Advanced Data Form

Optimum Cruise Altitude and Fuel Burn Computer

Available Aircraft Make and Model:
- How to use the Calculator

Looking for a another aircraft- email us at so we can upload your POH/AFM performance data


Trip Distance(nm):
Take Off Elevation(Density Altitude):
Landing Elevation(Density Altitude):
Minimum Cruise Altitude (Due to Terrain, or Other):
Max Cruise Altitude (Due to Oxygen Limit or Other):
Weight(Leave Blank to Default to Max Gross Weight):
Usable Fuel(Gallons):

Winds Aloft- Headwind/Tailwind Component

<-- select kts
<-- select kts
<-- select kts
<-- select kts
<-- select kts
<-- select kts

NOAA RUC Winds/Aloft Model
NOAA AWC Winds/Aloft Resource


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