Audries Aircraft Certified

Introducing Audries Aircraft Certified!

Most of our general aircraft data comes from interpolations of data from the web often from places like Wikipedia. Anybody who starts down the road to accumulating this kind of information will invariably discover the non uniformity of the performance data for a specific model of aircraft across the internet. One resource will say one performance spec while another will say another. We are attempting to solve this problem.

Audries Aircraft Certified aircraft are aircraft that our volunteer contributors have personally verified from performance charts found in an aircraft’s POH/AFM/PIH’s. As the user you can have a higher level of confidence in the quality as well as the detail of this data.

With actual POH/AFM/PIH’s on our hands we couldn’t just stop their! We thought what can we do all this data, keeping in line with offering relative, and essential data for the aircraft user. Two new Incredible functionality were added to each page!

  • An Advanced Aircraft Data Sheet- Includes very specific aircraft information, ranging from electrical system specs, to what kind of wing construction and design was used.
  • Using Climb Performance and Cruise Performance data from the POH/AFM/PIH a very powerful Optimum Altitude and Power Setting Fuel Calculator was developed. This is somewhat similar to what is used in the airlines, and it takes into consideration, weight, winds aloft, terrain, start elevation, end elevation, trip distance, onboard fuelcruise power settings, and different climb profiles.

Aircraft with the Audries Aircraft Seal next to the name can be considered certified, meaning all the data on the dedicated aircraft page has been verified and updated in the database.

This small seal is next to the name when looking for a specific aircraft on the manufacturer pages. 

This seal will be seen at the top of specified aircraft page. Audries Certified








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