Aero Commander 560E

Number of Active Aircraft: 17 Active- Map


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Fuel Cost ($):
General Stats:
Seat Capacity: 7
Empty Weight: 4300 lbs
Max Weight 6500 lbs
Useful Load: 2200 lbs
Engine Name LYC GO-480-G1B6
Engine Number 2
Horsepower 295 HP
Never Exceed Speed: 0 kts
Stall speed: 0 kts
Service Ceiling: 21500 ft
Max Fuel 223 Gal
Performance/Efficiency Metrics:
Cruise Speed(75%BHP): 184 kts
GPH (75% BHP): 28
MPG (75% BHP) 6.6
Range (75% BHP): 1360 nm
Fuel Cost Per Seat Mile 0.13 $
Fuel Cost Per Hour 168 $
MPG per 1000 lbs of Payload 14.46
F-T (Speed^2/FuelBurn) 12.1 HP
F-T Payload 26.6 kts
MPH To HP: 6.2 kts
T/O Roll - T/O over 50 FT OBST 1160 ft / 1450 ft

SA00024NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K007 on single or multi-engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Lycoming reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/3/2012
SA00026WI New nose wheel spacer. Issued 2/9/1993
SA00035SE Installation of wing front lower spar cap replacement and reinforcement kit. Issued 11/11/1993
SA00042WI Installation of a nacelle mounted electrical fuel boost pump system. Issued 3/4/1993
SA00047DE Installation of copilot left front passenger right front passenger bulb windows. (S/N 3083) Reissued 6/21/2012
SA00051WI New nose landing gear scissor fitting. Issued 3/26/1993
SA00061LA Installation of JPI digital tachometer. Amended 1/12/1996
SA00068SE (PAGE 1) Installation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1) Amended 10/20/2010
SA00079NY Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K008 on single and multi engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Teledyne Continental reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Amended 10/31/2012
SA00105SE Modify Flap Pulleys. Reissued 6/17/1999
SA00111WI New main landing gear scissor fittings. Issued 10/28/1993
SA00148WI Installation of T.K.S. Ice Protection System  Issued 4/4/1994
SA00161BO (2 OF 3 Installation of Avidyne Corporation FlightMax 700-00007-( ) EX500 Multi-Function Display.  Amended 2/8/2005 0:00
SA00169SE Install Lycoming IO-540-M1C5 engine and Hartzell HC-C3YR-2UF/FC8468()-6R propeller. Amended 6/2/2000
SA00243BO (3 OF 5) Installation of Centurion Consulting Inc. GPS Steering Assist Module (SAM) with roll steering (p/n 0025-5100) or without roll steering (p/n 0025-5200). Amended 7/21/2011
SA00269BO (2 OF 3) Installation of Avidyne Corporation TWX 670 Tactical Weather Detection System P/N 850-00026-000-( ) consisting of Avidyne Processor P/N 700-00033-000-( ) Sensor Systems Inc. Antenna P/N S72-1715-1 with doubler plate P/N S72-171530-1 and Avidyne Mounting Tray P/N 700-00034-000. Reissued 4/9/2010
SA00281BO Installation of Avidyne Corporation MLX770 MultiLink Broadcast Transceiver P/N 700-00163-( ) Sensor Systems Inc. Antenna P/N S67-1575-109 or equivalent and optional Avidyne Mounting Tray P/N 700-00165-000 Amended 4/24/2012
SA00290BO ( PAGE3) Installation of Avidyne Corporation Part Number 700-00167-XXX Multi-Function Display and Mounting Tray Assembly Part Number 700-00168-XXX Reissued 7/1/2010 0:00
SA00333NY Installation of alternator system. (S/N 500A-1141-61) Issued 5/16/1995
SA00387SE Modification of the existing fuel system to increase its capacity by the installation of additional fuel tanks and associated hardware Issued 11/12/1996
SA00529SE Modification inspection and repair of the wing to fuselage attachment straps wing leading edge close outs and wing station 24.0 ribs. Amended 11/17/1998
SA00680SE (5 OF 6 Installation of Electronics International model UBG-16 or UBG-16T bar graph engine analyzer.  Reissued 7/8/2005
SA00695SE Replacement of certain Rotomaster and Rayjay scavenge pumps Amended 2/14/2003
SA00729SE Installation of twin temperature indicating system with fuel flow in accordance with J.P. Instruments (JPI) Installation manual Report No. 760 Revision - dated 7/20/99 or later FAA approved revision. Amended 11/30/2005
SA00769CH Installation of Champion Limited Authority Spark Advance Regulator (LASARTM) ignition system with Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) monitoring capability on airframes with FAA approved installations of Textron Lycoming model IO-540 AEIO-540 and HIO-540 engines. Reissued 2/10/2009
SA00794CH Replace Twin Commander fuel cap assembly with Shaw Aero Devices Fuel Cap (P/N 416-50) and adapter (P/N 416-938). Amended 8/10/2009
SA00804SE Installation of an engine failure indicator system also referred to as a low Thrust Detector system.  Amended 7/16/2000
