Cessna 140

Number of Active Aircraft: 2308 Active- Map


The 140 started production immediately after the end of world war two and found good success with the abundance of pilots after the war. The two variants of the 140 included the 120 and the 140 A .

The 120 was an economized version of the the 140 but without flaps and the electrical system was considered optional. The 140 A included larger modifications being outfitted with an all metal wing, a single strut and a 90 HP engine. However these modifications cost the 140 some in useful load as it increased the empty weight by 120 pounds without increasing gross weight.

Wikipedia Cessna 140 reference:672
Fuel Cost ($):
General Stats:
Seat Capacity: 2
Empty Weight: 860 lbs
Max Weight 1450 lbs
Useful Load: 590 lbs
Engine Name Continental C-85-12
Engine Number 1
Horsepower 100 HP
Never Exceed Speed: 0 kts
Stall speed: 0 kts
Service Ceiling: 15500 ft
Max Fuel 22 Gal
Performance/Efficiency Metrics:
Cruise Speed(75%BHP): 94 kts
GPH (75% BHP): 4.8
MPG (75% BHP) 19.6
Range (75% BHP): 345 nm
Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile 0.15 $
Fuel Cost Per Hour 28.8 $
MPG per 1000 lbs of Payload 11.55
F-T (Speed^2/FuelBurn) 18.4 HP
F-T Payload 10.9 kts
MPH To HP: 9.4 kts
T/O Roll - T/O over 50 FT OBST 0 ft / 1100 ft

SA00024NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K007 on single or multi-engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Lycoming reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/3/2012
SA00061LA Installation of JPI digital tachometer. Amended 1/12/1996
SA00068SE (PAGE 1) Installation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1) Amended 10/20/2010
SA00072NY Installation of a Sensenich model 72CK fixed-pitch metal propeller. Reissued 1/1/2007
SA00079NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K008 on single and multi engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Teledyne Continental reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/31/2012
SA00081NY Installation of Iceman Aviation Supplies Inc. Carburetor Ice Detector. Amended 5/15/2002
SA00169AT Installation of Cessna 152 instrument panel cabin vent system landing/taxi lights sun visors alternator Universal strobe mod #4400 on top of fuselage and rotating beacon on vertical tail and new .0156 inch windshield. Amended 4/16/1993
SA00188AT Installation of Appalachian Accessories carbon steel brake discs that have the melonite surface treatment P/N AA-26A. Reissued 11/14/1994
SA00215NY Installation of CAVU Model AM100 AVMIX engine fuel/air mixture setting system. Amended 8/14/1995
SA00402SE Installation of a remote spin-on oil filter adapter. (GC-1B w/Lycoming or Cont 360 engine installed) Amended 1/23/2007
SA00432SE (PG 4) Installation of EGT 701 series fuel flow instrument. Amended 4/12/2013
SA00441NY Installation of solid-state dimmer circuit for panel lights. Issued 6/12/1996
SA00478CH (PAGE 1) Installation of Cooper Superflite 102 Fabric. Amended 5/10/2012
SA00680SE (4 OF 6 Installation of Electronics International model UBG-16 or UBG-16T bar graph engine analyzer.  Reissued 7/8/2005
SA00780SE (PAGE 1) Installation of the True Lock Safety Retention Axle Lock Nut System in accordance with AML No. SA00780SE dated February 1 2001 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 5/11/2010
SA00861SE Page 4 Installation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) fuel flow indicating system Amended 4/12/2013
SA00871SE Cockpit sunvisor installation. Amended 5/11/2010
SA00897WI Installation of Concorde Battery Corporation (VRSLA) Valve regulated sealed lead acid battery. Issued 8/11/2000
SA01015SE Installation of eligible Alaska Tire and Rubber Company TSO-C62d Tires as listed in Approved Model List SA01015SE dated November 7 2001 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 10/4/2012
SA01026SE (PAGE 2) Improved fuel gascolator assembly. Amended 12/19/2012
SA01077SE (PAGE 1) Installation of fluoropolymer film. Reissued 8/20/2003
SA01118WI Installation of the Concorde FLA or VRSLA RG series batteries in the Cessna Single Engine Airplanes listed on the attached FAA Approved Model List (AML) No. SA01118WI dated October 17 2001 Amended 11/30/2013
