The genesis of this website started as an idea born out of a simple desire to help pilots. In a world that seems to be in a constant state of commotion, where media sources often care more about creating soundbites to drive traffic than to uncover a more accurate picture, we usually find that focusing on reliable principles and resources within our field of influence is worth doing. It’s by design that many of the pages have quotes displayed at the bottom to reinforce those principles.  

None of us know the future, so it’s best to learn from the past, make use of the present, and prepare the best we can for it. In times of commotion, we have an opportunity to evaluate our priorities. An opportunity to see through the distraction of the loud conflicting noises in the media, or in our lives around us and ask questions that usually are only answered in quiet reflection.

Is it the money that matters, or the family? Is it what we are doing, or who we are doing it with? Is it the title on the name tag, bars on our shoulders that matter to us or the kind of person we are becoming? What is meaningful to us, what matters, is the world a better place for us having been here? Are we becoming a kinder, more selfless person, or one who consistently asks what’s in it for me? How do we measure success? How can I help reach out to help others? When we look back at the end of our lives will we look at these moments as hard times that we suffered through, or will we look at it as a time when we used it as a “gravity assist” to course correct and take us further than we could have imagined on our life’s journey?

The best and wisest people I have known, ask those kinds of questions and pursue a path that leads to becoming a better, kinder and more capable person. 

My hope is that, no matter what happens with furloughs or early outs that each person will look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to make needed course corrections, to become a more well-rounded person, a better person, an opportunity to test one’s mettle. Yes, this process can and often is painful, but like a sustained and intense workout, the effort usually rewards those that pay the price later.

There is opportunity all around us to continually develop and make a difference if we will have eyes to see it.

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