The merging should begin in January when frequent flyer programs become reciprocal.


Negotiations have been underway for quite sometime between the pilots and management teams which has resulted in an arbitration process and a level of contractual agreement that should bring the American and US Airways pilots in line with Delta and United Compensation in the next few years.  Due to this reality it is projected the merge should look a lot more like Delta and Northwest Airlines which had pilot buy in verse the Continental/United merge which is still working hard to catch up with Delta.

It is likely the merge never would have occurred if not for the proactive involvement of the pilot groups.

The website will retain both American Airlines and US Airways pages since how the seniority lists will be combined is unknown. However the website will be adding a third page titled the New American which will be a summation of both the American and US Airways numbers.

This merge will create three formidable network airlines that will compete with their Alliances on a global scale.

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