Compensation Tools

Managing more than just time.


Compensation involves alot more than just what comes every month to our bank accounts. These are intended to help users evaluate and manage effectively these resources.

The primary tool includes the 401k tool, although the older resources were included to help demonstrate valuation on return on investment (which has dramatically changed), and the effects of transitioning airlines.

Other resources will soon be on the way…

401K and Investment Calculator

Most who use online 401k calculators know that most of them are built for people with stable pay. If you’ve ever tried to figure what your “average increase” in wages was overtime as a pilot, with one of these calculators you know the frustration.

This 401k Calculator allows pilots to set expected pay over time, by year. While still permitting an average if desired. 

401K Calculator

Select components to calculate.

The result is printable and broken down by year.


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A reflective note

A reflective note

The genesis of this website started as an idea born out of a simple desire to help pilots. In a world that seems to be in a constant state of commotion, where media sources often care more about creating soundbites to drive traffic than to uncover a more accurate...

“Happiness does not consist of a glut of luxury, the world’s idea of a “good time” Nor must we search for it in faraway places with strange sounding names. Happiness is found at home.”

– Thomas S. Monson | Hallmarks of a Happy Home

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