Finally, a resource for pilots on industry pilot demand. This is likely the most comprehensive compilation and analysis of Pilot Demand in the Airline Industry ever done.

Not only is this a resource for current pilots but aspiring pilots who are researching career outlook for the next ten years. Unlike other industry forecasts that grade employment demand based upon a simple percent growth or , “poor”, “average”, “above average” grade. This forecast will provide specific data, regarding which sectors in the Airline industry are seeing the least and greatest growth. As with any forecast these can and do change. The hope is that this report will provide a benchmark for the reader to apply there own educated interpretation.

This report is really for those who are interested in how the models are made, the sources used to determine fleet projections, how this model compares with other methods of calculating pilot demand or want a copy of the model you can carry on you i-pad. Otherwise the (free) website composite model will probably be enough.

This report includes 5 Forecast models, and then compares them. They are

  1. Airline Composite Model (Very similar to the current model on the website) This model takes public information regarding aircraft order announcements, and company aircraft retirement projections to build a pilot demand model. Just like the website it also incorporates  “age 65” mandatory retirements to build the projection from airlines where retirements will have the largest effect.

Builds on the following Aircraft Companies fleet projections over the next ten years, to compute expected pilot demand based upon that fleet growth or shrinkage.

  1. Boeing
  2. Airbus
  3. Embraer
  4. FAA

In addition, it overlays the websites pilot retirement numbers to provide a more accurate representation of the needs of our industry regarding pilots.

For a more detailed description.


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