SA00812NY Installation of Technisonic Industries Limited TFM-138 A and B (does not include TFM-138 s/n 1540 and up TFM-138B s/n 1500 and up). Amended 9/12/2005
SA00874WI Installation of elevator and rudder trim actuator. Issued 4/18/2000
SA00944CH Replace Janitrol/JanAero Combustion Heater Model 81D94-X (XX) with C&D Associates Combustion Heater Model CD45K either P/N RA-81D94-3 or P/N CD81D94-3. (95-B55 S/N TC-1658 and up E55 S/N TE-959 TE-968 and up 58 S/N TH-437 and up) Amended 6/20/2000
SA01085LA (PAGE 2) Installation of the VNS 1000 Voice Navigation System. Reissued 4/26/2010
SA01105SE Installation of two (2) Hartzell Model HC-B3Z20-2A/10151(B)-8(R) or two (2) HC-93Z20-2C/10151(B)-8(R) propellers on the above model aircraft per James Metzger Amended 6/24/2004
SA01142SE Installation of the Merlyn Products Inc. Model 290 or 300 Turbocharger system  Amended 9/24/2012
SA01157LA Installation of Electronics International Model FP-5 or FP-5L fuel flow/fuel pressure instrument as a replacement instrument. Reissued 1/20/2005
SA01170NY Installation of NPX138N-XXX FM Transceiver. Amended 1/17/2007
SA01212SE Manufacture of Merlyn 320 Turbo Twin Commander Conversion Kit  Amended 7/2/2013
SA01222SE Modification of the existing fuel system to increase its capacity Amended 5/20/2008
SA01229SE Page 2 Installation of CNX80 GPS WAAS Navigator with integrated VHF Navigation and Communication radios. Amended 6/27/2007
SA01240SE (1 OF 5) Installation of secondary voltage indication system Reissued 4/3/2006 0:00
SA01314WI Replace the original equipment oil temperature oil pressure and fuel pressure 3-in-1 gauges and dual cylinder head temperature gauge with oil temperature oil pressure and cylinder head temperature 3-in-1 gauges and dual fuel pressure gauge. Issued 4/1/2005
SA01384CH Installation of various de-icer harnesses. Issued 1/30/2001
SA01435DE Installation of engines modified with a Firewall Forward Technologies LLC modified camshaft into aircraft listed on the AML per Firewall Forward Technologies LLC Installation Instructions FFT-INI-001-AFR Rev. - dated 02/06/03 or later FAA approved revision. This installation must be done concurrently with STC SE01436DE which installs the modified camshaft to the engine.  Reissued 5/25/2011
SA01444AT Installation of an Enviro Systems AirConditioner. Amended 6/10/1999
SA01473SE (4 OF 5) Installation of a GTX 32 (mode C) GTX 33 (mode S) or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) Remote Transponde Amended 5/21/2008
SA01487SE-D (Page 2) Installation of a GDL 69 or GDL 69A XM Satellite Receiver Amended 5/4/2012
SA01660CH Remove Janitrol P/N C15C54 or Twin Commander P/N 88035-5 combustion heater and install C & D Associates Model CD35K heater kit 10 P/N 12043K10. Issued 6/24/2002
SA01669CH Installation of Challenger Reusable Air Filter Amended 6/21/2012
SA01677AT Installation of Electrosystems 90 Amp Alternators. Amended 1/25/1999
SA01692SE (Page 2 of 2) Installation of a Garmin GMX 200 Multi-Function Display Reissued 10/3/2012
SA01695SE (5 OF 5) Installation of an antenna Amended 2/15/2007
SA01714WI (Page 2) Installation of a Garmin GTX 330/330D/33/33D with ADS-B Out functionality Issued 5/1/2013
SA01754SE Installation of the Merlyn Products Inc. remote oil filter Issued 4/19/2007
SA01787AT Installation of Brake and Rudder pedal extension. Issued 1/15/1999
SA01788AT Installation of Windshield sunscreens for pilot and copilot. Issued 1/15/1999
SA01789AT Installation of pilot and copilot frameless vent windows. Issued 1/15/1999
SA01790AT Installation of Split Engine Bowl. Issued 1/15/1999
SA01791AT Installation of Tinted Passenger Windows. Issued 1/15/1999
SA01792SE Installation of the Hartzell HC-C3YR-2UF/FC8468(A)(B K)-6R propeller and the Hartzell C-3258 (P) spinner assembly Issued 9/25/2007
SA01800SE (PG 4) Fabrication and installation of new or replacement of existing instrument panel lights dimmer control.  Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01820AT Installation of Exhaust Deflectors. Issued 2/19/1999
SA01828SE Installation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) EDM-960 Primary Engine Data Management System Reissued 5/12/2011
SA01841SE Installation of Teledyne Continental engines modified. Issued 5/12/2008
SA01861SE (PAGE 3)  Fabrication and installation of Landing Light Controller Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01861SE (PAGE 5)  Fabrication and installation of Landing Light Controller Reissued 12/1/2011
SA01933LA-D Page 2 Installation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES ( System Amended 4/1/2013
