The following are Liability/Stockholders Equity categories for . There are also links below that will allow users to drill down further and determine what actually composes these liability/Equity categories. As a reminder
  • Current Liabilities are Liabilities that can be due relatively soon and so cannot be delayed without penalty.
  • Non-current Liabilities are Liabilities that are long-term. They will become current liabilities eventually but that day is not this day.
  • Deferred Credits are financial obligations that have been deferred. These may include things such as Tax and Self Insurance.
  • Stockholders Equity Is the capital received from investor in exchange for a ownership interest in the company.
Current Liabilities Noncurrent Liabilities Profile Deferred Credits Profile Stockholders Equity Profile

Liabilities/Equity profile for Quarter 4 - 1999

Liabilities/Equity History (% of Total Liabilities/Equity)

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