Cessna 210 M

Cessna 210 M - Advanced Aircraft Data

Fusulage Construction Semimonocoque
Airframe Material Aluminum
Number of Doors 3

Wing Location High Wing
Wing Construction Full Cantilever
Wing Rib Material Sheet metal
Wing Skin Material Aluminum
Aileron Type Frise
Aileron Trim Ground Adjustable
Aileron Control System Pully and Cable
Flap Type Single Slot
Wing Flap Actuation Electric

Empennage Type Conventional
Empennage Rib Material Sheet metal
Empennage Skin Material Aluminum
Rudder Trim Cable Link
Yaw Trim Actuator Manual
Yaw Control System Cable and Pully
Pitch Trim Cable Link Trim Tab
Pitch Control System Cable and Pulley
Pitch Trim Actuator Manual or Electric

Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type Tricycle
Retractable Yes
Retraction System Hydralic/Electric
Emergency Extension Hand Pump
Ground Steering Rudder Pedals
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear Tubular spring-steel struts
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear Nosewheel Air/Oil Strut
Brake Type Hydraulic Actuated Brake Disc
Brake Controls Toe Brakes

Instrument Panel IFR non Glass
Flight Control Ram Horn Yoke
Number of Seats 6
Heating Engine Ventilators
Window Defrost Ducted Hot Air
Cooling Ducted Ram Air

Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS) 100 KIAS
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS) 97-85 KIAS
Number of Engines 1
Engine Manufacturer Continental
Engine Model IO-520-L
Engine Type Normally Aspirated
Geared Direct-drive
Cooled Air-Cooled
Fuel/Air Mechanism Fuel-injected
Number of Cylinders 6
Max HP 300
Starter System Electric Starter

Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
Propeller Model D3A34C404/80V-0
Number of Blades 3
Minimum Diameter 78.5
Maximum Diameter 80
Propeller Type Constant Speed
Propeller Governor Oil Pressure

Fuel System
Fuel System Type Gravity Fed
Approved Fuel Type 1 100LL
Approved Fuel Type 2 100/130
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G) 90
Tank Type 1 Location Inboard Wings
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G) 45
Tank Type 2 Location None
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G) 0
Usable Fuel (G) 89
Oil Capacity (Quarts) 11

Electrical System
Power Source Engine Driven Alternator
Power Storage Battery
System Voltage 28
Alternator Amp 60
Battery Voltage 24
Battery Amp/Hour 14

Maximum T/O Weight (lbs) 3800
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs) 3800
Standard Empty Weight (lbs) 2168
Useful Load (lbs) 1632
Station 1 Baggage Location Forward of Aft Wheel Well
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs) 120
Station 2 Baggage Location On and aft Wheel well
Max Weight Station 2(lbs) 120
Station 3 Baggage Location None
Max Weight Station 3(lbs) 0
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft) 21.7
Vne (KCAS) 194
Vno (KCAS) 164
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS) 117

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