SA01933LA (5 OF 5)  Installation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation System Amended 11/6/2006 0:00
SA01956AT-D Installation of replacement fuel cell assemblies Reissued 5/5/2009
SA01988SE (PAGE 4) Installation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In-Flight Data) MVP-50P.  Issued 4/17/2009 0:00
SA02005NY Installation of SMR Technologies pneumatic deicer models. Amended 2/3/2006
SA02013CH Installation of a Royal International Model 9900BX Traffic Advisory System (TAS). Amended 5/2/2011
SA02013SE Modification of the fuel system structures and engine installation  Issued 7/27/2009
SA02018SE-D (PAGE 2) Provisions installation of Garmin GPS/XM Antennas in accordance with FAA Approved Model List (AML) SA02018SE-D dated January 4 2011 or later FAA approved revision and FAA Approved GPS/XM Antenna STC Master Drawing List Document No.: 005-00638-01 Revision 1 Issued 1/4/2011 0:00
SA02019SE-D Page 2 Installation of Garmin GTN 6XX/7XX Navigation System Amended 12/19/2012
SA02033AT (PAGE 5) Modification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engine breather line (47J series w stc s SH4-235SW SH4-826SW or SH479SW) Amended 7/25/2008 0:00
SA02110CH (PAGE 4) Installation of a Time Trac Data Recorder  Reissued 1/11/2010
SA02119SE Page 2 Installation of Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B UAT Transceiver System Issued 12/28/2012
SA02153LA-D (Page 2) Installation of Garmin G600 Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) System Amended 12/16/2013
SA02154AK (PAGE 2) Installation of the UPS Aviation Technologies Inc. Apollo MX20 multi-function display P/N 430-0270-500. Amended 1/12/2005 0:00
SA02203AK (PAGE 2)  Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV). Amended 12/21/2011
SA02212AK (PG 4) Replacement of existing landing and/or taxi light reflector and bulbs with high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems. Amended 5/4/2011
SA02217AK (3 OF 5 Installation of Garmin AT Model GDL90 UAT Data Link System in accordance with Garmin AT Inc. GDL 90 UAT Master Data List P/N 560-0278-01 Revision A dated November 12 2004 or later FAA approved revision.  Amended 12/1/2004 0:00
SA02265SE Installation of a camera housing Amended 11/1/2013
SA02268CH (PAGE 5) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02268CH (PAGE 6) Installation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil Separator Amended 8/28/2011
SA02293AK (2 OF 3) Installation of FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS-SV). Reissued 1/11/2010
SA02532AT Installation of subject Michelin tires on appropriate aircraft. For Michelin 5 6 8 and 10-inch rim diameter tires on General Aviation Aircraft. Issued 6/5/2002
SA02547AT (PG 3) Installation of a Voice Alert System. Amended 8/28/2007 0:00
SA02655AT (2 OF 2) Installation of JAARS Model F5K Automatic Flight Following System (AFFS) in Helio H-295 type aircraft. Amended 9/1/2004 0:00
SA02717NY Installation of VoiceFlight Systems LLC VFS101 Speech Recognition Module Amended 1/9/2012
SA02738CH (PAGE 3) Installation of L-3 Communications Avionics Systems Amended 5/7/2010
SA03148NY ( PAGE 1 OF 2) The installation of the Latitude Technologies Corporation S100 Tracking System Issued 9/26/2012
SA09162AC-D Installation of S-TEC System 40/50 single and two axis automatic flight guidance systems Model ST-634-40/50. Amended 9/6/1996
SA09164AC-D Installation of S-TEC System 65 two axis automatic flight guidance system Model ST-528. Issued 8/8/1996
SA09165AC-D Installation of S-TEC yaw damper system Model ST-529. Issued 9/18/1996
SA09530AC-D Installation of S-TEC System 55X Two-Axis Automatic Flight Guidance System Model ST-904. Eligibility limited to model 500S serial number 01755 through 03305. Also eligible when modified per STC SA585SW (extended nose). Issued 9/20/2002
SA1-142 Modified ARC A13-B antenna. Issued 
SA1-143 Installation of Chamberlain 2001X series radome kits. Reissued 7/6/2005
SA1-342 Oil-free vacuum pump. Issued 
SA1-385 Installation of BFGoodrich lightweight reservoir type pneumatic de-icing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1-445 ARC Type A13-B VHF navigational antenna on vertical fin. Amended 
SA1-455 ANC-3A computer and ANC-C2 or ANC-D2 controller in conjunction with Lear L2C autopilot. Amended 
SA1-520 Electrothermal propeller deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1-525 ARC A13-B antenna on vertical fin with rotating beacon. Amended 
SA1-541 Electrothermal propeller deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1-555 ANC-3A computer and ANC-C2 or ANC-D2 controller. Amended 1/1/1960
