Mooney A2A Cadet

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Very similar to the Ercoupe.

If you feel like you have a particular interest in this model of aircraft you are welcome to submit a brief history and description/points of interest that make this model unique.

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Fuel Cost ($):
General Stats:
Seat Capacity: 4
Empty Weight: 950 lbs
Max Weight 1450 lbs
Useful Load: 500 lbs
Engine Name
Engine Number 1
Horsepower 90 HP
Never Exceed Speed: 0 kts
Stall speed: 0 kts
Service Ceiling: 17300 ft
Max Fuel 24 Gal
Performance/Efficiency Metrics:
Cruise Speed(75%BHP): 108 kts
GPH (75% BHP): 5.1
MPG (75% BHP) 21.2
Range (75% BHP): 412 nm
Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile 0.07 $
Fuel Cost Per Hour 30.6 $
MPG per 1000 lbs of Payload 10.59
F-T (Speed^2/FuelBurn) 22.9 HP
F-T Payload 11.5 kts
MPH To HP: 12 kts
T/O Roll - T/O over 50 FT OBST 540 ft / 1250 ft

SA00068SE (PAGE 2) Installation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1) Amended 10/20/2010 0:00
SA00071SE Cockpit sun visor installation. Amended 7/7/2004
SA00079NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K008 on single and multi engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Teledyne Continental reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/31/2012
SA00081NY Installation of Iceman Aviation Supplies Inc. Carburetor Ice Detector. Amended 5/15/2002
SA00188AT Installation of Appalachian Accessories carbon steel brake discs that have the melonite surface treatment P/N AA-26A. Reissued 11/14/1994
SA00680SE (2 OF 6 Installation of Electronics International model UBG-16 or UBG-16T bar graph engine analyzer.  Reissued 7/8/2005
SA00780SE (PAGE 3) Installation of the True Lock Safety Retention Axle Lock Nut System in accordance with AML No. SA00780SE dated February 1 2001 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 5/11/2010
SA01026SE (PAGE 1) Improved fuel gascolator assembly. Amended 12/19/2012
SA01240SE (4 OF 5) Installation of secondary voltage indication system Reissued 4/3/2006 0:00
SA01246CH Replace existing glass bowl gascolator with Skyport Services metal bowl Gascolator Part No. SS13100. Reissued 9/8/2005
SA01247CH Replace existing main LG strut seal with MLG Oleo Restoration Kit. Reissued 9/8/2005
SA01407CH Replace existing brake master cylinder with replacement brake master cylinder. Reissued 9/8/2005
SA01409CH Replace existing brake reservoir with replacement brake reservoir. Reissued 9/8/2005
SA01669CH Installation of Challenger Reusable Air Filter Amended 6/21/2012
SA01697CH Installation of a new firewall forward engine mount and nose wheel assembly Lycoming O-235-C2C model engine Sensenich 72CK-0-54 model propeller windshield/canopy assembly and other related engine system installations on Univair (ERCO) model 415-D airplane with serial number 3502. Limited to installation on serial number 3502 ONLY.  Issued 12/11/2003
SA01944CH (2 OF 2) Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index per ASTM Specification D-439 or D-4818 of any volatility class A through E or 82UL AVGAS per ASTM D-6227. Issued 3/5/2004 0:00
SA01988SE (PAGE 1) Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In-Flight Data) MVP-50P.  Issued 4/17/2009
SA02033AT (PAGE 5) Modification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engine breather line (47J series w stc s SH4-235SW SH4-826SW or SH479SW) Amended 7/25/2008 0:00
SA02168AK (PG 2) Installation of hourmeter airspeed switch. For unpressurized aircraft only. Pressurized aircraft must have pressurization system deactivated. Issued 3/23/2001 1:00
SA02268CH (PAGE 5) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02268CH (PAGE 6) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02283SE Page 2 Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In Flight Data) CGR-30P Reissued 8/27/2013
SA02493CH Installation of a Three Point Torso Restraint System Issued 10/29/2007
SA02601CH Installation of a Battery Master Relay. Issued 7/23/2008
SA09470SC Installation of Starter Indicator light system. Issued 6/18/2001
SA1-208 Two 4595 100-watt General Electric sealed beam landing lights in nose cowling. Issued 
SA1-336 Continental C-90-14F engine and McCauley 1B90-CM7152 propeller. Issued 
SA1-4 Recover outer wing panels with metal. Reissued 8/15/2007
SA1-440 Continental C90-12F engine. Amended 
SA1-78 Metal skin replacement on wing surfaces. Issued 1/1/1960
SA10077SC Installation of push-button starter system. Amended 4/26/2005
SA1009NE Installation of alternator system on Erco 415-C CD D G E with Continental engine C85-12 Erco 415-C CD D Forney F-1 F-1A Alon A-2 A2-A Mooney M10 with Continental engine C90-12 and Erco415-D with Continental engine O-200-A. Amended 1/31/1996
SA10921SC Installation of an alternator and regulator as a replacement to existing OEM generators and mechanical voltage regulators Issued 11/10/2008
SA1097GL Installation of single lamp landing light Reissued 7/3/2006
SA1126WE B2S autopilot. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1177WE WECO carburetor temperature monitor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA117WE WECO carburetor temperature monitor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1180GL Installation of main gear wheel fairings and/or nose gear wheel fairings. Reissued 9/8/2005
