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MPG per 1000 lbs of Payload 0
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F-T Payload 0 kts
MPH To HP: NA kts
T/O Roll - T/O over 50 FT OBST ft / ft

A2309WE  Installation of Madras Air Service Part Number 104 Wing Tips Amended 10/4/1985
SA00001SE Installation of hydraulically actuated spoiler system. Reissued 7/9/2013
SA00001WI Operation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline. Issued 10/22/1992
SA00002DE Installation of replacement Aft Fuselage Section. Reissued 6/21/1999
SA00002MC-D Installation of Collins FDS-255 Flight Display System. Amended 5/17/2006
SA00002SE Installation of fiberglass reinforced plastic wing tips Issued 6/14/1993
SA00002WI Operation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded automotive gasoline 88 minimum antiknock index (RON + MON)/2. Intermixing with aviation gasoline also approved. Issued 10/22/1992
SA00003SE Installation of Model 3500 seaplane floats. Amended 2/3/2006
SA00003WI Operation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded automotive gasoline 88 minimum antiknock index (RON + MON)/2. Intermixing with aviation gasoline also approved. Issued 10/22/1992
SA00004WI Installation of a Universal Navigation CVR-80 cockpit voice recorder system. Reissued 8/22/1997
SA00005MC-D Installation of Avionics Systems. Amended 7/23/2013
SA00005SE Installation of doubler on both left and right door posts. Issued 7/8/1993
SA00006SE ONE ONLY STC S/N 1458: Data pertaining to this modification are considered inadequate for duplication in other aircraft. This approval is limited to the modification of Ercoupe Model 415D Aircraft Serial Number 1458 Registration Number N94135 only. Reissued 4/16/2009
SA00007NY Installation of stall warning system upgrade P/N 600137-3 or 600137-5. Issued 5/25/1993
SA00007SE Installation of hydraulically actuated spoiler kit SP11 000. Reissued 7/9/2013
SA00008NY Installation of Airwolf Model AFC-500 full flow engine oil filter P/N AFC-500. Amended 5/11/1994
SA00009MC-D Installation of the Collins Pro-Line 21 Avionics and FSC-3000 Flight Control (Autopilot) System. Issued 7/27/2007
SA00009NY Installation of wing leading edge fairing. Issued 5/28/1993
SA00009SE Fiberglass wing tips and wing tip landing lights. Reissued 12/23/2011
SA00009WI Change belly skins from aluminum to stainless steel. Issued 11/17/1992
SA00010NY Installation of induction filter air scoop. Issued 5/28/1993
SA00010SE Mk VI ground proximity warning system installed Amended 9/27/2001
SA00013NY Installation of AFC-500 full flow engine oil filter P/N AFC-500. Amended 12/1/1995
SA00013SE Installation of vortex generators stall fences and strakes. Reissued 11/23/2009
SA00014AT Installation of Lycoming model L/TIO-540-J2B engines in accordance with Colemill Enterprises Inc. Installation Instructions for Modification of Piper Navajo Model PA-31-350 Reissued 2/10/2011
SA00014CH Installation of a P & W (Canada) Turbopropeller engine (Model PT-6A -6B -20 -20A -20B or -6/C20) and Hartzell Propeller (Model HC-B3TN-3 (B D) Hub and Model T10282 (N) -4R Blades) in accordance with Turbines Inc. Drawing List KR-1135 Revision D dated April 13 1994 and Removal List KR-1179 no revision dated August 27 1992 or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 6/12/2011
SA00014WI Installation of stabilator tips. Issued 1/6/1993
SA000154AT Installation of cabin windows. Amended 4/3/1997
SA00015MC Installation of Special Mission Equipment including Mission Radio Missile Warning System and Countermeasures Dispensing System Issued 6/11/2008
SA00015SE Installation of a vortex generator system on wing and vertical tail. Amended 8/13/1997
SA00015WI Installation of wing tips. Issued 1/6/1993
SA00018NY Installation of commuter interior. Amended 7/22/1993
SA00018SE Fabrication of interchangeable float attachment gear parts. Issued 10/20/1993
SA00019MC Installation of non-required communicatyions equipment. Issued 11/4/2008
SA00019NY Installation of commuter interior. Issued 6/22/1993
SA00019SE Installation of an Easy Rider Model Cub Scout kayak on models equipped with Edo Model 89A-2000 floats. Issued 10/22/1993
SA00020NY Installation of power analyzer and recorder Part No. SL17067. Reissued 8/14/2007
SA00020SE Installation of Marathon SP-900 battery. Issued 9/1/1993
SA00021MC Installation of Michelin Main Landing Gear Radial Tires P/N M16301. Reissued 1/23/2009
SA00022SE Installation of modified instrument panel and U-style control yoke Issued 9/3/1993
