There are Four main sections in Aircraft Analysis, including General Aviation Database profiles,  comparison tools, search/ranking tools, and POH/AFM performance calculators.

Aircraft Database FormatGeneral Aviation Database

This section contains individual profiles of the performance characteristics of over 400 aircraft. On these pages you will find fuel cost and efficiency calculators. The calculators even let you compare the efficiency of the pages aircraft model to another aircraft or even a automobile. Note most of this data has been mined from a comparison of multiple sources online, so it should be noted the information is generic.

General Aviation Database

CompareCompare Aircraft

This section is built off of the previous section and is a function that allows you to compare general performance head to head. Also built in is a calculator that allows you to “simulate” a cross-country and compare trip time, fuel burn, and fuel cost between both aircraft.

Compare Aircraft

110811-N-DS193-008Aircraft Search and Rank

The following links will take you to the basic or advanced search. The basic search has less functionality but is complicated. You can search the database with varying options and filters. In addition you can order the results based on certain parameters such as fuel burn, TAS etc. The advanced search function does everything Basic Search does, but more. You can expect to find in the advanced search more parameters, and more order options. You can virtually build a ranking profile on almost any parameter.

By Johan of Flickr

By Johan of Flickr

AFM/POH Optimum Flight Planning Calculator

Unlike the General Profile information, the aircraft in the AFM/POH calculator, contain all of the POH/AFM charted performance data. With this data optimum altitudes, power settings, and airspeeds can be computed off the performance charts, based upon a number of parameters. The calculator will take into account winds aloft profiles, aircraft weight, T/O and LDG density altitude, as well as minimum (terrain) and maximum en-route limitations.

AFM/POH Calculator

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