SA1181GL Installation of main gear wheel fairings and/or nose gear wheel fairings. Issued 5/15/1987
SA1267NW Installation of electric servo-actuated aileron trim tabs Issued 7/1/1981
SA127GL Install Cleveland Wheel and Brakes conversion kit P/N 199-69. Reissued 10/28/1980
SA1315WE Installation of Mixture Monitor (exhaust gas temperature probe gage and selector) in accordance with Delta Products Part Lists A-192 and A-193 or in accordance with Tri-Star Corporation Mixture Monitor Installation Instructions dated December 9 1981 or later FAA approved revision and/or Drawing List MM-127 dated November 15 1981 or later FAA approved revision in aircraft models listed in Master Eligibility List P-80-A-6 revised March 29 1968 copy attached or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 4/15/2011
SA1351WE (PG 1) Replace existing fabric on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces with Ceconite101 material. (262A Series -12) Amended 8/19/1983
SA1484GL Installation of 30 gallon fuel system. Reissued 3/19/2003
SA1495WE Installation of Brittain Industries Inc. Model B2C Flight Control System Reissued 2/1/2013
SA1626NM Page 2 Installation of Electronics Int l Digital EGT/CHT Instruments and accessories. (201 Series) Amended 3/9/1993
SA162SO Aileron trim system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1797GL Installation of Sensenich propeller model 69CK or M69CK. Reissued 11/16/1998
SA1WE Fiberglass tail cone. Issued 1/1/1960
SA2128CE Operation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded automotive gasoline 88 minimum antiknock index (RON+MON)/2. Intermixing with aviation gasoline also approved. Amended 6/23/1992
SA2230WE Installation of main gear wheel fairings. Reissued 9/8/2005
SA2350NM Page 2 Installation of Electronics International Inc digital carburetor/outside air temperature gauges Amended 6/6/1990
SA2462WE Installation of main gear wheel fairings and nose gear wheel fairings. Reissued 12/3/1986
SA2628WE Installation of Continental O-200-A engine McCauley 1A101/DCM 6948 propeller electric fuel transfer pump and associated changes. Reissued 1/30/2007
SA2683NM Installation of Precise Flight Inc. stand-by vacuum system (SVS) Amended 3/10/2005
SA2693NM (PAGE 2) Installation of Electronics International digital volt/amp gauges and accessories. Amended 12/10/2009 0:00
SA3-19 Steel tube and aluminum covered hatch doors fabricated with plexiglass windows. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-342 Metal 0.020-inch 20 24 ST 3 or 2024 ST 4 alclad aluminum. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-512 Aluminum alloy skin. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-598 Metal 0.020 24ST aluminum on wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA308EA (1 OF 2) Installation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and single engine helicopters powered by Continental Franklin and Lycoming type engines equipped with Marvel-Schebler MA-2 MA-3 MA-4 MA-4-5 MA-6 and HA-6 series carburetors. (Normal Utility and Acrobatic Category airplanes and helicopters equipped with engines and carburetors as described.) Amended 11/20/1978
SA319WE Metal cover of wings in accordance with Air Fab Drawing No. 104 Rev. No. 1. Reissued 7/29/1971
SA3203SO Replacement of Cleveland brake disks P/N 164-26A and/or 164-126A with Appalachian Accessories stainless steel brake disks P/N 75-27. Reissued 9/29/1995
SA330GL Installation of 9-cu. ft. Baggage Compartment  Reissued 9/8/2005
SA331GL Install Skyport Model SMK-15 9-cu.ft. baggage compartment. Reissued 3/16/1988
SA341WE Engine mount to remove down thrust and change horizontal tail incident. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3502WE Installation of fiberglass nose bowl. Reissued 7/3/2006
SA3503WE Installation of fiberglass nose bowl. Reissued 2/18/2003
SA381SO Revised (1) brake handle per Drawing 9R (2) seat belt anchor straps to seat per Drawing 10R (3) rudder control system springs per Drawing 11R. Amended 3/14/1968
SA3862NM Page 2 Installation of Electronics International Primary TIT/EGT/CHT instruments remote switches and associated accessories. Amended 4/25/1988
SA3WE Fiberglass reinforced plastic engine cowl. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1210 Installation of Eonnex cover on aircraft surfaces. Reissued 8/19/1980
SA4-1254 Main gear wheel fairings nose gear wheel fairing. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-139 Glass cloth over old fabric. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1590 Riveted fuel tanks changed to welded wing and nose tank assemblies and gauge from mechanical to electric float type. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1606 Wing root fillets change from aluminum 3S and 24ST3 to fiberglass. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1652 Tapered roller bearing and plate on right-hand wheel half. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-179 Fabric covering replaced with metal0.020 24ST and/or 75ST aluminum alloy covering. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-285 BN-1 propeller spinner. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-302 Installation of BN-1 propeller spinner. Reissued 10/30/1985