SA00022WI Installation of seals on lower surface between the wing ailerons and flaps. S/N 24-2844 AND UP Amended 5/24/1993
SA00023DE Installation of Whelen anti-collision light assemblies. Issued 3/10/1993
SA00023NY Installation of Hartzell HC-D4N-3E/ D9511FK 4-bladed propellers and propeller deicer boots. Issued 7/29/1993
SA00023SE Installation of modified control yoke and instrument panel. Amended 11/20/2002
SA00023WI Installation of structural provisions for an anti- collision warning system. Reissued 2/12/1993
SA00024MC Installation of Special Mission Equipment including Surveillance and Mission Radio Systems Issued 4/20/2009
SA00024NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K007 on single or multi-engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Lycoming reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/3/2012
SA00024SE Installation of vortex generators on the wing and verticle tail and strakes on the nacelles. Amended 5/17/1996
SA00025MC Installation of Special Mission Equipment Amended 6/25/2013
SA00025WI Installation of exhaust extension. Issued 2/8/1993
SA00026WI New nose wheel spacer. Issued 2/9/1993
SA00027MC-D Installation of a L3 Communications Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVDR) Issued 7/16/2009
SA00027SE Installation of CAPCO Auxiliary Nacelle Fuel Tanks Reissued 9/9/2003
SA00027WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00028AT Installation of speed splitter flap bracket fairings. Issued 11/20/1992
SA00028MC Installation of non-essential Ku-band antenna and radome Amended 12/2/2013
SA00028WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00029AT Installation of Speed Splitter flap bracket fairings. Issued 11/20/1992
SA00029DE Installation of Replacement Fuselage. Reissued 6/21/1999
SA00029WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00030MC Installation of non-essential radio rack communications equipment and antennas. Amended 7/11/2012
SA00030NY Installation of freon-type electric motor driven air conditioning system. Issued 8/18/1993
SA00030WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00031WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00032WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00033SE Installation of modified exhause system Issued 11/2/1993
SA00033WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seaps. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00034SE Installation of AG-Air Systems Inc. chemical disbursement system. (S2R modified per STC SA5953NM and S2R-G10 modified per STC SA00172SE) Reissued 5/31/2006
SA00034WI Installation of flap and aileron gap seals. Issued 2/11/1993
SA00035DE Installation of modified engine baffle/cooling louver system. Reissued 10/16/1998
SA00035NY Installation of Lycoming O-360-A3A A4A A4M A4P C2A or C4P engine and Sensenich 76EM8-0 (pitch settings 52 -57 incl.) or McCauley1A200/FA8242 propeller Amended 7/15/2013
SA00035SE Installation of wing front lower spar cap replacement and reinforcement kit. Issued 11/11/1993
SA00037SE Vortex generators manufactured and installed. Reissued 11/23/2009
SA00037WI Installation of B & C Specialty Products BC100-1 battery. Issued 2/16/1993
SA00038SE Vortex generators manufactured and installed. Reissued 11/23/2009
SA00039BO Revision of minimum flight crew limitations to single pilot. Reissued 5/16/2005
SA00039DE Installation of preoiler system. Issued 6/11/1993
SA00039LB Installation of an Ashtech AV-12 Global Positioning System and a Aero GPS Antenna. Reissued 11/5/1999
SA00039SE Vortex generators manufactured and installed. (T-1020) Issued 11/23/2009
SA00040LB Installation of a modified exhaust tail pipe. Amended 11/27/1996
SA00040MC Installation of non-required communications equipment in the cabin section and communication control panels and audio management system in the cockpit Issued 4/12/2010
SA00041BO Installation of a Fairchild F1000flight data recorder and a Universal Navigation CVR-30A cockpit voice recorder. Issued 2/24/1995
SA00041NY Installation of a Wright Whirlwind R-760-8 engine and a Hamilton Standard Model 5406 propeller with 1519 blades. Issued 10/6/1993
SA00042MC Installation of mission related (non-essential non-required) equipment and structural shapes on the exterior of the aircraft (safe carriage only) Issued 5/27/2010
SA00042WI Installation of a nacelle mounted electrical fuel boost pump system. Issued 3/4/1993
