Welcome to Audries Aircraft Anaylisis. This site aims to be the best source of fuel economy and performance information on General Aviation Aircraft. Whether your just an aviation enthusiast, a flying club member or a serious buyer trying to find the right aircraft for the mission, you’ve come to the right place.

Each aircraft page is broken into three main sections and has beneficial analysis information on the particular aircraft on the page. These powerful tools help to compare how efficient an aircraft is.

  • 1.)Cost Analysis – These are the only numbers truly dependant on the cost of fuel, and actually calculates and compares costs. In the upper right corner is a cost calculator on each page which allows you to put in your own fuel prices to see what happens to aircraft fuel cost. Anypage with Cost Analysis numbers you can change. Enjoy!
  • 2.)Analytic numbers – Useful for comparing what an aircraft can do relative to performance and efficiency, and allows aircraft to be compared apples to apples.

  • 3.) Standard Performance Specifications– Basic performance specs that describe the pictured aircraft.



Current Cost Analysis numbers are based off of

  • Aviation Fuel= 6.00$ Gallon
  • Automotive Fuel= 3.00$ Gallon

Other Tools include-

To do side by side comparisons of of similar aircraft. Click here.

  • They are broken down by Seat Number.
  • Helpful Articles about Speed Mods and overview of energy saving technology.

For a quicker reference to definitions of each metric go here

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