Compass_AirlinesLast month Compass was awarded 20 Embraer 175 aircraft that will be owned by American. These aircraft are expected to arrive starting first quarter 2015. For now the Pilot Demand Report assumes 15 will arrive the first year and 5 the in 2016. The assumption seems reasonable and is used to compute pilot demand requirements at Compass Airlines and projected seniority progression.

By DearEdward Flickr Creative Commons

By DearEdward Flickr Creative Commons

Compass has also initiated a program that facilitates a Delta mainline interview for those who are hired under the new program. Due to the high number of flow through pilots who have been and continue to leave to Delta Air Lines, Compass has higher than expected attrition compared to many of their competitors. As can be seen in the seniority progression charts, pilots hired this year can potentially expect an Embraer 175 upgrade in the next year and a half to two years. Compared to many other regionals expecting 4-7 year upgrades, this is significantly quicker than industry average.

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