SA00043AT Removal of existing aluminum battery and starter cables and replacement of cables with copper cables. Issued 12/21/1992
SA00043WI-D Installation of a Universal Navigation GPS-950 global positioning sensor. Reissued 8/22/1997
SA00044DE Installation of nose compartment door ice shield. Amended 12/14/2001
SA00044LA Installation of replacement rudder hinge brackets. Reissued 2/6/2001
SA00046SE Installation of American Aviation Inc. redesigned engine exhaust stacks. Amended 11/1/1998
SA00047DE Installation of copilot left front passenger right front passenger bulb windows. (S/N 3083) Reissued 6/21/2012
SA00047MC Installation of the following non-required equipment: AN/AAR-47A(V)2 Missile Approach Warning System AN/ALE-47(V) Countermeasures Dispenser System AN/ARC-210 VHF/UHF/SATCOM Radio (safe carriage only) AN/ARN-153(V) (TCN-500) TACAN System AN/APX-119 IFF Transponder Dual Collins FMS-3000 WITH 3rd GPS (Trimble TA-24 PPS GPS) WX-1000 Stormscope 3rd Crew Audio Control Panel ELT Programmer Water Survival Kit Radio Pouch Assembly and Interior Configuration (Seats).  Amended 12/15/2010
SA00047NY Installation of replacement windows. Amended 7/21/1997
SA00047SE Vortex generators manufactured and installed. Amended 5/30/2013
SA00048DE Installation of oil filtration system. Issued 8/26/1993
SA00048SE : Vortex generators manufactured and installed. Amended 5/30/2013
SA00049DE Installation of Sundstrand Mk VI ground proximity warning system. Reissued 3/7/2002
SA00050MC Installation of provisions for wingtip mounted infrared sensors Issued 9/15/2010
SA00051MC Removal of Flight Into Known Icing and Noise Compliance limitations on STC SA00024MC.  Issued 10/6/2010
SA00051WI New nose landing gear scissor fitting. Issued 3/26/1993
SA00052NY Installation of wing tip extension. Issued 11/18/1993
SA00053MC Replacement of previously installed instrument panel light bulbs with Night Vision Instrument Panel System (NVIS) compatible bulbs in accordance with Master Drawing List Combat Hazard Aircraft Survivability Equipment (CHASE) M28 Document Number MDL-1176-00-9307 Revision D dated October 11 FAA approved October 14 2010 or later FAA approved revision. This installation does not include the NVIS goggles. Issued 10/14/2010
SA00053NY Installation of a bleed air cabin heating system. Issued 12/3/1993
SA00053WI-D Installation of Bendix/King CAS66A TCAS I system. Issued 4/21/1993
SA00054DE Installation of replacement wing panel assembly. Issued 10/7/1993
SA00054WI Installation of McCauley D3A32C411/82NDA-2 propeller. Reissued 9/22/2005
SA00055DE Installation of replacement cabin door. Reissued 6/21/1999
SA00056DE Expansion of temperature restricted operational envelope. Issued 1/14/1994
SA00056LA Installation of Weber Coffeemaker P/N 870130-415. Issued 4/21/1995
SA00057LA Installation of a heat shield. Issued 3/15/1995
SA00057SE Installation of emergency medical stretcher oxygen and electrical systems. Amended 6/1/1994
SA00057WI Installation of single place composite commuter seats on the seat rail. This STC approves only the installation of the parts contained in the Description of Type Design Change section. The requirements for the aisle width passenger oxygen system seats and safety belts and upholstery coverings require a separate FAA approval. Amended 10/22/2003
SA00058AT Replace Hartzell 3-bladed propeller model HC-B3TN-5/T101788-11 (90 inches) with Hartzell 4 bladed propeller model number HC-E4N-5A1/E8501K (86 inches) along with B.F. Goodrich de-ice installation kit no. 67-815-2. Amended 6/5/2001
SA00058SE Installation of provisions and parts for a wing fold system. Amended 3/1/1994
SA00058WI-D Installation of Bendix/King KAP100/KAP 150/KFC 150 automatic flight control systems with optional KAS297B altitude/vertical speed selector. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA00059AT Installation of flap gap seals. Issued 12/21/1992
SA00059LA Installation of observers windows per Aircraft Technical Service Inc. Master Drawing List Observers Window Instl. Cessna 182 Drawing No. 2769 Rev C dtd 2/7/95 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 8/17/2001
SA00059WI Installation of Single Point Refueling System in accordance with Wipaire Inc. Installation Drawing as listed on AML No. SA00059WI issued February 25 2011 or later FAA approved revisions. Amended 2/25/2011
SA00060AT Installation of flap gap seals. Issued 12/21/1992
SA00061DE Installation of Goodrich Model TCAS791/791A traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) I. Reissued 2/17/2004