SA01139CH Installation of W.D. Davis V.I.C.C.L. Cessna Cowl Latch. Reissued 1/19/2010
SA01158WI (1 OF 2) Installation of Aero Enhancements UV250-1 Supplemental Instrument Panel Lightning System. Amended 3/29/2005
SA01229SE Page 1 Installation of CNX80 GPS WAAS Navigator with integrated VHF Navigation and Communication radios. Amended 6/27/2007
SA01233SE Manufacture of Alaskan Bushwheel Inc. (ABI) tail wheel and fork assembly per ABI Document ABI-3200B Revision A dated April 28 2005 or later FAA approved revision.  Amended 5/22/2012
SA01240SE (2 OF 5) Installation of secondary voltage indication system Reissued 4/3/2006 0:00
SA01311AT Installation of Teledyne Continental Motors models C-85-12 C-18-12F and C-85-14F engines which have STC SE01309AT installed. Issued 3/24/1997
SA01447SE Installation of vortex generators on the wings and horizontal tail surfaces of the above model aircraft in accordance with Drawing Package MA2201 Revision IR dated July 28 2004 and Installation Manual MA2202 Revision IR dated August 16 2004 or later FAA approved revision to either of these documents. Issued 9/1/2004
SA01487SE-D (Page 1) Installation of a GDL 69 or GDL 69A XM Satellite Receiver Amended 5/4/2012
SA01669CH Installation of Challenger Reusable Air Filter Amended 6/21/2012
SA01695SE (1 OF 5) Installation of an antenna Amended 2/15/2007
SA01714WI (Page 1) Installation of a Garmin GTX 330/330D/33/33D with ADS-B Out functionality Issued 5/1/2013
SA01765SE Installation of Alaskan Bushwheel Inc (ABI) TSO-C26d wheels Part Number (P/N) ABI-1010. Amended 10/11/2012
SA01768SE Install oil cooler system. Issued 6/8/2007
SA01800SE (PG 1) Fabrication and installation of new or replacement of existing instrument panel lights dimmer control.  Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01814CH Replace Cessna S-43 fabric attachment clips with AD42ABSLF rivets in accordance with the Instructions and Procedures as listed on AML No. SA01814CH or later FAA Approved revisions. Amended 1/11/2012
SA01861SE (PAGE 1)  Fabrication and installation of Landing Light Controller Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01933LA-D Page 1 Installation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( System Amended 4/1/2013
SA01933LA (2 OF 5)  Installation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation System Amended 11/6/2006 0:00
SA01944CH (1 OF 2) Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index per ASTM Specification D-439 or D-4818 of any volatility class A through E or 82UL AVGAS per ASTM D-6227. Issued 3/5/2004
SA01988SE (PAGE 3) Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In-Flight Data) MVP-50P.  Issued 4/17/2009 0:00
SA02019SE-D Installation of Garmin GTN 6XX/7XX Navigation System Amended 12/13/2013
SA02033AT (PAGE 2) Modification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engine breather line (47J series w stc s SH4-235SW SH4-826SW or SH479SW) Amended 7/25/2008
SA02072AK Installation of hourmeter airspeed switch. Amended 11/14/1997
SA02110CH (PAGE 1) Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder  Reissued 1/11/2010
SA02119SE Page 1 Installation of Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B UAT Transceiver System Issued 12/28/2012
SA02154AK (PAGE 1 ) Installation of the UPS Aviation Technologies Inc. Apollo MX20 multi-function display P/N 430-0270-500. Amended 1/12/2005
SA02212AK (PG 1) Replacement of existing landing and/or taxi light reflector and bulbs with high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems  Amended 5/4/2011
SA02217AK (2 OF 5) Installation of Garmin AT Model GDL90 UAT Data Link System in accordance with Garmin AT Inc. GDL 90 UAT Master Data List P/N 560-0278-01 Revision A dated November 12 2004 or later FAA approved revision.  Amended 12/1/2004 0:00
SA02268CH (PAGE 1) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02283AK Installation of a 30 amp permanent magnet generator system. Issued 11/26/2007
SA02283SE Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In Flight Data) CGR-30P Reissued 8/27/2013
SA02482AT Installation of airplane weight restriction placard. Issued 4/2/2002
SA02520AT Installation of M-20 Oil Separator model 600-WP. Issued 5/30/2002
