1 OF 2) The installation of the Latitude Technologies Corporation S100 Tracking System Issued 9/26/2012
SA03249NY Installation of Model MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(P)/CFR210-58d 5-bladed full feathering reversible wood composite propellers Issued 2/13/2013
SA09004AC-D Installation of S-TEC System 65 two axis automatic flight guidance system Model ST-574. Issued 5/26/1995
SA09005AC-D Installation of S-TEC yaw damper system Model ST-579. Issued 5/26/1995
SA09020AC-D Installation of S-TEC System 55 Two Axis Automatic Flight Guidance System Model ST-597 with optional autotrim system. Amended 10/10/2001
SA09021AC-D Installation of S-TEC yaw damper system Model ST-602. Issued 9/21/1995
SA09478SC Conversion of existing Piper air conditioning system from R12 to R134a refrigerant. Issued 5/1/1998
SA09536AC-D Installation of S-TEC 01304 Digital FLight Control System. Reissued 1/3/2008
SA09537AC-D Installation of single Meggitt Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). Issued 8/29/2005
SA09538AC-D Installation of Meggitt Engine Instrument Display System (EDIS). Issued 8/29/2005
SA1000SW Nine place seating arrangement. Issued 1/1/1961
SA1007NW Installation of a low thrust detector system. Reissued 3/6/1998
SA1008EA Installation of single lamp logo light in horizontal tail. Reissued 2/28/1980
SA10126SC (2 OF 2) Installation of Aero Advantage ADV200 series vacuum pump per Aero Advantage Drawing Number ADVMSI 500 latest FAA approved revision.  Amended 10/23/2003
SA10236SC (3 OF 4) Installation of a GDC 31 Roll Steering Converter  Amended 3/22/2011
SA10365SC  Installation of a Benz Airborne Systems Model 800-0021 torque pressure system in accordance with Benz Airborne Systems Master Data List DC104-4021-00 Rev. A dated November 4 2004 or later FAA approved revision.  Issued 12/20/2004
SA1039GL Install Eagan Aviation air ambulance stretcher P/N 125 using Installation Kit P/N 800. Reissued 2/4/2004
SA1053SO Installation of FCS-870 automatic flight control system including manual electric trim optional yaw damper system and optional flight director. Issued 3/13/1979
SA1054SO Installation of Bendix NP-2041A area navigation computer programmer. Issued 3/13/1979
SA1054SW Stretcher. Reissued 11/7/1983
SA1055SW Baggage retaining net. Issued 1/1/1961
SA10594SC Modification of the Monroe Automotive Equipment Co. (MAECO) Shimmy Dampener. Issued 12/7/2006
SA1065SW Mitchell flight director and autopilot Model 282-187 with slaved directional gyro and optional autoflite model AK187. Reissued 7/9/1984
SA11137SC Installation of Plane-Power ALT-FLX alternator Reissued 5/10/2013
SA1130SW Installation of side facing seats in accordance with (1) Custom Aircraft Conversions Inc. Drawing List 7057 Revision B dated 3/20/70 and E.O. No. 2 dated 11/6/71 or (2) Aviation Fabricators Inc. STC Drawing List AF-206 Rev. (D) dated 5/5/98 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 12/12/2003
SA1155SW Installation of three place couch according to Drawing V-00101 dated May 21 1970. Reissued 6/27/2003
SA1161SW Installation of nacelle fuel tanks. Reissued 3/5/2004
SA1166CE Installation of King KFC-200 2 axis (3 optional) flight control system autopilot only or autopilot with flight director. (PA-31 series S/N 31-712 AND UP) Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1178SO Installation of a Bendix FCS-8700 automatic flight control system including optional flight director. Amended 3/11/1981
SA1187CE Installation of King Model KCS 55A pictorial navigation (compass) system with optional KA 52 autopilot adapter. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1188CE Intallation of King KFC 300 automatic flight control system. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1204SW Mitchell manual electric trim AK281. Reissued 7/9/1984
SA1234SW Mitchell automatic flight system FD/AP282-273 consisting of flight director /autopilot with optional automatic aileron stabilizer AK273. Reissued 7/9/1984
SA1265SW Mitchell automatic flight system model AK323 cons. of Piper Auto- flite II and Omni tracking system. Reissued 7/9/1984