SA00061LA Installation of JPI digital tachometer. Amended 1/12/1996
SA00061MC-D This STC has no configuration change. Performance flight tests were performed to reduce conservatism in the airplane flight manual as documented in L-3 Flight Manual Supplement dated 22 April 2011 or later FAA/ODA approved revision. Reissued 1/22/2013
SA00063AT Installation of aileron gap seals. Issued 12/21/1992
SA00063LA Installation of Acoustical/Thermal insulation. Reissued 1/5/2005
SA00063WI-D Installation of Bendix/King CAS 66A TCAS I System or provisions for CAS 66A TCAS I System. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA00064AT Installation of aileron gap seals. Issued 12/21/1992
SA00064DE Installation of external cargo pod. Issued 11/24/1993
SA00066DE Installation of vapor cycle cockpit/cabin air conditioning system. Amended 6/30/2006
SA00066MC Installation of provisions for a government furnished device Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00066SE Fabrication of interchangeable float spreader bars. Amended 10/10/2000
SA00066WI Installation of global positioning system GPS 150. Issued 5/24/1993
SA00067AT Installation of a Gill G-243 battery with a mounting tray. Issued 1/12/1993
SA00067MC Establishment of a ground minimum control speed operating limitation in accordance with Airplane Flight Manual Supplement Document Number 0223-00-9007 Revision A dated October 31 2011 or later FAA approved revision. Issued 11/8/2011
SA00068BO Installation of auxiliary fuel tank. Issued 12/20/1996
SA00068LA Installation of tail wheel adapter ring. Amended 4/11/2002
SA00068SE (PAGE 1) Installation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1) Amended 10/20/2010
SA00068SE (PAGE 2) Installation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1) Amended 10/20/2010 0:00
SA00068WI Installation of a stretcher on the seat rail. Issued 5/25/1993
SA00069LA Installation of passenger communication system. Issued 4/10/1995
SA00070BO Installation of P/N 9725 carburetor heat shroud. Issued 6/26/1997
SA00070DE-D Installation of Sundstrand MK-VI GPWS System. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00070SE Fabrication of Model RD-0050replacement wing-tip position light lens covers. Issued 4/4/1994
SA00070WI Installation of Aero Commander690 windshield. Issued 6/10/1993
SA00071DE-D Installation of Bendix/King CAS-66 TCAS I system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00071SE Cockpit sun visor installation. Amended 7/7/2004
SA00072BO Installation of Avidyne Model 5RR-MFC-3XX-( ) multifunctional flight computer and Ryan International TCAD Model 9900B Traffic Alert and Collision Device. Amended 9/24/2001
SA00072DE-D Installation of radio altimeter system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00072NY Installation of a Sensenich model 72CK fixed-pitch metal propeller. Reissued 1/1/2007
SA00072SE Cockpit sun visor installation. Amended 6/2/2005
SA00073AT Installation of main landing gear fairings. Issued 1/14/1993
SA00073SE Installation of vortex generators to the wing upper surface at the leading edge. Issued 4/7/1994
SA00074MC Installation of a dual mode landing light system in accordance with Master Drawing List M28 Dual Mode Landing Light Document Number MDL-02036700 Revision C dated January 16 2012 FAA approved February 29 2012 or later FAA approved revision. Issued 2/29/2012
SA00074SE Installation of vortex generator system on the wing and vertical stabilizer of these aircraft Amended 3/26/1998
SA00075DE-D Installation of Sundstrand MK-VI GPWS system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00075MC Replacement of Air to Ground Communications System Reissued 11/25/2013
SA00075SE Modified instrument panel manufactured and installed. Issued 4/8/1994
SA00076DE-D Installation of radio altimeter system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00076MC Installation of a ventral radome Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00076WI Manufacture and installation of replacement wing tips. (PA-32RT-300T S/N 32R-7787001 and on PA-32-300 S/N 32-7940001 and on PA-32R-300 S/N 7680001 and on PA-32RT-300 S/N 32R-7885001 and on) Amended 10/29/1993
SA00077DE-D Installation of provisions for a Bendix/King CAS-66 TCAS I system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00077LA Installation of a modified exhaust system. Amended 1/23/1997