SA02566CH Installation of the Custom Fiberglass Molding Inc. (CFMI) Model 1500 Aircraft Main Landing Gear Skis. Amended 3/6/2009
SA02717NY Installation of VoiceFlight Systems LLC VFS101 Speech Recognition Module Amended 1/9/2012
SA02738CH (PAGE 5) Installation of L-3 Communications Avionics Systems Amended 5/7/2010
SA02987CH Installation of the Electroair Electronic Ignition System Amended 7/23/2013
SA03148NY ( PAGE 1 OF 2) The installation of the Latitude Technologies Corporation S100 Tracking System Issued 9/26/2012
SA03170AT Installation of two (2) additional seat belt attach brackets on the cabin floor to provide for individual pilot/copilot restraint (instead of a single seat belt for both occupants) Issued 9/21/2005
SA09470SC Installation of Starter Indicator light system. Issued 6/18/2001
SA1-252 Safety gear Model A. Issued 
SA1-259 Conversion of aileron covering from fabric to aclad panels. Reissued 8/15/2007
SA1-39 Recovering of wings with metal skin .020 inch 24ST alclad except ailerons. Issued 6/4/1970
SA1-436 Leading edge landing lights in left-hand wing. Reissued 3/21/2007
SA10005SC Installation of airflow register into baggage compartment cover and insert a screened vent into empennage inspection plate. Reissued 12/29/2006
SA1005SC Installation of airflow register into baggage compartment cover and insert a screened vent into empennage inspection plate. Issued 7/23/2002
SA10077SC Installation of push-button starter system. Amended 4/26/2005
SA1008WE Installation of Poly-Fiber covering material. Reissued 5/27/2003
SA10126SC (1 OF 2) Installation of Aero Advantage ADV200 series vacuum pump per Aero Advantage Drawing Number ADVMSI 500 latest FAA approved revision.  Amended 10/23/2003
SA1049GL Surrendered and incorporated into STC SA00478CH. Surrendered 6/14/2002
SA105GL Install a pitot-static tube. Issued 1/16/1976
SA10822SC Installation of EFD1000 Primary Flight Display Amended 9/29/2009
SA10921SC Installation of an alternator and regulator as a replacement to existing OEM generators and mechanical voltage regulators Issued 11/10/2008
SA1143CE Installation of Aero Fabricators muffler assemblies P/N E477-001(L.H.) and P/N E477-002 (R.H.). Amended 2/1/1988
SA1143SW Redesigned muffler assemblies. Issued 5/15/1970
SA1177WE WECO carburetor temperature monitor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1209WE Replacement of wing drag wires in two outboard wing bays with 3/16 inch Stratton Aero Enterprises drag wires. Reissued 8/11/1978
SA121CE Nose and main gear wheel fairing(Jetstreams) using standard unaltered Cessna landing gear and nose gear fork for model and year using 500 x 5 nose and 600 x 6 main gear tires. Amended 3/1/1977
SA124EA Shur-Vent fuel tank filler cap. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1315WE Installation of Mixture Monitor (exhaust gas temperature probe gage and selector) in accordance with Delta Products Part Lists A-192 and A-193 or in accordance with Tri-Star Corporation Mixture Monitor Installation Instructions dated December 9 1981 or later FAA approved revision and/or Drawing List MM-127 dated November 15 1981 or later FAA approved revision in aircraft models listed in Master Eligibility List P-80-A-6 revised March 29 1968 copy attached or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 4/15/2011
SA1350WE Replace existing fabric on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces with fiberglass cloth. Reissued 3/6/1969
SA1351WE (PG 1) Replace existing fabric on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces with Ceconite101 material. (262A Series -12) Amended 8/19/1983
SA1378GL Install replacement rear carry-thru wing spar P/N U-0411476 Rev. A dated 1/24/89. Issued 5/2/1989
SA13GL Installation of Cleveland wheel No. 40-97A and brake No. 30-63A. (140A S/N 13400 AND UP) Amended 4/1/1981
SA1429GL Install Aero Fabricators shoulder harness and seat belt assembly. Issued 10/31/1989
SA1436NM Installation of McCauley 8.50-6 wheel and brake assembly (Cessna P/N C163002-010) Cessna alternator (P/N C611501-0204) Cessna regulator (P/N C611001-0102) and Cessna 150 seat and track assembly Issued 1/27/1982