SA4-361 Aluminum alloy sheet on wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-399 Metallizing of wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-441 New lower engine cowl made of fiberglass with Hetron #92 resin. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-448 New nose cowl made of fiberglass reinforced with Hetron #92 resin. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-638 Single arm nose wheel fork with conventional double arm fabricated fork U415-34090-1-A and B. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-729 Mounting brackets flush window and wiring to operate automotive type sealed-beam headlamp as a dual purpose landing and taxi light. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-73 Metal skins 0.020 24ST and/or 75ST aluminum alloy. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-801 Ceconite 101 covering of wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-839 Metal covering of wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-840 Fabric replaced with glass cloth on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4005NM (PG 5) Installation of Precise Pulselite control unit in landing/taxi system. (HP Jetstream Model 3101 AND SUPER 31) Amended 12/18/2007
SA4302NM (PAGE 3) Installation of Electronics Int l digital automatic engine analyzer. Amended 10/13/1989 0:00
SA4328SW New Instrument panel 1oc 1.5 inches aft of old panel. Issued 4/23/1981
SA437WE Installation of leading edge landing light in accordance with Air Fab Drawing No. 1011. Reissued 7/29/1971
SA465WE Installation of Continental C-90-12F engine and McCauley 1890-CM propeller Issued 7/25/1963
SA489CH Installation of two FRA Enterprises rams horn control wheels. (E 4935) Issued 3/25/1996
SA4996NM Installation of spin-on oil filter. Issued 11/16/1990
SA5159NM (1 OF 2) Installation of chip detector system. Amended 11/6/1992
SA5755NM Installation of a propeller anti theft device. Issued 8/5/1992
SA593CH (5 OF 5) Install Champion SlickSTART magneto booster system. Reissued 2/10/2009 0:00
SA5GL Removal of fuselage fuel tank. Issued 10/3/1972
SA624NW Installation of main gear wheel fenders landing gear strut fairings and a Beech Model A23-19 shimmy damper (Part no 167-380024) Issued 6/21/1978
SA71GL Installation of air filters Reissued 6/20/2000
SA784NW Installation of a wing trim/VOR tracker Issued 7/20/1979
SA7965SW Application of fabric and polyurethane finishing system. Amended 7/15/1994
SA798EA Installation of Monitair exhaust gas combustion monitor kit. Reissued 2/14/1972
SA798GL Superseded by STC SA01944CH. Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index. Surrendered 3/5/2004
SA8075SW (PAGE 3) Installation of fiberglass covering. (M-62 SERIES PT-19) (G-73 SCHWEIZER) Reissued 11/10/2003 0:00
SA8332SW Removal of fuselage fuel tank and installation of two additional wing fuel tanks fuel pumps and fuel gages. Issued 4/23/1992
SA999NW Installation of Continental O-200-A engine auxiliary fuel pump (electric) (Piper P/N 478-360) and McCauley IA90/CF7148-0 propeller Issued 8/19/1980
Fusulage Construction
Airframe Material
Number of Doors
Wing Location
Wing Construction
Wing Rib Material
Wing Skin Material
Aileron Type
Aileron Trim
Aileron Control System
Flap Type
Wing Flap Actuation
Empennage Type
Empennage Rib Material
Empennage Skin Material
Rudder Trim
Yaw Trim Actuator
Yaw Control System
Pitch Trim
Pitch Control System
Pitch Trim Actuator
Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type
Retraction System
Emergency Extension
Ground Steering
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear
Brake Type
Brake Controls
Instrument Panel
Flight Control
Number of Seats
Window Defrost
Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Number of Engines
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Fuel/Air Mechanism
Number of Cylinders
Max HP
Starter System
Propeller Manufacturer
Propeller Model
Number of Blades
Minimum Diameter
Maximum Diameter
Propeller Type
Propeller Governor
Fuel System
Fuel System Type
Approved Fuel Type 1
Approved Fuel Type 2
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G)
Tank Type 1 Location
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G)
Tank Type 2 Location
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G)
Usable Fuel (G)
Oil Capacity (Quarts)
Electrical System
Power Source
Power Storage
System Voltage
Alternator Amp
Battery Voltage
Battery Amp/Hour
Maximum T/O Weight (lbs)
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs)
Standard Empty Weight (lbs)
Useful Load (lbs) 0
Station 1 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs)
Station 2 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 2(lbs)
Station 3 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 3(lbs)
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft)
Vne (KCAS)
Vno (KCAS)
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS)


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