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Whether your an airline analyst, commuter looking for the easiest commute, planning to use a Zed fare in the near future or a future trip, or any reason in between Market Segment Analysis can help you.

This data is mined from Form 41 data submitted by the airlines themselves.

Airline Analyst or Organization Representatives – These reports provide recent market information by Airline, City, Destination at a price most can afford. These reports contain tracking on load factors, flight completion and general load such as payload, passengers, freight and mail delivered across the domestic system or on a specific route. 
Commuting Pilot– Use these reports to provide a wealth of information about what airlines serve your city, or city pairs you may be interested in commuting on. Some of this information includes the number of departures and historical load factor, allowing you to anticipate and plan for peak times of the years and find lower utilized alternative routes to work and home.
NonRev Traveler – Interested in riding from LAX to Honolulu? Figure out the best time of year to do that by airline. Curious if you could make the trip from a different departure point, no problem. Anyone who has traveled non-rev knows it is nice to have a backup. When knowing the current “loads” is not possible or you are planning just too far ahead, use this data to study how load factors change with time and by airline. In many cases one airline may historically run very tight loads, and another may not. Feel free to print out the reports and take them with you.

These reports contain

  • Route Structure by City ( Contains all domestic airlines that may have served a city, and the number of flights by year and month)
  • Route Structure by Airline (If your curious where an airline flies)
  • Load factor and general completion percentages by airline and city pair.
  • Traffic Carried by Airline, or City.
  • Block Hours spent by month by city pair or just city.

The following are sample reports from Virgin America’s Form 41 Filings

2013- System Statistics Virgin America

2013 – SFO Departures Review Virgin America

2013 – SFO-ORD Statistics Virgin America

The following samples are City specific reports from the combined airlines Form 41 filings for departures from SFO.

2013 SFO City Domestic Departure Statistics

2013-Domestic SFO-ORD Statistics

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