SA00078BO Installation of any comb of Harrison p/n 8517732 oil cooler Goodyear 26x10.5x6 main wheel tires Scott p/n 3200 tail wheel assy Amer Safety p/n 1180 shoulder harness Scott p/n 2176 OAT gauge and Schweizer p/n 3408D/Air Ads multiple tow hitch assy Issued 10/17/1997
SA00078MC Installation of Common Missile Warning System Provisions Issued 4/30/2012
SA00079BO Installation of Meriden GS-22 glide slope antenna. Issued 1/21/1998
SA00079LA Installation of a modified exhaust system. Issued 4/27/1995
SA00079MC Installation of an Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) system Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00079NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K008 on single and multi engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Teledyne Continental reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/31/2012
SA00079SE Installation of low oil pressure warning in conjunction with ADC (Oberg) oil filter. Amended 11/10/1994
SA00079WI Conversion to cargo configuration. Issued 6/18/1993
SA00080BO Installation of BB-145 NAV-COMM antenna. Issued 1/21/1998
SA00080LA Installation of Teledyne Continental TSIO-520-NB engine and Hartzell three bladed propellers. Reissued 11/10/2009
SA00080MC Installation of an Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) system Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00081AT Installation of TSO Cleveland 600 x 6 wheel and brake assembly and the 800 x 6 tires. Issued 1/27/1993
SA00081DE Installation of a target towing winch system. (S/N 617 only) Reissued 9/1/1994
SA00081MC Installation of communication and surveillance equipment Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00081NY Installation of Iceman Aviation Supplies Inc. Carburetor Ice Detector. Amended 5/15/2002
SA00081SE Installation of Continental IO-550A engine and Hartzell PHC-C3YF-2UF/ FC7382 propeller. Reissued 5/20/1994
SA00081WI Installation of a security lock on escape hatch. Issued 6/29/1993
SA00082AT Installation of Basic Type BPE-14 Model 1008 air driven alternator. Issued 1/28/1993
SA00082MC Installation of communication and surveillance equipment );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00082SE Installation of a baggage door strut. Issued 4/29/1994
SA00083DE Installation of an additional cross tube to the upper cabin structure. Reissued 6/21/1999
SA00083MC Installation of Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) equipment  Issued 1/29/2013
SA00084DE-D Installation of Sundstrand MK-VI GPWS system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00084MC Installation of Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) equipment  Issued 1/29/2013
SA00085DE-D Installation of Bendix/King CAS-66 TCAS I system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00085MC Installation of ceiling sidewalls and floor coverings Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00086DE-D Installation of radio altimeter system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00086WI-D ONE ONLY STC SN LJ-204: Installation of the Bendix/King CAS 66ATCAS I System. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA00087DE Installation of Air Guard remote mounted oil filtration system. Issued 3/22/1994
SA00087MC Installation of ceiling sidewalls and floor coverings Reissued 11/6/2012
SA00087NY Installation of Cu-Sonde Meteorological Measurement/system models CS-1A or CS-1B and installation of Cu-Sonde Model CS-1B-RF with AIRDAT-9600. Reissued and Amended 8/22/1995
SA00087WI Installation of replacement stabilizer and elevator tips. Amended 8/25/1993
SA00088DE-D Nine-place seating configuration. Issued 4/15/1994
SA00088MC Removal of CAT radome and installation of a L-3 radome Issued 11/6/2012
SA00088WI Installation of replacement stabilizer and elevator tips. Amended 8/25/1993
SA00089DE Installation of a left fuselage cabin baggage door assembly. Reissued 7/18/2001
SA00089MC Installation of ceiling sidewalls and floor coverings  Issued 10/23/2012
SA00089WI Installation of control cable operated cowl flaps in place of electric controls. Data required: Mid West School of Aeronautics Modification Order Number 71-10-00 dated March 13 1993 revised July 7 1993 pages 4 thru 9 page 10 drawing list and applicable drawings or later FAA Approved revisions. Reissued 9/22/2003
SA00090DE-D Installation of radio altimeter system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00091BO Installation of Lycoming O-360-C2E engine Sensenich 76EM8S9-0-56 propeller and Bellanca 8GCBC cowling and engine mount. Issued 8/21/1998
