Audries Aircraft Analysis is intended to provide useful, and unbiased independent Aviation Analysis. Analysis that is specifically tailored for today’s Aviator. You should find the online resource divided into two sections, Aircraft Analysis and Airline Analysis.

We have an extensive aviation database, with basic performance specs, as well as Cost Calculators to find the right aircraft for your particular mission. Also you will find pertinent data regarding Pilot demand in the Aviation Industry. With that information we intend to provide constantly changing General Aviation rankings and informative trends to further assist in your aircraft, and aviation career research.

Whether just browsing as an avid general aviation, an aspiring professional pilot, or a current professional pilot, this resource hopefully will be of help to you.

Audries was named after one of the best pilots I’ve known. He was a self taught man from an earlier era in aviation when practical experience, common sense, mechanical and technical aptitude were more valuable than electronic wizardry and costly diplomas. It is this sites hope to keep the same spirit of independent aviation research and a love for life long learning and common sense here.

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We are happy to have feedback particularly on POH/AFM/PIH data from particular aircraft.

Please feel free to send any questions, Aircraft Manual Data or Aircraft photos to:



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