Ebook-Pilot Demand Projections/Analysis for the Next 10 Years


Pilot Demand Ebook/Industry Report (2013)

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For those interested in this websites most comprehensive pilot demand analysis yet, includes over 160 pages of analysis and commentary.


Due to the amount of time and energy required for this size of work it could not be offered free. For those who desire just a high level overview of pilot projections at airlines, the website is probably sufficient.

For anyone who wants to see the nuts and bolts that make this model work. Provides references for data sources, and allows the reader to see assumptions made. The investment into this resource should be worth it.


 Composite (Website Model)

  • Includes the latest update on all airlines on this website.
  • Entire aircraft order breakdowns amongst airlines as assumed by the model
  • Includes the combined AA/US Airways projections. (new!)
  • Applies hiring corrections for some overstaffed or airlines with signficant furloughs. (new!)

New Pilot Demand Models built off of manufacture fleet projections (new!)


  • Calculates four models seperate from the website model.
  • Extrapolates pilot demand from Boeing’s North American fleet projections.
  • Extrapolates pilot demand from Airbus’s North American fleet projections
  • Extrapolates pilot demand from Embraer’s North American fleet Projections
  • Extrapolates pilot demand from the FAA’s fleet projections

Hiring Comparisons amongst all models

Also includes commentary on pilot certificate numbers from the FAA’s 2012 report.


The following link includes a 15 page preview and purchase information– Enjoy!

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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