June 17th SkyWest INC and Embraer signed a order for 100 EMB 175-E2 Variants, making SkyWest the launch customer of the new more efficient EMB 175 variant. This announcement also includes options for 100 more of the EMB 175 E2.


This order is in addition to SkyWest’s current order of 100 EMB 175 aircraft that the company has ordered recently. Forty of those aircraft have found a home with United Express. The other 60 are still waiting for flying commitments from other carriers.

The new E2 model is slated to be delivered beginning in 2020, as part of the more efficient E-Jet series projected to hit the runways in 2018.

Some modifications over existing EMB 175 aircraft include Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G geared turbofan engine, a new avionics package and structural modifications to improve overall strength and efficiency.

Due to the lack of certainty on whether these aircraft will arrive or who they may fly for this website has not included them in the Pilot Demand forecasts for SkyWest or ExpressJet. As this website has already seen aircraft orders can be modified, sold or eliminated when needed for little to no penalty to the carrier.

It may be as SkyWest becomes a bigger player in aircraft purchasing that it may give them some additional leverage in future flying contracts.

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