Aeronca 11BC Chief

Number of Active Aircraft: 93 Active- Map


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Fuel Cost ($):
General Stats:
Seat Capacity: 2
Empty Weight: 790 lbs
Max Weight 1250 lbs
Useful Load: 460 lbs
Engine Name
Engine Number 1
Horsepower 85 HP
Never Exceed Speed: 0 kts
Stall speed: 0 kts
Service Ceiling: 0 ft
Max Fuel 15 Gal
Performance/Efficiency Metrics:
Cruise Speed(75%BHP): 74 kts
GPH (75% BHP): 8.3
MPG (75% BHP) 8.9
Range (75% BHP): 79 nm
Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile 0.34 $
Fuel Cost Per Hour 49.8 $
MPG per 1000 lbs of Payload 4.1
F-T (Speed^2/FuelBurn) 6.6 HP
F-T Payload 3 kts
MPH To HP: 8.7 kts
T/O Roll - T/O over 50 FT OBST 520 ft / 0 ft

SA00079NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K008 on single and multi engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Teledyne Continental reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/31/2012
SA00081NY Installation of Iceman Aviation Supplies Inc. Carburetor Ice Detector. Amended 5/15/2002
SA00232SE Installation of vortex generators on the wings and tail surfaces. Amended 4/12/2005
SA00478CH (PAGE 1) Installation of Cooper Superflite 102 Fabric. Amended 5/10/2012
SA00823SE  );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( Fabrication and Installation of Rainbow Flying Service front and rear wing spars and modified wing ribs Amended 8/8/2006
SA01015SE Installation of eligible Alaska Tire and Rubber Company TSO-C62d Tires as listed in Approved Model List SA01015SE dated November 7 2001 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 10/4/2012
SA01026SE (PAGE 1) Improved fuel gascolator assembly. Amended 12/19/2012
SA01157LA Installation of Electronics International Model FP-5 or FP-5L fuel flow/fuel pressure instrument as a replacement instrument. Reissued 1/20/2005
SA01233SE Manufacture of Alaskan Bushwheel Inc. (ABI) tail wheel and fork assembly per ABI Document ABI-3200B Revision A dated April 28 2005 or later FAA approved revision.  Amended 5/22/2012
SA01240SE (3 OF 5) Installation of secondary voltage indication system Reissued 4/3/2006
SA01765SE Installation of Alaskan Bushwheel Inc (ABI) TSO-C26d wheels Part Number (P/N) ABI-1010. Amended 10/11/2012
SA01988SE (PAGE 1) Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In-Flight Data) MVP-50P.  Issued 4/17/2009
SA02033AT (PAGE 1) Modification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engine breather line. Amended 7/25/2008
SA02110CH (PAGE 1) Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder  Reissued 1/11/2010
SA02212AK (PG 1) Replacement of existing landing and/or taxi light reflector and bulbs with high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems  Amended 5/4/2011
SA02268CH (PAGE 1) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02283SE Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In Flight Data) CGR-30P Reissued 8/27/2013
SA02370AK Option (1) Installation of a replacement main tank fuel valve Reissued 5/13/2010
SA02520AT Installation of M-20 Oil Separator model 600-WP. Issued 5/30/2002
SA02566CH Installation of the Custom Fiberglass Molding Inc. (CFMI) Model 1500 Aircraft Main Landing Gear Skis. Amended 3/6/2009
SA02987CH Installation of the Electroair Electronic Ignition System Amended 7/23/2013
SA10077SC Installation of push-button starter system. Amended 4/26/2005
SA1008WE Installation of Poly-Fiber covering material. Reissued 5/27/2003
SA1057GL Surrendered and incorporated into STC SA00478CH. Surrendered 6/14/2002
SA1350WE Replace existing fabric on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces with fiberglass cloth. Reissued 3/6/1969
SA1351WE (PG 1) Replace existing fabric on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces with Ceconite101 material. (262A Series -12) Amended 8/19/1983
SA150SO Installation of surface fabric attachment clip. Reissued 6/3/1991
SA1626NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics Int l Digital EGT/CHT Instruments and accessories. (201 Series) Amended 3/9/1993
SA19SO Installation of left and/or right auxiliary fuel tank(s). Reissued 6/24/1996
SA2079CE Operation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index and leaded automotive gasoline. Amended 6/23/1992
SA217AL Install L-1650A or L-2000A skis. Issued 1/1/1960
SA2190NM Page 1 Installation of electronics International Digital Volt/Amp Gauges and Accessories. Issued 2/16/1984
SA2350NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Inc digital carburetor/outside air temperature gauges Amended 6/6/1990
SA241CH Install Ceconite 101 fabric. Amended 7/11/2006
SA2683NM Installation of Precise Flight Inc. stand-by vacuum system (SVS) Amended 3/10/2005
SA2687NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Truboplus/ Electronics Int l gauges and switches. Amended 10/25/2000
SA2693NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Electronics International digital volt/amp gauges and accessories. Amended 12/10/2009
SA2710WE Installation of carburetor heat box bearings. Issued 6/15/1973
SA2857SO Installation of Basic Type BPE-14 Model No. 1008 Air Driven alternator. Issued 11/7/1990
SA3-215 Laminated plastic and fiberglass nose cowl D-576P. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-435 Install Continental A-75-8 or A-75-8F engine. Reissued 1/29/1999
SA3-7 Installation of Pee-Kay Model 1500 floats with Edo struts and fittings. Reissued 12/23/1980
SA308EA (1 OF 2) Installation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and single engine helicopters powered by Continental Franklin and Lycoming type engines equipped with Marvel-Schebler MA-2 MA-3 MA-4 MA-4-5 MA-6 and HA-6 series carburetors. (Normal Utility and Acrobatic Category airplanes and helicopters equipped with engines and carburetors as described.) Amended 11/20/1978
