By SamBeebe Ecotrust

Good news American Airlines has reached the bottom of the recall list. The remaining recall number remains at just above 1,200 pilots.

So what does this mean? It means it makes it much more difficult to predict future recalls until some kind of trend is set with the remaining furloughs. A 3 year clock has begun for the remaining furloughs to accept recall. Due the difficult nature of predicting if and when the remaining pilots accept a recall in the next three year window the website is not going to attempt to model any more furloughs at American at this time.

However, it is advised the readers take this furlough number in consideration as they interpret the websites numbers. If after a period a time a predictable pattern emerges then those furlough numbers might be reapplied.

The recalls at AA who have deferred this long and still want to return may likely wait the full 3 years before accepting a recall. Unfortunately, many things are still undecided regarding Seniority List Integration and the like that may influence pilots decisions regarding recall acceptance.


American Airlines Pilot Demand Projection



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