Job Statistics

Employment Breakdown

The employment catagories for should be pretty self explanatory. These numbers reflect the airlines entire system. The numbers do allow us to see the amount of manpower dedicated to their Domestic, Pacific, Latin America and other division, this is a total of those systems. However the following notes should be helpful-
  • Management President, Vice Presidents, Assistant to president, vice president Controller, Treasurer, Corporate secretary, Division Manager
  • Flight Personnel Captains, Check pilot, Chief pilot, Copilot, Pilot, Reserve pilot, Test pilot, Flight attendants, Communications Officer, Engineering Officer, Navigation Officer
  • Maintenance Labor Apprentice mechanic, Carpenter, Chief mechanic, Cleaner, Crew chief, Electrician, Engineer, Foreman, Inspector, Lead mechanic, Mechanic, Mechanic helper
  • Aircraft and Traffic Handling Baggage clerk, Baggage handler, Cargo clerk, Cargo handler, Cashier - ticket office, Chauffeur - passenger vehicles, Cleaner - aircraft, Clerk, Control tower operator, Counterman, Crew scheduler, Doorman, Draftsman, Express agent, light director, Flight dispatcher, Flight regulations supervisor, Flight specifications supervisor, Freight agent, Gateman, Mail handling clerk, Meteorologist, Mechanic - line service, Passenger ramp agent, Passenger sales ticketing clerk, Porter - baggage, Rates clerk, Reservations clerk, Reservations manager, Refreshing crew, Regional manager, Secretary, Station manager, Stenographer, Tariff specialist, Typist, Waybill clerk
  • Other Personnel Accountants, Advertising specialist, Analyst, Artist, Attorney, Auditor, Budget personnel, Buyers, Caretaker, Cargo salesman, Cashier, Chauffeur, Cleaner, Clerks, Computer operator, District sales manager, Economist, General counsel, Guard, Industrial relations personnel, Insurance specialist, Inventory clerk, Janitor, Key punch operator, Law clerk, Lawyer, Maintenance record clerk, Mechanic trainee, Mechanic instructor, Medical personnel, Nurse, Office machine operator, Passenger salesman

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