Gig Jobs

What are Gig jobs?


You’ve probably used the services of a Gig worker and not even known it. It may have been a delivery from a grocercy store, or maybe a resturant. It could have included services as ubiquitous as Lyft or as specialized as an IKEA furniture builder.

Pay varies depending on the job from 15-20$ per hour to 100$ per day.

Studies have found that even though the “Gig” economy has grown most workers still obtain the majority of their income through other more permanent sources.

It should be noted that even though this website does take some commission from the traffic sent to these providers, we’ve done our best to find helpful resources for those looking to generate cash. Feel free to use these links as it helps support the website.


These apps like AppJobs

provide multiple Gig jobs for one location. They also provide some level of support for those who might need insurance or other resources related to the job.

For an aggregator like AppJobs a sampling

Of app opportunities they scrape in the area. They also provide reviews from fellow Gig workers on the jobs, and verify when possible which jobs are active.

Individual Gig Apps

For some, it’s easier to specialize. The individual Gig apps allow users to do this.



We’ve done our best to catalog what we feel are some of the best Apps out there.

The following categories are listed below.

  • Home/Property
  • Delivery
  • Moving
  • Grocery
  • Handman/Cleaning
  • Ride Share
  • Consulting
  • Other

Home/Property Apps

There are many different home and property apps, but they all share one common theme. Finding a way to turn your property into revenue.


It might not be right for everyone, but certainly could be attractive to those who find their homes empty on an irregular or regular basis.

With cleaning fees, this can almost be turn-key. It’s also one of of the most well known Gig Apps out there.

One Fine Stay

An interesting concept. What sets this apart from the others is its focus on curation. Instead of the 4 million properties on AirBnb, they have just over 10,000 properties. If you have a nice place, this might be an opportunity to get more than you would have on Airbnb.

Home Away and VRBO

Similar to AirBnb, HomeAway allows people to rent their homes. It differs from AirBnb in that it caters to an older crowd and usually is a bit more pricy.

VRBO is owned by HomeAway, and leans more towards the vacation rentals. 

Spot Hero

Instead of homes, owners are renting out parking spots. More common in places like New York City and other dense metropolitan areas, some can earn up to 400$ per month renting out their parking spot. On average about half that can be expected.


Do you have a car, that maybe you don’t need to use every day? You can rent it through Turo. You set your own ground rules, and Turo covers the renter for any damage to the vehicle. You can average about 700$ per month.

Delivery Apps

Delivery can involve packages, restaurant meals, or groceries. If you have transportation it can be a good way to make between 12-25$ per hour.


You can work almost anywhere. Drivers just need a bike or a car (DL, and Insurance required). 2-10$ per delivery, and roughly 15-25$ per hour.

Customer feedback whether accuratly placed or not affects compensation.


Average hourly pay is 17.5$ in the U.S delivering for restaurants and stores.


The largest delivery service for restaurants in the country. Average pay per hour is between 11-12$.


Must be 21 or older. Earns roughly 18-25$ per hour in 3-6 hour delivery blocks.

Any car can service a PrimeNow account however an order requires a 4 door sedan or larger. Personal car insurance required and tips are 100% the drivers.



You can work as a shopper, or as a driver. Pay is between 10-17$ per hour.

HandyMan, Cleaning, & Moving Apps

Requiring greater strength or know-how these Gigs on average pay more than most of the transportation apps.


For cleaners pay averages up to 22$ per hour. For other Handman specialties including some electrical, and plumbing pay can be as high as 45$ per hour. 


This app service has a large number of services offered and maybe a good way to build a reputation in the community before start one’s own business. TAKL charges a small fee each month for access to their leads.


A very popular app. This app partners with many different businesses to provide temporary workers. Pay for this job is dependant on the nature of the job and has included places like IKEA.



A popular moving service, you must be 18 years old and physically able to help move. Typical movers make about 15$ per hour. According to Indeed the drivers make on average 27$ per hour.


Very similar to Bellhops, Dolly pays 15$ per hour for helpers and 30$ per hour for someone with a large van or truck.

Ride Share Apps

Ubiquitous as Gig apps, these apps get people and not just goods from one place to the other.


Very similar in pay to Uber except your car has to meet local requirements up to the latest as 2002.


Very similar to Uber and Lyft. Wingz does offer scheduled rides, allowing users to create a dependable schedule and even pick the driver.


After expenses, Uber pays on average about 12$ per hour. The qualifications include a car 10 years or newer(sometimes 15 years old or newer), DL, car insurance and a background check.



A niche rideshare app, this app focuses on families with too many places to be at once and needs transport for kids age. Understandably their selection process is quite a bit higher than other services, but drivers can earn on average 32$ per hour. Requires a car no older than 10 years, and drivers to have a minimum of 5 years of caregiving experience.

Consulting and Other Apps

Not all apps fit into the neat categories above, but are still worth mentioning and might be the right fit for some of our readers.


For those with technical skills ranging from writing code, to admin work and business consulting, this app provides a way for you to market your skills. Clients reach out to you as a freelancer or you can browse posted freelance work. Pay is wide-ranging depending on the skill.


Like Fiverr and Hubstaff, Upwork is targeted more towards those who are technically inclined.  Clients in need of services post their job requests on the website and freelancers then submit a proposal and the client decides who they would like to hire.


Similar to Hubstaff, but doesn’t charge commissions. It provides a marketplace for businesses and people to sell and buy services.


Unlike Hubstaff and Moonlighting this app focuses on curating consulting experts. It can be very selective as only 5% of “expert” applicants make it through, but the compensation is better.


Similar to the consulting category in the Gig apps, Fiverr provides a platform for professionals who are interested in moonlighting on the side to create a “Gig” others might be interested in purchasing. As the developer of the Gig, you get to decide what the gig is and how much it should cost.



For pet lovers out there Rover might be for you. On average 20$ for 30 minute walks, 30$ for 60 minute walks.

26$ per night + a 15$ fee for pickup and drop-off, which averages about 40$ per night.

Fancy Hands

Become a virtual assistant. Select simple tasks to complete for others and get paid. Tasks are about 20 minutes and pay on average 3$. Involves booking flights, appts, and other simple tasks for people.

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

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