SA1-606 Installation of electrothermal propeller deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1-607 Electrothermal propeller deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1-624 Oxygen system. Amended 1/1/1960
SA1-64 Federal F-400 autopilot. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1-652 Dry vacuum pump and instrument vacuum system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1-92 Fuselage to accommodate aerial photographic equipment. Issued 1/1/1961
SA1-93 RCA AVQ-50 radar equipment and AVQ-50 antenna mounting bracket. Issued 1/1/1961
SA1007NW Installation of a low thrust detector system. Reissued 3/6/1998
SA1017EA Installation of vertical tail floodlights. (680-F INCLUDES PRESSURIZED VERSIONS) Amended 10/29/1984
SA101GL Installation of Collins AP-107 autopilot. Reissued 2/11/1976
SA10236SC (3 OF 4) Installation of a GDC 31 Roll Steering Converter  Amended 3/22/2011
SA102EA Pump type pneumatic deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1064SW Wild RC-8 aerial survey camera. Issued 8/8/1969
SA10682SC Installation of alternator and voltage regulator Reissued 11/16/2007
SA1072SW Universal camera. Issued 1/1/1961
SA10822SC Installation of EFD1000 Primary Flight Display Amended 9/29/2009
SA11137SC Installation of Plane-Power ALT-FLX alternator Reissued 5/10/2013
SA111RM Modify exhaust stacks by installing straight slip joint. Issued 3/27/1978
SA1122SW Dual cameras and navigation sights. Issued 1/1/1961
SA1125SW Aerial survey camera and navigation. Issued 3/2/1970
SA1135SW Modification of fuselage for installation of Bendix ANA-12 doppler antenna. Issued 3/30/1970
SA1138SW Fiberglass tail cone. Issued 4/8/1970
SA114CE Windshield anti-ice system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1158GL Replace standard wing tip assembly with winglet tip assembly. Reissued 9/13/1999
SA115EA Pump type pneumatic deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1182SW Dual camera and navigation sight. Issued 8/19/1970
SA118CE Installation of a Woodward propeller unfeathering system. Reissued 3/20/1992
SA120CE Windshield anti-ice system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1315WE Installation of Mixture Monitor (exhaust gas temperature probe gage and selector) in accordance with Delta Products Part Lists A-192 and A-193 or in accordance with Tri-Star Corporation Mixture Monitor Installation Instructions dated December 9 1981 or later FAA approved revision and/or Drawing List MM-127 dated November 15 1981 or later FAA approved revision in aircraft models listed in Master Eligibility List P-80-A-6 revised March 29 1968 copy attached or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 4/15/2011
SA132EA Install electrothermal propeller deicing system. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA1332SW Modify fuselage for camera and navigation sight. Issued 6/24/1971
SA133CE Installation of windshield wiper. Reissued 1/31/1997
SA1359GL Install winglet wingtips. Reissued 9/13/1999
SA135EA Installation of engine exhaust combustion monitor. Reissued 2/14/1972
SA136SO Installation of Turbosupercharged GO-480-D1A engines.  Reissued 6/26/2006
SA137CE Lower window line in cabin area. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1393SW Mitchell automatic flight system FD/AP282-353 consisting of flight director/autopilot with automatic command trim system. Reissued 7/10/1984
SA1394SW Mitchell automatic flight system Model AK353 consisting of Century III autopilot with optional auto- matic/command trim radio coupler glide slope coupler. Reissued 7/10/1984
SA13WE M-4 autopilot. Amended 2/24/1967
SA1445SW Modification of Mitchell automatic flight system AK221 installed per STC SA680SW. Reissued 7/13/2012
SA1454WE Installation of Brittain Model B-4A flight control system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1457GL Installation of a Cleveland nose wheel. Issued 3/15/1990
SA1566GL Installation of flap gap wing fairings. Reissued 9/13/1999
SA1580WE Installation of Brittain Model B-5 flight control system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1626NM Page 2 Installation of Electronics Int l Digital EGT/CHT Instruments and accessories. (201 Series) Amended 3/9/1993
SA1629CE Installation of Avcon stretcher. Reissued 8/21/1990
SA1662SW Installation of outboard fuel system. Reissued 9/4/1992
SA166WE Removal of main cabin door and hinge pins. Issued 1/1/1960
SA1675WE Installation of exhaust gas temperature monitoring systems EGT-2. Amended 8/28/1974
