By Dear Edward of Flickr

By Dear Edward of Flickr

SkyWest INC Announces Brasilia Retirements and ExpressJet Contract Changes.

The EMB 120 aircraft that have been on the retirement docket for many years have finally been slated for official retirement. The aircraft has been a staple of small community service in the western United States. SkyWest has announced that these aircraft will be removed from service by Summer 2015. These changes have been reflected in this websites Pilot Demand Projections, and it seems to cushion the need for pilots by SkyWest as the E175 for United continue to arrive.

Also noteworthy in this announcement are the changes made to the ExpressJet E145 contracts. These changes shorten their duration and allow SkyWest and United earlier opportunities to renegotiate these aircraft. Since these contracts have helped ExpressJet experience significant financial losses, it is expected that they will provide an earlier opportunity to right size these contracts as INC seeks to regain profitability.

For now since it is unknown what will happen to the E145 after 2017, the website has reflected our current estimates which show the aircraft retiring over time the next decade.


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