SA1455NM Installation of a flame proof auxiliary heater-dryer Model12-1600. Amended 12/11/1985
SA147CE Moni-Meters on aircraft equipped with King KY-90 KY-95 Narco Mark 4 or Mark 12 transceivers. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1524GL Install Woychik retractable lifting handles Model H. Issued 10/17/1990
SA1563NM Installation of Jensen aircraft fuel valve plug No. 011-3. Reissued 1/29/1999
SA1626NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics Int l Digital EGT/CHT Instruments and accessories. (201 Series) Amended 3/9/1993
SA1643GL Installation of V-type or Y-type shoulder harness. (182 SERIES EXCEPT R182 & TR182) Amended 8/31/1995
SA1690NM Installation of McCauley propeller Reissued 5/16/1986
SA175WE Conversion of aircraft for parachute jumping and aerial photography operations. Issued 1/1/1960
SA2100CE Operation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded automotive gasoline 88 minimum antiknock index(RON+MON)/2. Intermixing with aviation also approved. Amended 6/23/1992
SA2162NM Installation of the Precise Flight stand-by vacuum system (SVS) Amended 11/7/2003
SA2170NM` Installation of Cessna 150 seats and seat rail.  Issued 11/2/1983
SA2190NM Page 1 Installation of electronics International Digital Volt/Amp Gauges and Accessories. Issued 2/16/1984
SA2232SO Replacement of Cleveland brake discs P/N 164-26 or 164-126 with Appalacian Accessories stainless steel brake discs P/N 75-27. Issued 1/21/1988
SA2350NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Inc digital carburetor/outside air temperature gauges Amended 6/6/1990
SA2586NM (PAGE 2) Installation of J.P. Instruments temperature monitoring systems. Amended 7/20/2008 0:00
SA267SW Install a Continental O-200-A engine and a McCauley 1A100 MCM propeller. Issued 3/19/1964
SA2687NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Truboplus/ Electronics Int l gauges and switches. Amended 10/25/2000
SA268CE Installation of tow hitch assembly. Issued 1/1/1960
SA2693NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Electronics International digital volt/amp gauges and accessories. Amended 12/10/2009
SA2832SO Installation of a combination radio/throttle/gust lock. Amended 12/3/2001
SA2844CE (1 OF 2) Installation of a plastic cap enclosure over the anti-collision strobe light system. Issued 7/29/1992
SA295WE Mounting bracket fabrication. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-114 Instrument panel modification. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-423 Installation of CT-3000 tail ski on airplanes equipped with Scott 3200 or 3400 tail wheels. Amended 4/16/2010
SA308EA (1 OF 2) Installation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and single engine helicopters powered by Continental Franklin and Lycoming type engines equipped with Marvel-Schebler MA-2 MA-3 MA-4 MA-4-5 MA-6 and HA-6 series carburetors. (Normal Utility and Acrobatic Category airplanes and helicopters equipped with engines and carburetors as described.) Amended 11/20/1978
SA3182SO Installation of a Mitchell Century I Model AK306 single axis autopilot. Issued 3/12/1992
SA3203SO Replacement of Cleveland brake disks P/N 164-26A and/or 164-126A with Appalachian Accessories stainless steel brake disks P/N 75-27. Reissued 9/29/1995
SA3300NM Use of unleaded automobile gasoline 87 minimum antiknock and 88 minimum antiknock index leaded automobile gasoline. Issued 11/5/1985
SA331CE New base instrument panel incorporating artificial horizon. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3423 Installation of CT-3000 tail ski on airplanes equipped with Scott 3200 or 3400 tail wheels. Amended 11/18/2009
SA34CE Tow hitch assembly. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3500NM Installation of a dorsal fin. Issued 5/30/1986
SA3531NM Installing copper electrical cables. (182 S/N 33000 THRU 33842) (8E 833 and UP) Reissued 9/8/2010
SA3620NM Application of polyurethane finishing system. Issued 7/15/1987
SA3815NM Installation of BAS tail pull handle in the aft fuselage. Amended 12/2/2010
SA3862NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Primary TIT/EGT/CHT instruments remote switches and associated accessories. Amended 4/25/1988