SA1686WE Installation of Vibration Isolation Products (VIP) engine mount P/Ns VIP 50525-1 and VIP 50545-1 on various aircraft as shown on FAA Approved Model List (AML) No. SA1686WE. Amended 10/17/2002
SA168CE Twin engine synchronizer. Reissued 4/30/2007
SA1847WE Installation of Brittain Up-Command Signal Adapter Kit. Reissued 10/20/1972
SA1904WE Installation of Vibration Isolation Products (VIP) engine mount P/N VIP-50804-10 on various aircraft as shown on FAA Approved Model List (AML) No. SA1904WE. Amended 10/17/2002
SA193SO Installation of turbocharged Lycoming GO-480-C1B6 or GO-480-G1B6 engines per STC SE124SO. Reissued 6/26/2006
SA1966WE Removal of main cabin door. (Mr. Biljanic contacted AFS-610 1/16/97. Said he is no longer in the business and wishes this STC to revert to public domain. Contact FAA s office in Long Beach for further info) Issued 1/1/1960
SA1971WE Installation of Model ARB-3 Automatic Downed Aircraft Marker( ADAM ). Amended 11/21/1969
SA199SW Four auxiliary fuel cells in each outer wing panel between wing stations 127 and 163. Issued 1/1/1960
SA2-22 Install 2 each 3/8 O.D. lines from LH nacelle to RH firewall. Reissued 8/31/2000
SA2-26 Installed 3/8 O.D. line from RH propeller governor pad on RH engine to LH propeller pad on LH engine. Reissued 8/31/2000
SA2-318 Installation of Goodyear brake 9530303 and related equipment. Reissued 8/31/2000
SA2-67 Install Eclipse Pioneer fuel flow indicating system. Reissued 8/31/2000
SA2-75 Revised and installed new electrical components. Reissued 8/31/2000
SA2-89 Installation of Lycoming GO-480-C1D6 engines and Hartzell HC 83X20-2C/8833-2 propellers. Reissued 8/31/2000
SA20GL Installation of Woodward Type II electronic propeller synchronizer or synchrophaser system. (G-44A MODIFIED COLEMILL - STC 2-13) (500-A modified - Colemill STC SA340SO) Reissued 4/30/2007
SA2113CE Installation of single Gill G-24724-volt battery as a replacement for original dual 12-volt batteries. Amended 11/17/1987
SA2114CE Installation of Electro Delta VR300-28-50 Central Air Charter VR-0015 or Central Air Charter GR2850VI voltage regulator as a replacement for original Delco Remy 1119656 voltage regulator. Amended 9/2/1988
SA2186CE Install passenger compartment cargo restraint system and baggage compartment cargo restraint system. Amended 7/16/1990
SA2240CE Replacement of dual 50-amp generator system with dual 50-amp Prestolite alternator system. Issued 3/30/1987
SA2279WE Removal of main cabin door. Issued 11/23/1970
SA2303CE Install cargo restraint and cargo provisions. Issued 11/10/1987
SA2478SW Installation of Lycoming IO-720- B1B engine and increase take-off and landing weight to 7800 lbs. Reissued 4/16/2008
SA250CE Installation of Woodward electronic propeller synchraphaser system. Reissued 4/30/2007
SA2557NM (1 OF 2) Installation of KS Avionics EGT/CHT-2( ) combined exhaust gas and cylinder head temperature monitoring system. Amended 2/22/2007
SA256WE Control wheel replacement. Issued 1/1/1960
SA2573CE Install wing and tail leading edge anti-icing shoes. Amended 5/7/1992
SA257CE Installation of turbocharged Lycoming engines Model IO-540-A1A5 with Hartzell HC-A3VK-2/V7636D propellers. Reissued 7/3/2006
SA2586NM (PAGE 3) Installation of J.P. Instruments temperature monitoring systems. Amended 7/20/2008 0:00
SA258SW Camera and camera view finder opening in main cabin floor of 30-inch x 39-inch maximum dimension. Issued 6/5/1970
SA2604CE Install passenger compartment and baggage compartment cargo restraint system. Issued 4/5/1990
SA260SW Installation of a Protective Device in the ground side of the Battery and External Power relays Reissued 11/12/2009
SA2624CE Installation of GR2850V1 voltage regulator. Issued 5/23/1990
SA265EA Installation of Chamberlain radome kit #2001K-B for use with Bendix radar RDR-100 or RDR-110. Amended 3/11/1970
SA2691WE Installation of Lycoming IO-720-B1B or  Reissued 4/16/2008
SA2796CE Limit maximum weight to 6000 pounds. Data required: (1) FAA approved Airplane Fliht Manual Supplement dated February 20 1992 or later FAA approved revision. (2) Placard on the pilot s instrument panel near the top center of hte panel stating Airplane Maxium Weight - 6000 Pounds.  Issued 2/20/1992
SA2826SW Installation of auxiliary fuel tank according to Report No. MDL 60700 Master Drawing List revised 7/27/78 or later FAA approved revision. );INSERT INTO stc_table VALUES (  Reissued 12/30/2004
SA2827CE Installation of an aircraft voice recorder. Issued 4/29/1992
SA2844CE (1 OF 2) Installation of a plastic cap enclosure over the anti-collision strobe light system. Issued 7/29/1992
SA2903SW Installation of wing flap gap seals. Amended 2/7/1995
