General Revenue and Expense

Revenue and Expenses

The following are Revenue and Expense categories for . There are also links below that will allow users to drill down further and determine what actually composes these categories. As a reminder
  • Net Income Revenues minus expenses and taxes. A good measure of a company's profitability over time.
  • Operating Profit or Loss The profit or loss earned from the airlines core business. Naturally this excludes other outside investments.
  • Operating Revenues The revenue generated by the company's core business.
  • Operating Expenses The expenses incurred by the company's core business.
  • NonOperating Income and Expense Revenue generated and expenses incurred in business dealings outside the core business.
  • Income Before Income Tax & Income Tax for Period Reflects the Income before taxes are considered.
  • Discontinued Operations and Extraordinary Items Part of the company that is no longer operational. A better explanation can be seen from the following link
  • Accounting Changes Companies are allowed to use approved rules for accounting as long as they are consistent. If they change to a different approved rule then the numbers needed to reflect that change in accounting accuratly are reflected here.
Operating Revenues Operating Expenses NonOperating Income and Expenses Discontinued Operations and Extraordinary Items

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