SA1272SO Installation of Utah Research and Development Co. Model 126BC101 battery charging system. Reissued 10/31/2002
SA1305SW Auxiliary fuel tank for model PA-31 serial numbers 31-2 and up.. Reissued 3/5/2004
SA1306SO Installation of a 2-place couch in accordance with Drawing Number CA2001 Revision C dated November 19 1981 or later FAA approved Revisions. Reissued 6/27/2003
SA1340SW Four-place couch. Reissued 4/1/1973
SA1405CE Install King KFC-250 autopilot/flight director. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1421SO Installation of 40:1 gear ratio wing flap transmissions and related changes in accordance with Colemill Enterprises Inc. Installation Instructions dated February 16 1983 or later FAA approved revision. This modification provides and equivalent means of compliance with paragraphs (a)1 (a)2 and (a)4 of AD 82-27-13 and restores the 40 Reissued 2/10/2011
SA1423GL Install air ambulance conversion. Reissued 12/21/2001
SA142RM Install Hoskins Model CFS-2000 fuel flow meter and related systems. (PA-31 SERIES S/N 31-2 AND UP) Reissued 1/30/1998
SA1512WE (1 OF 2) Installation of exhaust gas temperature monitoring systems Model EGT-1. Amended 2/22/2007
SA1522SW Mitchell automatic flight system AK394 consisting of Century I autopilot with optional omni tracker. Reissued 7/13/1984
SA1523SW Mitchell automatic flight system AK395 cons. of Century autopilot w/opt. omni tracker. Reissued 7/13/1984
SA1529CE-D Installation of King KAS 297 altitude selector option (PA-31 SERIES S/N 31-712 AND UP PA-325 and PA-31-350)installed under STC SA1166CE. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1558CE-D Installation of King KFC-300 automatic flight control system. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1566CE-D Installation of King KFC 250A two axis (third axis optional) flight control system with 3-inch or 4-inch instruments and optional altitude preselect or manual electric trim only. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1569WE Installation of windshield wiper system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1575GL Install air ambulance conversion. Reissued 12/21/2001
SA157NE Installation of Graphic Engine Monitor System Model GEM-602 S/N 403 and GEM-603 S/N001126and subsequent. Amended 10/18/1996
SA1581NM Installation of a bleed air heat system. Amended 5/17/1984
SA1593GL Installation of McCauley propeller model 4HFR34C766/94LNA-2. Reissued 10/30/2009
SA1594CE Installation of stretcher. Reissued 8/21/1990
SA1595CE Installation of stretcher. Amended 10/9/1990
SA1611SW Mitchell automatic flight system AK413 consisting of altimatic IIIB-1 with optional automatic pitch trim radio coupler and glide slope couplers. Reissued 7/16/1984
SA1612SW Mitchell automatic flight system AK416 consisting of autoflite II with optional tracking system. Reissued 7/16/1984
SA1617CE Installation of cargo pod. Issued 12/2/1980
SA1626NM Page 2 Installation of Electronics Int l Digital EGT/CHT Instruments and accessories. (201 Series) Amended 3/9/1993
SA1651WE Installation of ski carrying pod under fuselage at wing root. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1675WE Installation of exhaust gas temperature monitoring systems EGT-2. Amended 8/28/1974
SA1728SO Replace existing nickel-cadmium batteries with Teledyne Battery Products G-6381E and G-6381ES. Amended 5/4/2001
SA1751CE Installation of external baggage pad. Issued 6/30/1982
SA1773CE-D Installation of King KFC 250 3-axis Flight Control System with 3-inch or 4-inch indicators and optional Altitude Preselect. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA1787NM Installation of two Hartzell HC-B3TN-3B/T10178B-10Q propellers on PA-31T PA-31T airplanes equipped with PWC PT6A-28 and PT6A-11 engines. Amended 2/6/1986
SA1816CE Dual stretcher installation. Reissued 8/21/1990
SA190GL Install a J.E.T. DAC-2000 3-D RNAV system. Issued 8/16/1977
SA191GL Installation of microwave landing airborne equipment. Reissued 1/12/1979
