The website has just finished cataloging the Bureau of Transportation Statistic’s airline financial data and statistics. FinancialSS

Airline Financial Reports

This new feature although still in testing (beta) will hopefully provide a powerful tool for prospective and current pilots as they research airlines. The data should be good enough for others that are not pilots who may still be interested in more detailed airline research.

This feature on the website once out Beta will likely be a premium membership product.

Users will be available to access reports generated by the website in the following areas. To drill down to more detailed research users will need to click on buttons like below.

Button to Drill Down through the data

Airline Balance Sheet including assets and liabilities.

Airline Revenue and Expense streams.

Airline Direct and Indirect Operating Expenses.

Airline Operating Expenses including Salaries.

Airline Expenses and Statistics by airline fleet type.

  • Includes Cost per Seat Mile. 
  • Includes Cost per Block hour.


If users notice errors please notify the website administrator through the website email address.

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