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Followup- From pilot surveys.

Some may remember that survey they took when they signed up for the free pilot membership? The intent was to provide other pilots insight into the inner culture and operation of an airline. Basically the behind the scenes look, beyond pay scales and airline recruiters.

When a pilot commits to an airline for better or worse there can be a lot more than just pay or projected upgrade time involved in that decision.

De-identified survey data is now available from hundreds of Audries Aircraft Analysis members. Some airlines are certainly under-represented but the amount of survey data available should offer useful insight into multiple airlines.

As always pilots are encouraged to continue to sign-up and provide useful survey data about their particular airline. In the process they provide an indispensable service to their fellow pilots. For those who have already participated it should be noted that they do have the ability to modify their survey responses, inside their account. This could be particular useful if they happened to change airlines in the last year or experience a drastic change in quality of life.

In the future it is hoped to extend these survey profiles to flight schools as well. The purpose being to better educate potential pilots so that they can make a more educated decision regarding their career and education.

Take the survey data with a grain of salt for the first while.

As survey data grows it is expected that useful information will emerge about each airline. The website has implemented multiple protections┬áto protect the survey data from becoming contaminated by splogger/spam registrations. It should be stated clearly that the website recognizes the impossible challenge of preventing a determined human from introducing “bad data” into the survey reports. This reality should be in the back of each users mind as they view and interpret the survey results. As more pilots participate it is hoped that general trends will overwhelm the occasional statistical outlier.

The website hopes that our processes and protections will continue to evolve overtime and subsequently offer greater survey reliability. Only year old or newer survey data will be included in the results.

Pilots have access to the airline specific survey data for free with a pilot membership level.

Since pilots have provided the survey data the airline specific reports will be free to them under the pilot membership level. Otherwise, premium member accounts are the only other way to view these reports and do not require filling out a survey. Premium accounts will also have access to survey comparisons between airlines. These comparisons include calculated median, mean, and percentages instead of survey numbers for comparison ease.

Member Survey Reports


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