For those of you who haven’t signed in for awhile, aka not since last year, will find a need to refill out the survey. In an attempt to keep the airline surveys relevant and fresh, each year old surveys are de-identified, archived and placed in PDF reports pilots and the general public can purchase for reasonable prices. (.50 cents to 4.00$)

The 2014 surveys are up in their de-identified PDF form and anyone is welcome to purchase them. The developing 2015 airline surveys from pilot members are available as usual on a free basis to our pilot members and to our premium members. The survey reports give valuable insight into what it is like to work at a particular airline, which can supersede just an analysis of pay and benefits. Each survey description includes the number of participants, which is part of what determines the overall cost of a report. A report with over 40+ de-identified surveys will be more informative than a report with just 5.

Information about the company culture, management team, and quality of life as experienced by pilots are included. It should be noted that the surveys are filled out on the honor system, and no attempt beyond basic registration is made to verify members employment at an airline.

The flight operations included are


– US Airlines

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