Anaylsis Tools

Understanding the Aircraft Data and what it means to you. 

The following pages and links will help you find what you are looking for in the cost and analytic numbers. For example, for some who are looking for the cheapest way to build time, average fuel burn per hour will be much more helpful than FT or MPG, and vice verse. Some one looking for an aircraft for business purposes might be very interested in those numbers but not so much in the exact fuel burn per hour. Regardless of your purpose there is a wealth of information in the Aircraft Performance Data. These Tools are broken down into:

Retirement CalculatorRetirement Calculator

Specifically designed with the professional pilot in mind. Pilots don’t see standard career earnings like most calculators expect. A professional pilot’s compensation may vary extensively but not unpredictably throughout their career. Pay changes between 1st year – 2nd year, regional – major, and First Officer to Captain are usually marked by large changes in compensation not usually experienced in other professions.

First 50 Aircraft in the Database for the Cessna 140.Aircraft Registration Map

Aircraft Registration mapping by aircraft, city and state. Allows website users interested in the general location a particular type of aircraft or how common its presence is in a particular geographic area to do so.


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