SA1985CE Structural provisions for medical provision console installation. Reissued 8/21/1990
SA1986CE Structural provisions for medical provision console installation. Reissued 8/21/1990
SA2105WE Installation of Model EGT-3 exhaust gas temperature monitor(with rising temperature alarm). (DC-6B (NAVY R6D-1Z) 680) Issued 2/9/1970
SA213GL Installation of storm window in right hand cockpit window dupli- cating storm window now installed in left hand cockpit window. Issued 2/2/1978
SA2151CE Installation of entertainment/ refreshment cabinet. Issued 11/7/1985
SA2190NM Page 1 Installation of electronics International Digital Volt/Amp Gauges and Accessories. Issued 2/16/1984
SA2309NY Install Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A-135A engines (modified with a dual line start fuel system ) in place of PT6A-135 engine. Issued 11/1/2006
SA2350NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Inc digital carburetor/outside air temperature gauges Amended 6/6/1990
SA2350NM Page 2 Installation of Electronics International Inc digital carburetor/outside air temperature gauges Amended 6/6/1990
SA240CH Installation of Aero Crafters exhaust heater system kit. Reissued 12/27/2006
SA250CE Installation of Woodward electronic propeller synchraphaser system. Reissued 4/30/2007
SA2557NM (1 OF 2) Installation of KS Avionics EGT/CHT-2( ) combined exhaust gas and cylinder head temperature monitoring system. Amended 2/22/2007
SA2586NM (PAGE 4) Installation of J.P. Instruments temperature monitoring systems. Amended 7/20/2008 0:00
SA2687NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Truboplus/ Electronics Int l gauges and switches. Amended 10/25/2000
SA2693NM (PAGE 2) Installation of Electronics International digital volt/amp gauges and accessories. Amended 12/10/2009 0:00
SA2713NM Installation of medical stretcher transport unit including patient restraint oxygen suction electrical service and lighting. Issued 7/30/1985
SA2756NM Installation of medical transport unit. Issued 8/10/1986
SA2844CE (1 OF 2) Installation of a plastic cap enclosure over the anti-collision strobe light system. Issued 7/29/1992
SA284GL Install Cleveland conversion kit P/N 199-83. Amended 4/1/1981
SA289CH Installation of Inline Pneumatic Air Filter P/N CV1J4 Reissued 1/15/2013
SA2948SW Addition of Hydro Seal Fluid Additive to landing gear shock struts. Reissued 8/8/1980
SA2990SW Installation of camera pod under left wing  Reissued 7/15/2010
SA2991SW Installation of nose radar  Reissued 7/15/2010
SA2992SW Installation of 50 gallon fuel tank in nose baggage compartment  Reissued 7/15/2010
SA3008SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK483 consisting of Piper altimatic IIIC autopilot with optional command/automatic electronic pitch trim radio and glide slope couplers. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3009SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK496 consisting of Century IV autopilot or AK496FD Century IV flight director autopilot with electric elevator pitch trim and optional remote annuciator panel. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3010SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system YK491 consisting of yaw damper. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3012SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK484 consisting of Piper Altimatic IIIC autopilot with optional command/automatic electronic pitch trim radio coupler and glide slope coupler. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3013SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK492 consisting of a Century IV autopilot or AK492FD consisting of a Century IV flight director optional autopilot with remote annunciator panel. Reissued 8/6/1984
SA3014SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system YK493 consisting of yaw damper. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3015SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK-498 cons. of Piper altimatic IIIC autopilot w/opt command/ automatic electronic pitch trim radio and glide slope coupler. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3016SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK499 cons. of Century IV autopilot or AK499FD consisting of a Century IV flight director autopilot with opt. remote annunciator. Reissued 8/1/1984
