U.S. Pilot Demand Report 2015-2030

By KitDarby.com in partnership with AudriesAircraftAnalysis.com

Airline Pilot Demand Projections

Pilot Demand and projected seniority progression. Like weather forecasts, these projections are just calculated estimates.

Airline Financial and Statistical Analysis (BTS)

Mining public data submitted on a regular basis to Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Airline Pilot Demand Comparisons

Compare airline projected pilot demand.

Airline Regional Codeshare Profiles

The following link will take you to the website’s Airline Regional Code-Share section. In this section you can explore what the Regional Code-share picture looks like.

Airline Pilot Scope

Includes scope cliff notes on American, Delta, and United.

Airline Survey Reports

View combined de-identified survey data for each airline based upon the members surveys. Provides valuable insight into an airlines culture and the quality of life experienced by pilots there.

Retirement Calculator

Built specifically to be customizable by users. Allows users to estimate multiple retirement vehicles and gives flexiblity so that users can customize the report to take into consideration the large salary swings a pilot might experience in their career.

Pilot Salary Projection Calculator

A quick look at how one career path might stack up against an airline. Based off of annual upgrade projections from the website, and a total compensation estimate built off of pay rates and retirement contribution.

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