SA388SO Metalize wings wing landing/taxi light installation. Amended 7/2/1970
SA4-1200 Delco-Remy generator 1101879 and regulator 1118384. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1210 Installation of Eonnex cover on aircraft surfaces. Reissued 8/19/1980
SA4-1346 Fiberglas covering of airplane surfaces. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-174 Glass cloth application over muslin to wings only. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-207 Spar reworked to facilitate rigging of metalized wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-302 Installation of BN-1 propeller spinner. Reissued 10/30/1985
SA4-315 Remove fabric from wings and replace with metal as per attached );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( drawing and description. N89730 Serial No. 8779 Issued 11/8/1957
SA4-341 Recovering of wings with .02024ST alclad sheet. Issued 11/29/1957
SA4-360 Recovering of wings with aluminum alloy sheet. Issued 12/31/1957
SA4-394 Installation of George M. Adams DGA-2000 wheels and Bodell Mfg Model BMI-252 brakes. Reissued 6/25/2003
SA4-581 Installation of a Lycoming O-290-D engine and Sensenich M76AM-2 or Sensenich CS3FM4 propeller Reissued 11/19/2012
SA4-640 Installation of a Lycoming O-290-D2 engine and Sensenich M74DM propeller Reissued 11/19/2012
SA4-674 Eonite covering on wings. Issued 1/1/1970
SA4-79 Recovering of wings with metal.020 aluminum 2024-T3 clad. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-803 Ceconite 101 covering of wings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-840 Fabric replaced with glass cloth on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-89 Recovering of wings with metal .020 alclad 2024T3 aluminum alloy. Issued 8/6/1956
SA4-916 Tricycle gear. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-95 Installation of a Lycoming O-235-C1 or O-235-C2C engine Reissued 11/19/2012
SA4005NM (PG 2) Installation of Precise Pulselite control unit in landing/taxi system. (HP Jetstream Model 3101 AND SUPER 31) Amended 12/18/2007
SA4172NM Installation of Aviation Development oil filter. Amended 5/22/2009
SA4302NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Electronics Int l digital automatic engine analyzer. Amended 10/13/1989
SA4338NM Installation of flap and aileron bay gap seals. Issued 7/21/1988
SA4721NM Installation of SynCon alarm system. Amended 5/8/1990
SA4829NM Limited to installation on Cessna 140 serial number 12586 ONLY. Use of unleaded and leaded automobile gasoline. Issued 1/25/1990
SA5156NM Fabrication and installation of Pulsar-MOSFET Landing Light Flasher System Amended 5/22/2012
SA5159NM (1 OF 2) Installation of chip detector system. Amended 11/6/1992
SA547EA Installation of Continental O-200-A engine and McCauley 1A100/MCM6952 or 1A101/DCM6952 or Sensenich 69CK propeller. Amended 7/20/2005
SA54CE Covering of wings with .020-inch 24ST aluminum. Issued 6/22/1962
SA5581SW Installation of ALCOR true-flow/ totalizer system. Requires STC SE5583SW which can be installed on aircraft equipped with Teledyne Continental engines IO-360 L/TSIO-360 TSIO-360 TIO-360 TSIO-470 GTSIO-520 L/TSIO-520 TSIO-520 IO-520 and IO-470. The approved model numbers listed may not be inclusive. Amended 9/30/2002
SA5656NM Installation of burglar alarm system. Reissued 7/21/1993
SA5656NM (PAGE 1) Installation of burglar alarm system. Reissued 7/21/1993
SA5755NM Installation of a propeller anti theft device. Issued 8/5/1992
SA582NW Fabrication of replacement wire rope cable assemblies Issued 5/12/1978
SA5924NM Installation of RPM instrument. Amended 11/24/1997
SA5925NM Installation of oil pressure/temperature instrument. Amended 12/8/1997
SA5926NM Installation of manifold pressure instrument. Amended 8/15/1993
SA593CH (1 OF 5) Install Champion SlickSTART magneto booster system. Reissued 2/10/2009
SA5942NM Installation of an oil filter filter base and mounting plate on firewalls of aircraft equipped with an approved Continental model C-90-12F or -14F engine installation. Issued 4/9/1993
SA596EA Installation of electronic voltage alarm Drawing No. 80104. Issued 1/1/1960
SA648NE Installation of Cessna 150 exhaust systems. Amended 4/5/2010
