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Connected to this page is a live analysis of U.S. States’ COVID19 statistics. It is updated daily and pulls its data from the google volunteers API.

Using website formatting it’s intent is to illuminate in a more simplified but meaningful way each States progress toward containing and slowing the virus. As users will be able to tell, some States and their leadership teams are successfully containing and slowing the spread while others are having a more challenging time.

The U.S. system of government is unique in that it heavily relies on local and self-governance. So, while other media outlets may focus on the U.S. as a whole, in comparison to other countries, it’s more analogous to compare the separate states in the EU to the separate States in the U.S. where each governs their own response to an extent.

Some charts unique to these reports include a percentage of negative tests to total tests. This number shows how aggressively a state may be testing for COVID19 and it’s assumed the higher that percentage the more that state is getting ahead of the curve.

Other tools are forthcoming that help visitors compare states.

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