If you have income or education diversification ideas or suggestions, please continue to send them in. Today’s addition and highlight to the websites list on the Gig page is Fiverr.

Similar to the consulting category in the Gig apps, Fiverr provides a platform for professionals who are interested in moonlighting on the side to create a “Gig” others might be interested in purchasing. As the developer of the Gig, you get to decide what the gig is and how much it should cost. So.. no need to bid for jobs as they find you! However, from online reviews, it can be very competitive. When professionals are just starting out on the app getting the initial “Gigs” can be difficult. Reviews are key, so when starting out most users find the proverbial “chicken or the egg” problem. (Can’t get gigs without reviews, but how to get reviews without Gigs?) That can mean working for very little in the beginning to build that reputation. Unlike other gig apps where developing a clientele inside the App can lead to more permanent work outside the app, Fiverr is very strict on outside contact making that difficult.

Having said this it could be a good opportunity for someone to develop, initial skills to place on a resume as they break into skill sets common on the app.

The website is used heavily by people starting a business to access skills they may not need long term, up to and including graphic design, logo design, blog post writing, web site construction, and speciality consulting. Most people on this app have other full-time jobs but use this app to supplement income, due to its inconsistency in income.

On the flip side, if you are looking to start a new business, this can be a great resource to get the talents you need to get your business moving without investing a lot in long term solutions.

Depending on the person and skill set this might be a good opportunity.

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