Upwork is another great alternative for anyone with some technical expertise in a variety of fields.  Some examples of the types of projects found on Upwork are writing, programming in most languages and applications for mobile and web, customer service and even Bitcoin experts.  It can be a great source of networking and building a clientele as you provide service to and retain customers.   Reviews for Upwork tout its ease of use and customer friendly interface with various tools for interacting with your client and tracking your hours.

There are a few aspects to Upwork that need to be considered.  Each time you submit a bid for a project you are required to use Connects.  Connects are issued by Upwork and a limited number are free each month.  If you run out, more can be purchased for $0.15 per Connect.  A little more painful is the commission the site takes on your earnings: 20% for the initial $500 billed with a client then 10% for billings from $500.01 to $10,000 and 5% for anything beyond $10,000.

Another reviewer suggested that there may be “freelancers” who bid on the jobs and then farm the work out to others in less expensive areas of the world making the chance of getting work a little slimmer.  Also, if you don’t keep your record with your clients very clean any poor review would severely hurt future chances for job selection.

If you have a skill that is in demand and would like to have the flexibility to bid on the projects that interest you, then follow the link to Upwork on the Gig Page.

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