Major Airline Pilot Demand Comparison

Picture of the Worlds Airlines Routes
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The following are a comparison of carriers that are currently considered destination airlines. Destination carriers refer to Airlines where the majority of pilots finish their career.

Please remember these are only estimates, based on limited information. This is one of the reasons the website makes the calculation transparent, so pilots can see the assumptions made.

It should be noted "negative" staffing for an airline one year is carried over for the next in order to reflect the recall process, if furloughs occur.

The page is broken down into the following sections.

  • Industry Airline Comparison
  • Combined Pilot Demand

Users may notice on some of the graphs that the hiring drops off to zero after 2021 for some airlines, this is due to a lack of retirement information. For those interested in contributing information please see our contributor section.

Industry Airline Comparison

These next two tables reflects the Seniority movement of a pilot hired off the street as of today till 2030. Some of them start negative due to the amount of expected furloughs that will come back that are still on the list. The return rate is 20% for American and 50% for United. These are guesses and are reflected in all the charts. The first Chart reflects what the Seniority Progression will look like if the industry holds to the 1.4% growth rate after 2021, the second chart is the same chart with Current Order and Retirement Projection after 2021.

Combined Pilot Demand

This section reflects industry wide total retirements.

The following combines the previous numbers to get an estimated total pilot demand. It does roll over negative demand numbers to the next years to reflect real demand, whereas that negative rollover is not reflected in the Growth, or Retirement charts.

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