SA29SW Auxiliary outboard fuel tank. Amended 4/23/2002
SA3-118 Installation of A.R.C. type A-13B navigational antenna. Reissued 6/22/1983
SA3-259 Collins glide slope VOR navigation and VHF communications antenna Aircraft Radio Corp. ADF antenna and Grimes rotating beacons. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-406 Installation of AVQ-50 radar. Reissued 5/27/1983
SA3-525 37R-2 antenna. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3-721 Cabin temperature control system with Janitrol S-25 heater. Issued 1/1/1960
SA300CE Installation of Woodward propeller governors on single and twin engine aircraft. (PA-31-325 modified per Colemill STC SA 970SO) Amended 5/14/1992
SA303GL Install Cleveland conversion kit No. 199-74 on models which use MIL-H-5606 brake fluid (red oil) or install conversion kit No. 199-74A on models which use Skydrol brake fluid (nonpetroleum base). Reissued 10/28/1980
SA308EA (1 OF 2) Installation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and single engine helicopters powered by Continental Franklin and Lycoming type engines equipped with Marvel-Schebler MA-2 MA-3 MA-4 MA-4-5 MA-6 and HA-6 series carburetors. (Normal Utility and Acrobatic Category airplanes and helicopters equipped with engines and carburetors as described.) Amended 11/20/1978
SA30CE 210405 governor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3142SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK600 consisting of Century IV autopilot or Model AK600FD consisting of Century IV flight director autopilot with optional remote annunciator. Reissued 6/6/1984
SA3143SW-D Installation of Century automatic flight system. Amended 9/12/1997
SA315SO Nose weather radar and radome. Issued 1/1/1960
SA321EA Install wheels P/N 301174 P/N s2-993 and/or 2-1107. Reissued 9/4/1974
SA3335NM Cockpit Sun Visor installation in accordance with FAA approved Rosen Drawing List Number RAC-00DL dated January 7 1986 or later FAA approved revision. Reissued 3/24/2003
SA3392SW-D Mitchell automatic flight system AK890 consisting of Century IIB autopilot. Reissued 8/24/1983
SA340SO Continental IO-520E engines and Hartzell 3-bladed propellers. Issued 1/1/1960
SA3476WE Replacement installation of tail cone assembly. Reissued 12/7/1988
SA3492WE Replacement installation of vertical tip assembly. Amended 2/7/1995
SA3516WE Installation of cockpit overhead windows. Amended 2/7/1995
SA366SO Gross weight increased to 6530 pounds. Reissued 2/10/2011
SA3867WE Installation of Model CFS-2000 -2001 or FT-200 fuel indicating system. Reissued 1/30/1998
SA38CE B21043 governor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA396SW Automatic pilot AK118 lateral guidance radio coupler AK123 and pitch trim AD135. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1234 Installation of electrical low fuel warning device to indicate last 25 gallons of useable fuel in main (center) tank. Reissued 3/10/2009
SA4-1309 L-2C autopilot. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1382 L2-C autopilot. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1414 Autopilot. Reissued 10/1/1973
SA4-1442 Installation of collins AF-102 Autopilot. Reissued 11/18/1999
SA4-1579 Aerofilter 30690B full flow lube oil filter with element 1A0286. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-1655 Outer wing non-icing fuel tank vent fairings. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-443 Fiberglas wing tips. Reissued 11/4/1970
SA4-447 Fiberglass wing tips. Reissued 11/4/1970
SA4-454 Installation of fiberglass vertical stabilizer cap in lieu of metal repositioning of rotating beacon mounting to leading edge reduction of length of the two spar extensions to facilitate VHF antenna installation inside stabilizer cap area. Reissued 11/4/1970
SA4-455 Hamilton Standard governors IM12-G5. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-777 Aerofilter 30409A-12 or full flow filter 30409A with element 1A0235. Issued 1/1/1960
SA4-904 Installation of mufflers and modification of carburetor heat system. Reissued 11/4/1970
SA4-989 Aerofiter 30690B full flow lube oil filter with element 1A0286. Issued 1/1/1960
SA404CE Installation of Hoskins supplemental position light system which includes Model A wing tip lights and Model D or K(dual) tail light. Reissued 9/30/2011
SA4219WE Installation of DTL-1000 -1001 and/or -1002/3 autopilot adapters for the Edo-Aire Mitchell Century III autopilot. Issued 9/2/1980