SA00091DE-D Installation of Collins TCAS-94 TCAS II system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00091MC Remote Operator Two (Remote OP2) Station ground capabilities. Reissued 4/8/2013
SA00091SE Replacement fuel filter element Aircraft Porous Media part number AC-A684F-40Y2 installed with aluminum plug in one end. Issued 5/25/1994
SA00092MC Installation of an air-to-ground communication system. Issued 1/11/2013
SA00092SE 30.5 gallon fuel tanks manufactured and installed. Reissued 1/31/1995
SA00093MC Installation of Provisions and Safe Carriage of components for a Combat Hazard Aircraft Survivability Equipment System Issued 9/3/2013
SA00094LA Installation of Airshow 400 or Airshow GENESYS passenger flight information system. Issued 8/2/1995
SA00094NY Installation of cabin extension kit. Amended 1/13/1999
SA00095BO Installation of Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc. Twin Engine Aircraft Data Acquisition System ADAS/ADAS+ Upgrade P/N TWIN-K-010  Reissued 10/22/2007
SA00095LA Installation of Weber galleys G2C(P/N 871455-405) G2D (P/N831333-408 and G4B (P/N 831334-407). Issued 8/4/1995
SA00095MC Installation of provisions for a video display system. Issued 4/15/2013
SA00095NY Installation of forward lower wing spar cap reinforcing kit. Issued 6/22/1994
SA00096BO Installation of Lycoming O-360-C2E engine Sensenich 76EM8S9-0-56 propeller Bellanca 8GCBC cowling and engine mount. Issued 1/11/1999
SA00096LA Installation of air medical system. Amended 3/27/1997
SA00096MC Installation of a gravel guard kit Issued 3/29/2013
SA00096SE Installation of Aercet 206 Cargo Pack manufactured and installed in accordance with Master Drawing List STC Cargo Pod 206 Document 10-10005N-1 Revision B dated );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( August 5 2005 and maintained in accordance with Instructions for Continued Airworthiness A-10033 Revision 0) dated April 20 2006 or later FAA approved revisions. Amended 6/28/2006
SA00097MC Installation of antennas and provisions to mount antennas Amended 10/25/2013
SA00097SE Installation of a vortex generator kit. Reissued 8/20/2004
SA00098BO Replacement of Sperry SPZ-200 Flight Control System with Rockwell Collins Avionics FCS-65 Flight Control System and Collins ADS-85 Air Data System. Issued 3/16/1999
SA00098MC Installation of an Engine Aural Warning Tone for the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics System Issued 8/12/2013
SA00098SE Installation of emergency medical stretcher oxygen and electrical systems. Reissued 10/24/2013
SA00099BO Installation of a Universal Avionics Systems Corp. UNS-1K Flight Management System. Issued 3/18/1999
SA00101MC Installation of provisions for Aircraft Survivability Equipment including structural mounting features aerodynamic fairings and electrical provisions Issued 12/12/2013
SA00102MC Installation of multiple mission configuration options including an equipment rack non-required communications equipment mission power distribution system antennas optional sensor optional operator console optional casualty evacuation configuration replacement of cockpit mounted audio control panels and addition of audio control panels in the cabin Issued 12/12/2013
SA00103BO Installation of Weemax cabin air vent. Issued 6/16/1999
SA00103WI Installation of a heated windshield panel Amended 1/20/2011
SA00104MC Installation of night vision compatible light bulbs and filtering panes Issued 12/2/2013
SA00104SE Installation of automatic EPA fuel drain system. Issued 7/7/1994
SA00105BO Installation of BF Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope Series II Weather Mapping Sensor to interface with Avidyne Model 5RR-MFC-1XX-() Multifunction Flight Computer. Issued 8/20/1999
SA00105DE Reconfigure aircraft to a maximum seating of 9 passengers. Issued 5/12/1994
SA00105MC Installation of an Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) system Issued 12/13/2013
SA00105SE Modify Flap Pulleys. Reissued 6/17/1999
SA00105WI-D Installation of provisions for Bendix/King CAS 66A TCAS I System. Reissued 2/28/2000
SA00108AT Installation of the following batteries 4076 or SP400 MA5 20 STSP400. Reissued 10/31/2002
SA00109AT Installation of the following batteries SP444 STSP400 4076 or SP400. Reissued 10/31/2002
SA00109BO Installation of Cessna SK310-114-0 electric windshield heated panel kit. Amended 12/3/2001
SA00109SE Installation of vortex generators on the wing and vertical stabilizer and split flaps mounted on the lower trailing edge of the flaps Amended 8/12/1994
