SkyWest announced yesterday a 12 year contract with United Airlines for 40 E175 from Embraer to start delivery August 2014-April 2015. These numbers are now reflected in the SkyWest Profile page of audriesaircraftanalysis. This should increase SkyWest’s hiring need throughout 2014 and into 2015.

The announcement of these aircraft will be a significant change in SkyWest’s fleet makeup adding a 3rd aircraft type to the SkyWest airlines inventory. Currently SkyWest only flies the EMB 120 Brasilia and the CRJ series.

This new flying should dampen the effect of some aircraft that are expected to be retired after leases run out in the next couple of years. Most of the aircraft expected to come off the property will be the CRJ 200. Unlike the Delta Scope clause which required in essence a 2-1 reduction in 50 seat flying for every additional large regional aircraft brought on the property, the United Scope agreement at this point only affects block hour. This should allow the new 76 seat aircraft to come on the property at something close to a 1-1 trade for 50 seat aircraft.

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