SA4321NM Installation of an oil filter filter base and mounting plate on the firewalls of those airplanes listed on AML No SA4321NM that are equipped with an FAA approved Continental model IO-470 engine installation which has been modified by the installation of an external mounted full flow oil adapter and spin-on oil filter Reissued 7/30/1993
SA4325WE Installation of aft fuselage ballast. Issued 4/21/1981
SA447SO Installation of Bendix Model FCS810 flight control system including manual electric trim and flight director indicator DH 841( ). Amended 6/17/1976
SA454SW Installation of windshield alcohol system. Reissued 9/4/1992
SA458EA Installation of nose cap radome kit No. 3066X-R. Amended 4/1/1983
SA459EA Conversion to Model 500B. Issued 1/1/1960
SA476WE Nacelle mounted fuel booster pump. Reissued 11/4/1970
SA489EA Installation of ARP Inc. carburetor ice detection system Models 107AP (-12 -R-12 -24 and -R-24 series) in single and twin engine aircraft and single engine helicopters powered by Continental Franklin and Lycoming type engines equipped with Precision A ir-Motive (Facet or Marvel-Schebler) MA-2 MA-3 MA-3SPA MA-4 MA-4-5 MA-4SPA MA-5 MA-6 MA-6AA and HA-6 series carburetors. Amended 12/5/2002
SA491EA Incorporation of B.F. Goodrich ice protection systems. Reissued 3/1/1996
SA50CE C210310 governor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA5159NM (1 OF 2) Installation of chip detector system. Amended 11/6/1992
SA51CE C210403 governor. Issued 1/1/1960
SA527EA Installation of Collier Model 1AC internally mounted ADF sense antenna. Amended 11/21/1968
SA529WE Installation of turbosupercharged Lycoming IO-540 series engines.  Reissued 4/16/2008
SA559SW Installation of an RMK-A-15/23 aerial survey camera. Reissued 5/9/2012
SA5656NM Installation of burglar alarm system. Reissued 7/21/1993
SA5656NM (PAGE 1) Installation of burglar alarm system. Reissued 7/21/1993
SA584WE Installation of oil filter assemblies. Reissued 8/29/1974
SA585SW Installation of Nose Cone. Reissued 12/7/1988
SA589WE Full flow oil filter F-94056 and F-94056-12 with element E-3560 MEL 800. Reissued 10/5/1976
SA5924NM Installation of RPM instrument. Amended 11/24/1997
SA5925NM Installation of oil pressure/temperature instrument. Amended 12/8/1997
SA5926NM Installation of manifold pressure instrument. Amended 8/15/1993
SA593CH (4 OF 5) Install Champion SlickSTART magneto booster system. Reissued 2/10/2009 0:00
SA5969NM Installation of Lycoming TIO-540- J2B(d) engine Hartzell HC-C3YR-2UF/FC8468D-6R or HC-C4YR-2/ FC6660 propeller and optional Merlyn Products MPI 98-1005-519 turbocharger. Amended 12/13/1996
SA599SO Installation of camera opening in fuselage and reinstall seats. Reissued 1/17/1992
SA610NE Installation of Safeway deicer boot. Amended 1/31/1991
SA615EA (PAGE 1) Installation of Whelen Anti-Collision Strobe Light Systems Part Number 01-0770006-( ) 01-0770028-( ) 01-0770029-( ) 01-0770062-( ) 01-0770900-( ) and 01-0771055-( ) as replacement for originally installed anti-collision lights. Reissued 7/6/2010
SA630WE Installation of oil filter assemblies. (NAVION A AND B with optional engine) Reissued 8/29/1974
SA666SW Forward cabin door installation. Reissued 4/14/2006
SA66GL Install Collins AP-106 autopilot consisting of Collins 913K-1 two each 334C-9 (662-0964-001 -002) 334C-6 (622-0965-002) 590A-6 614E-1 339T-1 161H-1 590B-3 and 390B-18 units. Reissued 2/11/1976
SA680SW Installation of Mitchell automatic flight system model AK221 consisting of Century III autopilot with optional automatic pitch trim radio coupler and glide slope coupler. Reissued 6/25/1984
SA683WE Installation of turbocharged Continental IO-470-M engines in accordance with FAA Sealed Roto- Master (Rajay) Drawing List No. RJ2050 or later FAA approved revision.  Reissued 7/3/2006
SA688NE Installation of Safeway Model 6900 deicer boot. Amended 1/31/1991
SA706GL Install Cleveland conversion kit P/N 199-122 (for aircraft using MIL-H05606 brake fluid) or199-122A (for aircraft using Skydrol brake fluid). Amended 4/28/1988
SA70CE Federal F-500 automatic pilot. Issued 1/1/1960
SA7164SW-D Installation of S-TEC System 65 two axis automatic flight guidance system Model ST-101. Reissued 11/8/1989
SA7174SW-D Installation of S-TEC System 60 two axis automatic flight guidance system Model ST-102 with optional autotrim system. Reissued 3/30/1990
SA7183SW-D Installation of S-TEC System 60 Single Axis Automatic Flight Guidance System Model ST-103. Issued 8/1/1988
SA7186SW-D Installation of S-TEC System 40/50 Single and Two Axis Automatic Flight Guidance Systems Model ST-104-40/50. Reissued 7/1/1991
SA7187SW-D Installation of S-TEC Manual Electric Trim System Model ST-129. Amended 6/26/1995
