TopTenThe most recent addition to the website is built off of the market segment analysis currently in beta testing. Even though full access to that analysis is premium, the Top 15 Load Factors (2013) and other reports are fully available to website users.

This page searches through the entire domestic database contained on the website and ranks the top 15 heaviest and lightest load factor by route for a given airline in 2013. It should be noted that routes where the airline may only fly marginally say 50 times in a year are disqualified in the Top 15 rankings.

The market segment analysis provides more detailed information by route such as block hours flown, passengers carried, capacity and other metrics on a month to month basis. This allows users to follow changes in load factor throughout previous years.

This type of information can be helpful to airline professionals who seek to ride standby, and therefore attempt to time trips to coincide with the off season for a particular market.

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