JetBlue Supporting Spreadsheets

The following is the broken down Fleet Projection over the next 8 years for the Airline. After 2020 due to it being so difficult to get any information on aircraft orders that far in advance, the website assumes, 0% growth and 1.4% fleet growth per year (taken from Boeing’s Projections) to represent airline projections. If you would like to contribute to this table please email at audriesaircraftanalysis at gmail, and you will be authorized to contribute. Also feel free to leave comments if you want to contribute but aren’t interested in working with the spreadsheets.

The following table is the current snapshot, of the Number of Pilots, Furlough Count, and individual fleet count. If you would be interested in contributing please email audriesaircraftanalysis at Gmail with your intent and you will be authorized to contribute to these spreadsheets. The hope is to provide an environment where those who want to collaborate on the current numbers can.

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