All aircraft database profiles are now displaying a new format which allows the site to compress even more information into a accessible template.

New to the format are the following –

Aircraft Database Format

Number of Aircraft Currently registered in the FAA’s master list of US aircraft. 

This number pulls make and model numbers associated with a particular model or models of aircraft and search’s the entire database for the number of aircraft in the FAA’s database. This is updated once a month.

BallPark Price.

This metric is also updated once a month and contains the sites research regarding what the current average list price among aircraft for sale may be. This is not a scientific sampling and so may be subject to some errors. However, this should at least give research’s a good ballpark for what aircraft are being listed for.


Aircraft Database Bottom

Type Certificate Data and Viewer – 

The FAA certifies each aircraft with a type certificate. The type certificate contains limits and other specifications that define a particular model of aircraft with the FAA. This is the data used in the certification process and is in many ways the final authority on what an aircraft can and can’t do. Some data may be as detailed as required propeller diameter or ranges, and as simple as Vne (Maximum speed).

Type Certificate Image

Supplemental Type Certificate list.

This tab is found next the the Type Certificate viewer and contains all Supplemental Type Certificates that have been approved for a Type Certificate. For those unaware of what Supplemental Type Certificates are they are a exemption that has been granted to certain organization’s or people to operate outside the defined specifications in the Type Certificate.

The list provided on this site is pulled from the FAA’s list and with some aircraft the number of STC’s issued can become very extensive.

Supplemental Type

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