By DearEdward of Flickr

By DearEdward of Flickr

After tumultuous negotiations over the past few years Envoy (aka the old American Eagle) has approved a new pilot contract with American that should secure the remaining Embraer 175 aircraft on order for American. For more information on this contract vote see the following link.

The agreement will also secure 90 additional Embraer 175 aircraft should American choose to exercise those options. For now on the website only the 40 confirmed orders are reflected. The website estimates the aircraft will arrive between 2016 and 2017 since no other available information appears to be available.

The numbers are now reflected at the following links. These aircraft arrivals should help offset the significant number of aircraft departing from Envoy over the next few years. It appears most majors are gradually focusing their wholly owned subsidiaries on one fleet type. This is becoming evident as Endeavor moves towards the CRJ 900’s, PSA moves towards primarily CRJ aircraft, and Piedmont moves toward an EMB 145 fleet.


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