This new report has been under development for the last year and a half as a partnership between and

The report provides –

  • An upgraded pilot flow model between Military, Part 91, Part 135 sectors and the U.S. 121 sector.
  • Estimates of pilot draw to the Part 121 carriers in this report from the Military, Flight Training, Part 135 and Corporate Segments.
  • An upgraded pilot flow model inside the U.S. 121 sector.
  • A new training bubble calculation that estimates the impact changes in hiring have on pilot demand
  • A new early out calculation that estimates the number of pilots who may leave the profession due to medical outs and/or other personal reasons.
  • The National/LCC segment in the U.S. Part 121 sector. Estimates attrition from those carriers to Major/Destination carriers as well as attrition from the regional segment to the National/LCC segment.
  • Estimates from 2015-2030.


Download the preview.

The report was last updated in April of 2015 and was intended for a spring release but due to technical difficulty had been postponed until now. The report is directed towards the consulting and business market as it provides a much improved model. The older/existing flow model used in the rest of the website still remains relevant but lacked in many ways when attempting to address the particular market that constituted the consulting and business community.

For those interested in purchasing access to this report through the consulting level of membership.

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