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The newest functionality contained in the website includes monthly load factors, completion, payload, passengers, and total available seats by airline and route.

Airline Segment Analysis

These reports contain

  • Route Structure by City ( Contains all domestic airlines that may have served a city, and the number of flights by year and month)
  • Route Structure by Airline (If your curious where an airline flies)
  • Load factor and general completion percentages by airline and city pair.
  • Traffic Carried by Airline, or City.
  • Block Hours spent by month by city pair or just city.

The following are sample reports from Virgin America’s Form 41 Filings

2013- System Statistics Virgin America

2013 –¬†SFO Departures Review Virgin America

2013 – SFO-ORD Statistics Virgin America

The following samples are City specific reports from the combined airlines Form 41 filings for departures from SFO.

2013 SFO City Domestic Departure Statistics

2013-Domestic SFO-ORD Statistics

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