SA71GL Installation of air filters Reissued 6/20/2000
SA7224SW-D Installation of S-TEC system 60 pitch stabilization system Model ST-326. Issued 7/23/1990
SA798EA Installation of Monitair exhaust gas combustion monitor kit. Reissued 2/14/1972
SA798SW Radome nose extension. Reissued 3/8/2000
SA800EA (PAGE 1) Installation of Aviation White Anti-Collision Strobe Lights. Whelen Models A429 A430 A434 A450 A408 (white) A408R/W or A47OR/W (red/white) A500 A625 or A650 and associated power supplies or Model SA strobe light system. Amended 7/6/2010
SA802SW Bendix M4-B/C autopilot flight control system. Issued 1/1/1960
SA812NW Modification consists of moving the mounting of the roll-servo from fuselage station 71.0 to 180.5 and moving the mounting of the pitch servo from station 85.40 to station 233 Issued 7/25/1979
SA838SW Installation of Mitchell glide slope coupler Model 1C493. Reissued 6/29/1984
SA8453SW Replace the o-ring seals in the landing gear lower strut. Reissued 2/26/2007
SA8475SW Installation of a paralleling relay P/N EQ2500. Reissued 5/12/1998
SA84SW Automatic pilot. Issued 1/1/1960
SA854EA Installation of Radome Kit No. 4022KX. Amended 12/16/1976
SA8597SW Installation of P/N DF062-507 upper center fuel tank bladder cells as a replacement for original bladder P/N 5630062-507. Reissued 7/31/2002
SA863SW Modified instrument panel. Reissued 2/14/1975
SA8705SW Installation of R25V0N Alternator Control Unit or R2510N Alternator Control Unit or V2510A Over Voltage Sensor. Amended 6/21/1996
SA8922SW Installation of replacement Ultimate Engine Oil Filter for Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental engines. (411 S/N 000 THRU 0126 S/N 0127 AND UP) (T188C S/N 03474 AND UP) (206 S/N 05030 AND UP) (207 S/N 05227 AND UP) (T207 S/N 05227 AND UP) (P21 0 SERIES S/N 278 AND UP) (180 S/N 53087 AND UP) (210 S/N 63373 - 63375 AND UP) (B19 SPORT) Issued 7/21/1994
SA90CE Installation of Hoskins Supple- mental Model A or B high intensity wing tip lights Model C tail light with or without Models 1 or 2 high intensity fuselage lights. Reissued 9/30/2011
SA917EA Installation of Grimes aviation white anti-collision strobe light system two light or three light series 555 for wing tips and tail P/N 30-0555-( ). Reissued 6/4/2007
SA92EA Install wheels P/N s 3-1112 and/or311-58 and P/N s 2-878 and/or2-971 and/or 2-1087. Reissued 9/4/1974
SA973SW Auxiliary outboard wing tanks. Issued 1/1/1960
SE01840AT Installation of Naceele Mounted Recognition Lights. Reissued 1/18/2000
SR02088SE Installation of Hartzell PHC-C3YF-2UF/FC8468D( )-8R propellers and C-3567-4P spinners Issued 9/8/2010
ST01085LA (PAGE 2) Installation of the VNS 1000 Voice Navigation System. Reissued 4/26/2010
ST01468CH Installation of various SMR Technologies electrical propeller deicer models. Amended 7/25/2006
ST02547AT (2 OF 2) Installation of a voice alert system. Amended 5/13/2003
Fusulage Construction
Airframe Material
Number of Doors
Wing Location
Wing Construction
Wing Rib Material
Wing Skin Material
Aileron Type
Aileron Trim
Aileron Control System
Flap Type
Wing Flap Actuation
Empennage Type
Empennage Rib Material
Empennage Skin Material
Rudder Trim
Yaw Trim Actuator
Yaw Control System
Pitch Trim
Pitch Control System
Pitch Trim Actuator
Landing Gear
Landing Gear Type
Retraction System
Emergency Extension
Ground Steering
Shock Absorbtion Main Gear
Shock Absorbtion Other Gear
Brake Type
Brake Controls
Instrument Panel
Flight Control
Number of Seats
Window Defrost
Normal Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Maximum Climb Profile Speed (KIAS)
Number of Engines
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Fuel/Air Mechanism
Number of Cylinders
Max HP
Starter System
Propeller Manufacturer
Propeller Model
Number of Blades
Minimum Diameter
Maximum Diameter
Propeller Type
Propeller Governor
Fuel System
Fuel System Type
Approved Fuel Type 1
Approved Fuel Type 2
Approved Fuel Type 3
Fuel Capacity (G)
Tank Type 1 Location
Tank Type 1 Capacity (G)
Tank Type 2 Location
Tank Type 2 Capacity (G)
Usable Fuel (G)
Oil Capacity (Quarts)
Electrical System
Power Source
Power Storage
System Voltage
Alternator Amp
Battery Voltage
Battery Amp/Hour
Maximum T/O Weight (lbs)
Maximum LDG Weight (lbs)
Standard Empty Weight (lbs)
Useful Load (lbs) 0
Station 1 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 1 (lbs)
Station 2 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 2(lbs)
Station 3 Baggage Location
Max Weight Station 3(lbs)
Wing Loading (lbs/sq.ft)
Vne (KCAS)
Vno (KCAS)
Va(Max Gross) (KCAS)


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