SA3086SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK560 cons. of Century III autopilot w/opt. radio & glide slope couplers. Reissued 6/20/1984
SA3130SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK589 consisting of Century III autopilot with optional radio and glide slope couplers. Reissued 6/5/1984
SA3210SW-D Installation of Mitchell automatic flight system Model AK685 consisting of a Piper altimatic X autopilot or Model AK685 FD consisting of a Piper altimatic X flight director autopilot with optional remote annunciator. Reissued 12/7/1983
SA3212SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system Piper altimatic X autopilot AK687 or AK687FD Piper altimatic X flight director autopilot w/opt. Remote annunciator. Reissued 12/7/1983
SA3213SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system Piper altimatic X autopilot AK688 or AK688FD Piper altimatic X flight director autopilot w/opt. remote annunciator. Reissued 12/7/1983
SA3220NM Installation of Hoskins Model CFS-2212 fuel flow indicating system. Reissued 1/30/1998
SA323NE Remove existing starter generator and install Aircraft Parts Corp. starter-generator APC Model250SG116Q. Reissued 7/30/2009
SA3305NM Installation of monorail sun visor system. Reissued 3/24/2003
SA3610SW Installation of a stretcher in place of two passenger seats. Reissued 7/15/2010
SA37NE Installation of Global navigation GNS-500A series 2 VLF/Omega navigation system and associated components. Issued 11/17/1980
SA3801NM Installation of American Aviation intercooled engines as modified by STC SE3800NM. Amended 11/1/1998
SA4005NM (PG 4) Installation of Precise Pulselite control unit in landing/taxi system. (HP Jetstream Model 3101 AND SUPER 31) Amended 12/18/2007
SA4016WE Installation of Hoskins model CFS-2002 fuel flow indicating system. Reissued 1/30/1998
SA4066SW Auto-feather system 1. Issued 12/4/1979
SA4076NM Installation of medical equipment system unit Serial No. 1.  Amended 6/14/1993
SA4143WE Installation of Sperry SPZ-200A automatic flight control system. Reissued 1/15/2009
SA415GL Installation of a Collins LRN 70 Omega navigation system. Issued 6/20/1980
SA4268SW Installation of Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135 engines according to Drawing List 50 000L dated 12/11/79 revised 1/23/81 or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 5/23/2001
SA4302NM (PAGE 2) Installation of Electronics Int l digital automatic engine analyzer. Amended 10/13/1989
SA4335SW Installation of Pratt and Whitney engines and Hartzell propellers Reissued 6/6/2011
SA437SO Installation of Bendix FCS-810 automatic flight control system including manual electric trim and optional flight director indicator. Amended 4/4/1979
SA4574SW Installation of Texas Instruments Loran C Model TI 9100. Issued 12/23/1981
SA4723NM OPTION 1: Installation of modified ram air engine induction system. OPTION 2: This installation may be installed with the Ice Door Modification only. Amended 11/1/1998
SA4743NM Installation of two Hartzell HC-B3TN-3B/T10178B-10Q propellers on airplanes equipped with P&W PT6A-135 engines. Issued 7/21/1989
SA4745NM Installation of Lifeport Patient Loading and Support System. Amended 11/23/1993
SA4792SW Install Loran C Model TI-91. Issued 11/2/1982
SA483SO Installation of Bendix YD4 yaw damper system. Issued 12/23/1971
SA4977SW J.B. Systems electric motor driven air conditioning compressor. Issued 3/27/1983
SA49CH Installation of exhaust heater system kit. Issued 4/1/1993
SA5156NM Fabrication and installation of Pulsar-MOSFET Landing Light Flasher System Amended 5/22/2012
SA5156NM (PG 2) Fabrication and installation of Pulsar-MOSFET Landing Light Flasher System Amended 7/29/2010 0:00
SA5159NM (1 OF 2) Installation of chip detector system. Amended 11/6/1992