SA00110AT Installation of a Marathon KSP 400 battery. Reissued 10/31/2002
SA00110BO Installation of Cessna 9910181-4 electric windshield heated panel. Amended 12/11/2001
SA00110WI Installation of Beechpower engine performance recorder system. Issued 12/8/1993
SA00111AT Installation of a Marathon KSP 400 battery. Reissued 10/31/2002
SA00111WI New main landing gear scissor fittings. Issued 10/28/1993
SA00112AT Installation of a Marathon KSP 400 battery. Reissued 10/31/2002
SA00112SE System includes vortex generators winglets and gross weight increase. Reissued 11/23/2009
SA00114AT Installation of a Marathon KSP 400 battery. Reissued 11/8/2002
SA00114BO Installation of Avidyne corporation Model 10PM-FSD-1XX-( ) flight situation display and BFGoodrich WX-500 Stormscope Series II Weather mapping sensor. Issued 2/16/2000
SA00114WI Installation of a baggage tube extension in aft tailcone. Issued 12/20/1993
SA00115WI Installation of refreshment and storage cabinets. Issued 11/29/1993
SA00116DE Installation of Replacement Vertical Stabilizer. Reissued 6/21/1999
SA00116WI Installation of 18-gallon nylon auxiliary fuel tanks on planes equipped with standard range 64 gallon capacity bladder tank or 62 gallon fiberglass fuel tanks. (182Q thru S/N 18266590 R182 S/N R18200002 thru R18200583) Reissued 5/3/2004
SA00117BO Installation of Avidyne 5RR-MFC-XXX-( ) Multifunctional Flight Computer and BFGoodrich Aerospace SKY497 Skywatch Traffic Advisory System. Amended 9/24/2001
SA00117DE Installation of Oilamatic Preoiler system per FAA approved Oilamatic Inc. Drawing List No. M20400 initial release dated 6/1/94 or later FAA approved revisions. Amended 3/14/2003
SA00119AT Installation of wingtips and tail strobe light assembly. Reissued 8/20/2002
SA00120DE Installation of Oilamatic Preoiler system. Issued 8/17/1994
SA00120SE Installation of emergency medical stretcher oxygen and electrical systems. Issued 9/28/1994
SA00120WI Modification of existing Sabreliner Model 80 thrust reverser 232-20262-503 flexure plate to provide improved fatigue life. Issued 12/17/1993
SA00121DE Installation of Oilamatic Preoiler system. Issued 8/17/1994
SA00122DE-D Installation of Collins Model EFIS-84 Electronic Flight Instrument System Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00123BO Installation of split cowl nose bowl. Reissued 9/26/2011
SA00123DE Installation of Oilamatic preoiler system. Issued 9/6/1994
SA00124DE Installation of Oilamatic preoiler system. Amended 2/14/2001
SA00126SE Installation of strakes to sides of engines nacelles and vortex generators to the wing upper surface the vertical tail and the lower surface of the horizontal tail Reissued 5/15/1997
SA00128BO Installation of Cleveland wheel and brake assembly 20-148. Issued 10/13/2000
SA00129DE-D Installation of AlliedSignal CAS-66 TCAS I system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00130SO Installation of Lycoming O-360-A1D engine and McCauley 1A200/FA8242 fixed pitch propeller. This ONE-ONLY STC is applicable to this particular aircraft ONLY. Issued 1/3/2001
SA00132SE Fabrication of F. Atlee Dodge aft fuselage weld-on fittings for the mounting of Edo Model 89-2000 floats. Reissued 7/5/2005
SA00132WI-D Installation of alternate Air Data Computer ADC-85 Collins Part Number 622-8051-003 and Air Data Module ADM-85 Collins Part Number 622-8692-015 in accordance wiht Collins Drawing Index 992-2982-001 no revision dated June 16 1993 or later approved revision. Reissued 8/22/1997
SA00133AT Installation of 0.250 inch side windows. Amended 3/20/1998
SA00133WI Installation of GARMIN global positioning system GPS 155. Issued 2/16/1994
SA00134DE Installation of cargo interior and retention system. Issued 11/28/1994
SA00136WI Operation of airplane on unleaded or leaded automotive gasoline 91 minimum antiknock index (RON+MON)/2 Issued 8/12/1994
SA00137BO Installation of Cessna exhaust system P/N 0750238-21 cabin heat shround P/N 0750161-82 and carburetor head shroud assembly p/n 0752657-1. Installation of STC SA09530SC required in conjunction with this STC. Approved ONLY for Cessna 182E serial number 18254171. Amended 4/27/2005
SA00137SE Installation of Aerocet Model 3500 or 3500L seaplane floats. Amended 5/29/2008
SA00138BO Wing rib spacing modification. Approval limited to Piper model J3C-65 serial number 15327 ONLY. Issued 10/3/2001
SA00138SE Installation of Airtell Century 3 Ground Proximity Warning System Issued 10/25/1994
