Non-Operating Income and Expenses

Non Operating Income and Expense

The following are components of Operating Revenue. As a reminder
  • Interest on Long-Term Debt and Capital Leases
  • Other Interest Expense Interest on debt principle and on capitalized credit, Amortization of discount and expense on debt and of premiums on debt.
  • Foreign Exchange Gains and Losses Abnormal Gains or Losses, this becomes more of an issue if the company has transactions in different currencies.
  • Capital Gains and Losses on Property Retirement of Flight and Ground Property and Equipment.
  • Other Capital Gains and Losses Retirement of non operating property and equipment and the arrangement of others securities.
  • Other Income and Expenses Could be Fuel Hedging, Donations/Contributions, Fines, Capital Stock Expense and 'Amortization of extra property purchase price acquired through merger.' Quoted from the BTS website

Non Operating Income/Expense profile for - 2007

Non Operating Income/Expense History

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