SA529EA Installation of kit for radar antenna Issued 1/1/1960
SA541CE Installation of Hoskins Twilighter Mark III Supplemental Light System in accordance with specification sheets Dated November 02 1967. Reissued 9/30/2011
SA5467SW Installation of dual camera port. Reissued 12/20/2010
SA546EA Incorporation of opening in lower surface of fuselage aft of front spar. Issued 1/1/1960
SA5656NM Installation of burglar alarm system. Reissued 7/21/1993
SA5656NM (PAGE 1) Installation of burglar alarm system. Reissued 7/21/1993
SA572EA Installation of Goodrich Model 5735K deicer kit (P/N 5735 deicer boot P/N D-5735-1 cable P/N 5735H hardware kit). Limited to aircraft which incorporate Goodrich Propeller Deicing Systems equipped with Goodrich Propeller Deicer Boot P/N 4E1185-5 on Hartzell propellers as listed on STC SA572EA eligibility list. Reissued 5/9/2003
SA578NW Install redesigned 7th seat(toilet). Issued 5/12/1978
SA578SO Instl. of a Bendix M-4D automatic flight control system including optional manual electric pitch trim and flight director system. Amended 10/1/1979
SA5876SW Installation of wing/nacelle fairings. Reissued 7/15/2010
SA5925NM Installation of oil pressure/temperature instrument. Amended 12/8/1997
SA5926NM Installation of manifold pressure instrument. Amended 8/15/1993
SA593CH (3 OF 5) Install Champion SlickSTART magneto booster system. Reissued 2/10/2009 0:00
SA5984SW Relocation of rear pressure bulkhead. Issued 7/18/1985
SA599GL Installation of Cleveland Wheel & Brake conversion kit No. 199-111. Amended 5/4/1982
SA613EA Installation of nine seats. Amended 6/6/1969
SA615EA (PAGE 2) Installation of Whelen Anti-Collision Strobe Light Systems Part Number 01-0770006-( ) 01-0770028-( ) 01-0770029-( ) 01-0770062-( ) 01-0770900-( ) and 01-0771055-( ) as replacement for originally installed anti-collision lights. Reissued 7/6/2010
SA617GL Installation of a Shadin Co. 911218 temperature compensated fuel flow indicating system. Reissued 6/8/2006
SA622EA Incorporation of camera hatch and mountings to accommodate Zeiss RMK A15/23 camera. Issued 1/1/1960
SA629CH Limited to installation on PA-31T serial numbers 31T-7620018 31T-7820039 and 31T-7520001 ONLY. Installation of Weather Modification equipment in accordance with Weather Modification conversion instructions Document Control WMI-318MA-972 dtd 3/1/97 (serial number 31T-7620018) or Weather Modification conversion instructions document control WMI-131MP-972 dtd 3/1/97 (serial number 31T-7820039). With flare racks installed aircraft is to be operated in Restricted Category. Amended 3/10/2003
SA660WE Installation of HRD-type fire extinguishing system. (AND STC SA111WE) Reissued 2/4/1987
SA665NW Installation of forward facing white lights (100 watts) clear plastic wing tip tank nose cone and associated systems Reissued 2/24/1981
SA688NE Installation of Safeway Model 6900 deicer boot. Amended 1/31/1991
SA689NE Installation of Safeway Model6901 deicer boot. Amended 1/31/1991
SA700GL Installation of Airborne fuel pump1C54-1 as a replacement for Piper fuel pump P/N 50595-2 50595-4 and 55428-2. Amended 1/11/1984
SA71GL Installation of air filters Reissued 6/20/2000
SA741EA Installation of co-pilot door. Amended 11/3/1969
SA744EA Modification of toilet seat hassock and installation of safety belt. Issued 4/4/1969
SA764GL Installation of a fuel flow meter and totalizer. Reissued 6/8/2006
SA782CE Installation of King Radio H-14 autopilot. Issued 6/1/1971
SA800EA (PAGE 2) Installation of Aviation White Anti-Collision Strobe Lights. Whelen Models A429 A430 A434 A450 A408 (white) A408R/W or A47OR/W (red/white) A500 A625 or A650 and associated power supplies or Model SA strobe light system. Amended 7/6/2010
SA812NE Installation of BF Goodrich Model 6975-1 De-Icer kit or BF Goodrich Model 6975-10 De-Icer kit. Reissued and Amended 5/26/2000
SA8528SW-D Conversion of existing Piper air conditioning system from R12 to R134a refrigerant. Issued 5/1/1998
SA852EA Installation of Grimes 555 Series three light strobe kit P/N 34-0100-1. Amended 6/4/2007