SA00138WI Installation of a Sundstrand Mark VI ground proximity warning system. Reissued 5/29/2007
SA00139LA Installation of a replacement S & S Propeller model W7448A1-2. Issued 12/7/1995
SA00139WI Installation of medical storage cabinet. Issued 3/9/1994
SA00140DE-D Installation of a two tube Bendix/King EFS-50 electronic flight instrument system. Reissued 5/7/2002
SA00140LA Installation of a replacement S & S Propeller model W7448A1-2. Issued 12/7/1995
SA00141LA Installation of a replacement S&S Propeller model W7848F2-2. Issued 10/9/1996
SA00142DE Installation of a replacement horizontal stabilizer. Reissued 6/21/1999
SA00143BO Installation of Avidyne Corporation model 700-00004-XXX-( ) multi-function display. Amended 6/25/2002
SA00143LA Installation of control yoke retainer lock. Issued 8/2/1996
SA00144AT Installation of a WAG freon air conditioning system. Issued 3/3/1993
SA00144LA Installation of Weber Lavatories. Issued 12/19/1995
SA00144WI Installation of 18 gallon nylon auxiliary fuel tanks on airplanes equipped with standard range 64 gallon capacity bladder tank or 62 gallon fiberglass fuel tanks. (180K thru S/N 18053000) Reissued 5/3/2004
SA00145BO Installation of cargo area modifications. Issued 2/6/2002
SA00146LA Installation of winglets. Issued 2/1/1996
SA00146SE Installation of a II Morrow Apollo Model 360 round GPS receiver (P/N 430-0256[-00 or later]) per II Morrow Apollo 360 GPS Partenavia P68 VFR STC Master Drawing List P/N 560-0160-00 dated October 13 1994 Revision - or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 3/4/2004
SA00147AT Installation of Type A sun visor. Amended 7/28/1993
SA00147SE Installation of vortex generators mounted on the wings and (optional) split flaps mounted on lower trailing edge of the inboard stub wing. Amended 5/29/1996
SA00148BO Wing rib spacing modification per Scootair Modification to Clipped Wing Piper J3C-65 for Fuel Tank Installation Instructions of 11/10/01. Issued 5/29/2002
SA00148SE Installation of vortex generators on the wing. Issued 11/18/1994
SA00148WI Installation of T.K.S. Ice Protection System  Issued 4/4/1994
SA00149BO Installation of Aircraft Components Volt and Vac Alert p/n 2044-1.  Amended 5/15/2003
SA00149SE Installation of vortex generators and delta wings on the wings and a strake mounted above the left- and right-hand wing/fuselage junctions. Amended 5/27/1996
SA00150BO Installation of Continental TSIO-520-R engine McCauley D3A34C402/90DFA10 propeller. Approved for installation on serial number 21063886 ONLY. Issued 6/18/2002
SA00150DE Installation of Replacement Elevator Frame. Reissued 6/21/1999
Fusulage Construction
Airframe Material
Number of Doors
Wing Location
Wing Construction
Wing Rib Material
Wing Skin Material
Aileron Type
Aileron Trim
Aileron Control System
Flap Type
Wing Flap Actuation
Empennage Type
Empennage Rib Material
Empennage Skin Material
Rudder Trim
Yaw Trim Actuator
Yaw Control System
Pitch Trim
Pitch Control System
Pitch Trim Actuator
Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type
Retraction System
Emergency Extension
Ground Steering
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear
Brake Type
Brake Controls
Instrument Panel
Flight Control
Number of Seats
Window Defrost
Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Number of Engines
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Fuel/Air Mechanism
Number of Cylinders
Max HP
Starter System
Propeller Manufacturer
Propeller Model
Number of Blades
Minimum Diameter
Maximum Diameter
Propeller Type
Propeller Governor
Fuel System
Fuel System Type
Approved Fuel Type 1
Approved Fuel Type 2
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G)
Tank Type 1 Location
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G)
Tank Type 2 Location
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G)
Usable Fuel (G)
Oil Capacity (Quarts)
Electrical System
Power Source
Power Storage
System Voltage
Alternator Amp
Battery Voltage
Battery Amp/Hour
Maximum T/O Weight (lbs)
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs)
Standard Empty Weight (lbs)
Useful Load (lbs) 0
Station 1 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs)
Station 2 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 2(lbs)
Station 3 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 3(lbs)
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft)
Vne (KCAS)
Vno (KCAS)
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS)


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