I just wanted to show an example of the kind of analysis pilots can do when they look at this data.

For example lets say we want to look at Pilot Expense for the 757-200 at United verse Delta Airlines. Pilot Expense at the (BTS) includes chief pilots, line pilots, reserve pilots, and check airmen.

By going to the Complete Analysis page and scrolling to the very bottom is a report that allows us to explore the Fleet specific numbers. That presents us with a page that has all of the recorded aircraft by the BTS the airline has flown in the last 20 years. Just select one and that takes us to more generic fleet numbers. Finally we drill down into the Flight Ops tab that is located underneath the explanation of definitions for that page which takes us to the following pages for Delta and United.

Delta Boeing 757-200 Flight Ops Expense

United Boeing 757-200 Flight Ops Expense

Users can notice that the “Pilot” cost per Block hour was 612$ per hour for Delta and 442$ per hour for United. (Note this was still under Bankruptcy Contract since it is 2012 numbers) Another interesting note is that Fuel Cost per block hour was 3,212$ for Delta and 3,452$ for United. Interestingly the fuel savings makes up for the Pilot Cost.

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