SA8538SW-D Installation of a Century Automatic Flight System Kit No. AK1059. Issued 8/21/2000
SA8539SW-D Installation of a Century yaw damper system kit no. YK1060 consisting of a Century yaw damper. Issued 8/21/2000
SA862SW Installation of Piper automatic flight system model AK187 consisting of altimatic III B-1 autopilot with optional automatic pitch trim automatic aileron stabilizer radio coupler glide slope coupler and optional radio coupler model 1C388-3. Reissued 6/29/1984
SA865EA Installation of radome kit 2031KX. Amended 5/28/1976
SA8922SW Installation of replacement Ultimate Engine Oil Filter for Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental engines. (411 S/N 000 THRU 0126 S/N 0127 AND UP) (T188C S/N 03474 AND UP) (206 S/N 05030 AND UP) (207 S/N 05227 AND UP) (T207 S/N 05227 AND UP) (P21 0 SERIES S/N 278 AND UP) (180 S/N 53087 AND UP) (210 S/N 63373 - 63375 AND UP) (B19 SPORT) Issued 7/21/1994
SA8NE Installation of Collins AP-1072-axis or 3-axis autopilot including yaw damper system. Reissued 12/19/1974
SA908SW Air conditioner. Issued 1/1/1960
SA923SO Installation of Bendix FCS-870 automatic flight control system. Issued 2/17/1977
SA924SO Installation of Bendix NP-2041A area navigation computer. Issued 2/17/1977
SA986SW Baggage lockers in revised aft nacelle fairings. Issued 1/1/1960
SP00400SE  Installation of various propeller electrical de-icer models  Amended 7/25/2006
ST00039WI Installation of a Bendix/King electronic flight instrument system EFIS-40. Issued 2/17/1993
ST01085LA (PAGE 1) Installation of the VNS 1000 Voice Navigation System. Reissued 4/26/2010
ST01468CH Installation of various SMR Technologies electrical propeller deicer models. Amended 7/25/2006
ST01494LA (PG 2) Installation of the FiberLite Aircraft Lighting System in accordance with Master Document List listed on Aircraft Model List (AML) Number ST01494LA or later FAA approved revisions. No flight manual is required. Reissued 8/30/2011
ST01930LA Installation of Sandel Avionics SN4500 Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI) Reissued 8/4/2009
ST02547AT (2 OF 2) Installation of a voice alert system. Amended 5/13/2003
Fusulage Construction
Airframe Material
Number of Doors
Wing Location
Wing Construction
Wing Rib Material
Wing Skin Material
Aileron Type
Aileron Trim
Aileron Control System
Flap Type
Wing Flap Actuation
Empennage Type
Empennage Rib Material
Empennage Skin Material
Rudder Trim
Yaw Trim Actuator
Yaw Control System
Pitch Trim
Pitch Control System
Pitch Trim Actuator
Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type
Retraction System
Emergency Extension
Ground Steering
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear
Brake Type
Brake Controls
Instrument Panel
Flight Control
Number of Seats
Window Defrost
Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Number of Engines
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Fuel/Air Mechanism
Number of Cylinders
Max HP
Starter System
Propeller Manufacturer
Propeller Model
Number of Blades
Minimum Diameter
Maximum Diameter
Propeller Type
Propeller Governor
Fuel System
Fuel System Type
Approved Fuel Type 1
Approved Fuel Type 2
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G)
Tank Type 1 Location
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G)
Tank Type 2 Location
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G)
Usable Fuel (G)
Oil Capacity (Quarts)
Electrical System
Power Source
Power Storage
System Voltage
Alternator Amp
Battery Voltage
Battery Amp/Hour
Maximum T/O Weight (lbs)
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs)
Standard Empty Weight (lbs)
Useful Load (lbs) 0
Station 1 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs)
Station 2 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 2(lbs)
Station 3 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 3(lbs)
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft)
Vne (KCAS)
Vno (KCAS)
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS)


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