Airline Aircraft Specific

Emirates Expenses per Fleet Type

Select any of the following links to find expenses by fleet for Emirates . The following aircraft are currently or were at one time reported by Emirates as active. The following links are not inflation adjusted. Users should find the following metrics related to each fleet. Block hour represents ramp to ramp.
  • Flight Operation expenses by Year and Block hour.
    • Pilot Expense
    • Other Flight Personnel Expense
    • Fuel Expenses
    • Oil Expenses
    • Benefits Expense
  • Maintenance expenses by Year and Block hour.
    • Airframe Repairs, Labor, and Materials
    • Engine Repairs, Labor, and Materials
    • Airframe and Engine Overhauls
  • Depreciation
    • Airframes
    • Engines
    • Parts
    • Amortization of Capital Leases
  • Operating Statistics
    • Ramp to Ramp Block hour
    • Fuel Burn per year and by Block hour
    • Departures Performed
    • Days Utilized and Average Block hour per day.

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