Airline Analysis Is Going Premium

Audries Aircraft Analysis is taking Airline Analysis to a new level.

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For the last two years there has been one primary author (me) and a couple of dedicated contributors who have helped supply valuable information to build the analysis this website is dedicated to. The original intent of the website was to provide a centralized location where good information could be compiled, analyzed and dispersed. Well informed pilots make rational decisions, and rational decision making by all players is what the airline industry needs more than anything else. It was hoped the information provided by this website would dispel “myths” that often caused poor decision making among some in the industry.

Beyond forums where information is publicly vetted by those brave enough to challenge popular notions it was hoped this site would provide a new level of information and reliability to the passing reader and pilot.

Over time the amount of information this website has begun to track has become staggering. It has gone from a couple of spreadsheet graphs to a website that not only tracks general aviation aircraft performance specs and efficiency but airline pilot demand projections, career progression, regional code-share breakdowns and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics numbers. Even with the amount of automation this website employs it would be impossible for one author to provide the amount of information this website provides on a voluntary basis. As a regional FO I personally do not have the time and resources to continue to undertake such a task.

Having given this background I feel this website makes a valuable maybe even essential contribution to the aviation community and particularly the pilots. So for the last few months I have been slowly developing a plan that will either sink or swim. A portion of the website will remain free to those who register. The registration will allow the website to gather valuable information on the airlines users are currently working for. This information taken in a survey form during registration hopefully will provide helpful insights to most pilots once it has been compiled and the results announced.

The next two levels will be premium and then a free contributor level. By creating a premium level it makes it possible to encourage pilots to participate in aggregating data by joining the free contributor level where they can work in teams to track individual airlines statistics. These contributors will be given access overtime to reports not released to premium viewers.

It is hoped this new structure will provide users that do not have information or cannot share it the ability to view the websites more extensive data for a reasonable monthly fee, while providing pilots who cannot afford the small fee (3$ per month) the ability to participate in the process and build the website in return for analysis.

The pros and cons to this include:


  • Faster update, as multiple contributors update data tables that are quickly incorporated into the websites report.
  • More complete updates
  • Additional Airlines
  • Allows more time and resources to develop better reporting and better airline tracking


  • Some control will be given up as contributor teams will be relied on for specific information about the airlines they are studying


Users can expect this change by the end of the month. Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions or concerns.


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