Current Liabilities

Current Liabilities

The following are Current Liabilities for . As a reminder
  • Current Maturities of Long-Term Debt These are bills on long-term debt that are arriving, it could be paying some of it off or just maintaining it.
  • Notes Payable- Banks and Others Bills owed to Banks or other institutions/organizations.
  • Trade Accounts Payable The following is a good defintion on what a trade account is
  • Other Accounts PayableOther financial obligations due.
  • Current Obligations under Capital Leases Payments required to cover leases.
  • Salaries/Vacation/Interest/Taxes Accrued Salaries/Vacation/Interest/Taxes that have not yet been payed.
  • Dividends Declared Dividend liabilities that will be paid out in one of a couple forms to investors.
  • Air Traffic Liability Termed by the BTS as Air Travel Plan Liability.
  • Other Current Liabilities Could be things like legal fees, rents, TSA security fees.

Current Liabilities (part 1) History

Current Liabilities (part 2) History

Current Liabilities % (part 1) History

Current Liabilities % (part 2) History

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