SA666NW Installation of Teflon control yoke bail or control yoke bushings. Amended 5/15/1996
SA673NW Installation of a McCauley propeller on a Continental engine Issued 10/2/1978
SA691GL Superseded by STC SA01944CH. Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index. Surrendered 3/5/2004
SA69NW Installation of Matney s engine charge air-air filter assembly. (AA-1B AA-1 AA-1A 1969 AND ON) (AA-5 1972 1973 AND 1974 ONLY) Amended 10/8/1974
SA71GL Installation of air filters Reissued 6/20/2000
SA768NW Installation oif a McCauley propeller on a Lycoming engine and Goodyear wheels and brakes Amended 7/8/1980
SA7965SW Application of fabric and polyurethane finishing system. Amended 7/15/1994
SA798EA Installation of Monitair exhaust gas combustion monitor kit. Reissued 2/14/1972
SA800EA (PAGE 2) Installation of Aviation White Anti-Collision Strobe Lights. Whelen Models A429 A430 A434 A450 A408 (white) A408R/W or A47OR/W (red/white) A500 A625 or A650 and associated power supplies or Model SA strobe light system. Amended 7/6/2010
SA800NE Installation of alternator system on Cessna 120 140 and 140A aircraft with Continental engine C-85-12 -14 and C-90-12 -14 and Cessna 120 140 and 140A with Continental O-200-A(when STC SA547EA is installed). Amended 11/8/2002
SA8075SW (PAGE 1) Installation of fiberglass covering. (M-62 SERIES PT-19) (G-73 SCHWEIZER) Reissued 11/10/2003
SA8150SW Installation of VENTUBE pilot/co-pilot overhead fresh air valves. (195 SERIES LC-126A LC-126B LC-126C) Reissued 12/29/2006
SA86NW Installation of automatic carburetor alternate air control unit. Issued 12/28/1973
SA904NW Installation of a modified instrument panel an aircraft alternator system and a shortened controlc olumn Issued 3/19/1980
SA976NW Installation of Cessna Model 150 seats modified seat rails on custom made channels and seat belt Issued 8/7/1980
SA99EA Installation of Fram lube oil filter Model PB55-1. Amended 9/11/1967
ST01700NY (1 OF 2) Installation of the following Aerospace Logic aircraft instruments: EGT-100 Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator CHT-100 Cylnder Head Temperature INdicator FL-100 Dual Fuel Level Indicator FP-100 Fuel Pressure and Ammeter Indicator OL-100 Oil Pressure and Temperature Indicator and VA-100 Voltmeter and Ammeter Indicator. Issued 7/8/2003
Fusulage Construction
Airframe Material
Number of Doors
Wing Location
Wing Construction
Wing Rib Material
Wing Skin Material
Aileron Type
Aileron Trim
Aileron Control System
Flap Type
Wing Flap Actuation
Empennage Type
Empennage Rib Material
Empennage Skin Material
Rudder Trim
Yaw Trim Actuator
Yaw Control System
Pitch Trim
Pitch Control System
Pitch Trim Actuator
Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type
Retraction System
Emergency Extension
Ground Steering
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear
Brake Type
Brake Controls
Instrument Panel
Flight Control
Number of Seats
Window Defrost
Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Number of Engines
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Fuel/Air Mechanism
Number of Cylinders
Max HP
Starter System
Propeller Manufacturer
Propeller Model
Number of Blades
Minimum Diameter
Maximum Diameter
Propeller Type
Propeller Governor
Fuel System
Fuel System Type
Approved Fuel Type 1
Approved Fuel Type 2
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G)
Tank Type 1 Location
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G)
Tank Type 2 Location
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G)
Usable Fuel (G)
Oil Capacity (Quarts)
Electrical System
Power Source
Power Storage
System Voltage
Alternator Amp
Battery Voltage
Battery Amp/Hour
Maximum T/O Weight (lbs)
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs)
Standard Empty Weight (lbs)
Useful Load (lbs) 0
Station 1 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs)
Station 2 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 2(lbs)
Station 3 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 3(lbs)
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft)
Vne (KCAS)
Vno (KCAS)
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS)


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