SA3358NM Production of aircraft wing ribs as specified in W. N. Kutner s Report #1 STC Request for Wing Ribs.  Reissued 12/5/2008
SA345CE Remove right door. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3829NM Installation of aluminum wing spars in accordance with FAA Approved Drawing List No. 001 Revision C dated March 6 1986 and installation instructions BHM-000 Revision E dated April 21 1987 or later FAA-approved revision. Amended 9/9/2004
SA3862NM Page 1 Installation of Electronics International Primary TIT/EGT/CHT instruments remote switches and associated accessories. Amended 4/25/1988
SA4-1210 Installation of Eonnex cover on aircraft surfaces. Reissued 8/19/1980
SA4-1276 Ceconite 101 covering of complete airplane. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-302 Installation of BN-1 propeller spinner. Reissued 10/30/1985
SA4-369 Lift strut assemblies. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-444 Carburetor and cabin hot air muff with replaceable air inlet and outlet. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-789 McCauley 1B90-CM/7045 propeller on Continental A-65-8 engine. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-840 Fabric replaced with glass cloth on wings fuselage empennage and/or control surfaces. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-99 Fiberglass cloth with resin over muslin applied. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4005NM (PG 1) Installation of Precise Pulselite control unit in landing/taxi system. (HP Jetstream Model 3101 AND SUPER 31) Amended 12/18/2007
SA4302NM (PAGE 1) Installation of Electronics Int l digital automatic engine analyzer. Amended 10/13/1989
SA4503NM Install Ceconite covering material. Reissued 2/25/2011
SA489EA Installation of ARP Inc. carburetor ice detection system Models 107AP (-12 -R-12 -24 and -R-24 series) in single and twin engine aircraft and single engine helicopters powered by Continental Franklin and Lycoming type engines equipped with Precision A ir-Motive (Facet or Marvel-Schebler) MA-2 MA-3 MA-3SPA MA-4 MA-4-5 MA-4SPA MA-5 MA-6 MA-6AA and HA-6 series carburetors. Amended 12/5/2002
SA535AL Fabrication and installation of Stoddard Aero Service wing auxiliary fuel tanks per Stoddard Aero Service Drawing List No. 89 dated February 7 1975 or later Federal Aviation Administration approved revision. Reissued 1/26/2012
SA5755NM Installation of a propeller anti theft device. Issued 8/5/1992
SA57RM Installation of Lycoming O-235-C1 -C1A -C1B -C1C -C2A -C2B -C2C -H2C -K2A -K2B -L2A or L2C series engines. Reissued 7/8/2009
SA5924NM Installation of RPM instrument. Amended 11/24/1997
SA5925NM Installation of oil pressure/temperature instrument. Amended 12/8/1997
SA5926NM Installation of manifold pressure instrument. Amended 8/15/1993
SA593CH (1 OF 5) Install Champion SlickSTART magneto booster system. Reissued 2/10/2009
SA685NW Installation of a Lycoming engine a Sensenich propeller PA18 landing gear and drooped wing tips Issued 11/15/1978
SA733GL Superseded by STC SA01944CH. Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline 87 minimum antiknock index. Surrendered 3/5/2004
SA73CH Installation of Wing Strut Fittings P/N SAR 2-893 or SAR 2-893-1 and stiffeners P/N 2-5009 in accordance with Safe Air Repair Installation Instructions SAR 2-5007 no revisions dated April 30 1993 or later FAA approved revisions. Reissued 4/22/2005
SA7965SW Application of fabric and polyurethane finishing system. Amended 7/15/1994
SA798EA Installation of Monitair exhaust gas combustion monitor kit. Reissued 2/14/1972
SA8075SW (PAGE 1) Installation of fiberglass covering. (M-62 SERIES PT-19) (G-73 SCHWEIZER) Reissued 11/10/2003
SA89AL Installation of auxiliary fuel tanks. Amended 2/7/1975
Fusulage Construction
Airframe Material
Number of Doors
Wing Location
Wing Construction
Wing Rib Material
Wing Skin Material
Aileron Type
Aileron Trim
Aileron Control System
Flap Type
Wing Flap Actuation
Empennage Type
Empennage Rib Material
Empennage Skin Material
Rudder Trim
Yaw Trim Actuator
Yaw Control System
Pitch Trim
Pitch Control System
Pitch Trim Actuator
Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type
Retraction System
Emergency Extension
Ground Steering
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear
Brake Type
Brake Controls
Instrument Panel
Flight Control
Number of Seats
Window Defrost
Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Number of Engines
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Fuel/Air Mechanism
Number of Cylinders
Max HP
Starter System
Propeller Manufacturer
Propeller Model
Number of Blades
Minimum Diameter
Maximum Diameter
Propeller Type
Propeller Governor
Fuel System
Fuel System Type
Approved Fuel Type 1
Approved Fuel Type 2
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G)
Tank Type 1 Location
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G)
Tank Type 2 Location
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G)
Usable Fuel (G)
Oil Capacity (Quarts)
Electrical System
Power Source
Power Storage
System Voltage
Alternator Amp
Battery Voltage
Battery Amp/Hour
Maximum T/O Weight (lbs)
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs)
Standard Empty Weight (lbs)
Useful Load (lbs) 0
Station 1 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs)
Station 2 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 2(lbs)
Station 3 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 3(lbs)
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft)
Vne (KCAS)
Vno (KCAS)
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS)


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